Chapter Secrets – Chapter 944 in-depth analysis

At last, Big Mom has reached Udon! The second act really seems to be in its climax by now, which means we might get another 925-styled chapter soon enough!

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  1. I was initially disappointed that Kamazou isn’t Denjirou because man, that is one cool character design and having him on the alliance’s side would have been great. I’m still happy with this turn of events though.


    • As Artur said the neck cuff isn’t seastone, but even if it was, it doesn’t remove powers like Teach’s ability, it just makes the user weakened and have bad control
      He could still stretch if he really wanted to, like his head in Arlong arc when he’s underwater, or smokers jutte


  2. I like to think that Chopper purposely made the trip take longer so that Big Mom would be in her crazy mode.


  3. You forgot that Luffy and Kid meet up earlier in udon when they had a competition about who could get the most stone. So it isnt strange Luffy remembered him.


  4. Queen much stronger than Katakuri, he assumed Luffy like nothing. Yeah it confirmed after his bounty released somehow.


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