Chapter Secrets – Chapter 949 in-depth analysis

Man, kinda crazy to think One Piece is now 22 years old. And I’ve been doing this for practically four of them. That’s almost a fifth of the whole series!

One Piece Chapter 949 1One Piece Chapter 949 2One Piece Chapter 949 3One Piece Chapter 949 4One Piece Chapter 949 5




  1. loved this chapter so much man, I refreshed your page a bit til I saw your post haha.
    I was curious if this infection would be counted as part of his innate toxin resistance, but he could just go gear 2nd and kill it off too haha.

    That’s a trip, I didn’t know wed been in a holding pattern on this one day for that long, this arc has moved so quickly it didn’t feel like that, especially with all the exposition
    im so pumped to see this play out now that they’ve retaken the prison

    I agree about Kid, he might have some resistance at first but definitely will be an ally, his spirit was never broken, maybe chopper can somehow cure the smilers

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  2. I think Law may be able to cure smiles side effects like he did with giant children , like removing every single particle of smile from the smilers body or somthing


  3. I always love reading up here on just about everything OP related and all the news aswell. I wonder about one thing here though… in my eyes the tattoo that the gorilla has on the colour spread… It is alot like the Sun Pirates tattoo that Jinbei has on his chest. The colour of the gorilla is also blue ( like most of jinbei ) and it is all at a waterside and Sanji is trying to make friends with the fishes. Perhaps some foreshadowing of Jinbei showing up in Wano sometime soon ? Or is it all just a longshot and wishful thinking on my part?


  4. -Who says One Piece does not have character developments?
    -Luffy, The Revolutionary…
    -Kaido, your going down.

    Law and Hawkins -fight has been skipped over just like Sanjis.

    Next chapter….where is my oshiruko KAIDO?…….plus…..The marines and the revolutionaries are entering WANO.

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