Charlotte Family: A Complete Guide (v2) – All 85 children!

Welcome one and all to the Charlotte Family! I’ve spent quite a lot of time on this, entire months, as this is so far the most complete and thorough guide on the entirety of the family so far! As you probably know I’ve been closely monitoring all members of the family ever since the arc started, so I’m finally proud to announce a list that encapsulates every single one of them so far (with some speculation of course). There are a couple things I want to touch on before we start though:

What is the criteria for what is considered a child?: Well, first of all those confirmed in the manga are relatively straightforward, but what about those not confirmed? For starters, it’s heavily implied that all Big Mom pirates at the tea party are exclusively siblings. Reiju mentions that everyone around her are siblings and it’s also mentioned that only the family was aware of Pudding’s true nature and thus her plan to assassinate Sanji. That makes all of those at the tea party siblings. For the rest, I’ve also included other characters at cacao island that were relatively prominent, as the people of the island mentioned that the heavyweights there were all family members. Finally, I’m also including the ones from chapter 845 when Big Mom walks down the hallway, since she calls them her children

This is partially speculation: Keep in mind that the picks for unofficially confirmed Charlottes are just my own choices. The majority of them are the tea party siblings, but others are taken to my discretion from other points. It’s totally possible that one or two of them could be wrong, but the majority of them should all be pretty official. Speaking of mistakes, there’s probably a typo or two in there; I’ve proofread the whole thing a couple times, but you have to understand with what is literally 30+ pages of pure text it’s hard not to miss something

A new databook is coming this September: Yes, a new databook is coming very soon and that one will likely have the full list of all children. Because of that I wanted to get this out now, when the databook comes out I will update this list accordingly and compare just how close I got!

This guide has been updated as of July 29th 2018

With that out of the way, let’s first take a look at this chart for every single member of the family:

1 Mother

43 Husbands

46 Sons

39 Daughters

85 Total Children

Charlotte Family Complete List

Now, let’s have an in-depth bio for every single member of the family. Buckle up, because this is going to be a long one.






Confirmed: Pound stands as the only confirmed husband so far.


Speculative: There’s also Streusen, who many believe to be Linlin’s first husband. While this is nothing more than an unconfirmed theory, I thought it would be worth it to do his bio as well.



Officially confirmed: The following have been confirmed in the manga to be sons.

Charlotte_Perospero_One_PieceCharlotte_Katakuri_One_PieceCharlotte_Daifuku_One_PieceCharlotte_Oven_One_PieceCharlotte_Opera_One_PieceCharlotte_Counter_One_PieceCharlotte_Cadenza_One_PieceCharlotte_Cabaletta_One_PieceCharlotte_Gala_One_PieceCharlotte_Cracker_One_PieceCharlotte Nusstorte One PieceCharlotte Dosmarche One PieceCharlotte Basskarte One PieceCharlotte_Noisette_One_PieceCharlotte_Moscato_One_PieceCharlotte_Mont-D'Or_One_PieceCharlotte Snack One PieceCharlotte Bavarois One PieceCharlotte Brownie One PieceCharlotte Raisin One PieceCharlotte_Mascarpone_One_PieceCharlotte_Yuen_One_PieceCharlotte_Decuplet1_One_PieceCharlotte_Decuplet2_One_PieceCharlotte_Decuplet3_One_PieceCharlotte_Newgo_One_PieceCharlotte_Decuplet5_One_PieceCharlotte_Dolce_One_PieceCharlotte_Dragée_One_PieceCharlotte_Anglais_One_PieceCharlotte_Mango_One_Piece

Semi-confirmed Sons: These sons have been named in the anime credits. Oda has confirmed that the anime possesses the name of all siblings, so these are practically 99% confirmed, especially because they are addressed as “siblings” in the anime in several occasions.

Charlotte_Saint-Marc_One_PieceCharlotte_Tablet_One_PieceCharlotte_Mobile_One_PieceScreen Shot 2018-07-28 at 11.27.44 PMCharlotte_Zuccotto_One_PieceCharlotte High-Fat One PieceCharlotte_Katou_One_PieceCharlotte_Laurin_One_PieceCharlotte_Dacquoise_One_PieceCharlotte_Compo_One_Piece

Unconfirmed Sons: These sons have not been confirmed as children of the family in any way. However, given the way they are presented in the story, these are believed to be children of the family.

Charlotte_Venison_One_PieceCharlotte_Platano_One_Piece Charlotte_Poisson_One_PieceCharlotte_Cou_One_PieceCharlotte_Maccherone_One_Piece

The weird one: Yes, this one is perplexing because while the way that he is presented really seem to indicate him to be a son, but it’s practically impossible for him to be, as all other characters have been confirmed to be the 46 sons. So unless there is some mistake or something that eludes us, he remains an odd mystery.



Confirmed daughters: The following have been confirmed in the manga to be daughters.


Semi-confirmed Daughters: These daughters have been named in the anime credits. Oda has confirmed that the anime possesses the name of all siblings, so these are practically 99% confirmed.


Unconfirmed Daughters: These daughters have not been confirmed as children of the family in any way. However, given the way they are presented in the story, these are believed to be children of the family.


Sons in Law: (their bios have been heavily shortened for obvious reasons)




And that’s all for now! There’s a couple other things regarding this family tree that I’ll publish in the following days, but after that we’ll have to wait until September when the databook releases, where I’ll be fully updating the entire list. Please stay tuned!

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(This took an ungodly amount of time to make, so any support would be heavily appreciated <3)







      • Oda confirmed on two occasions that the lifespan for a normal human in One Piece is about 140 years (and that “superhuman” people go beyond even that). The first time in the authors notes of the cover of volume 54 and in the SBS of volume 56.


      • Vol 54’s author note is a cheeky reference to real life, not the manga and volume 56’s SBS does support what I say, as Oda claims Kureha is superhuman. He says that the limit for a person is 140, but by limit he refers to the maximum amount possible for one’s age. We’ve seen plenty of old grannies in the series at just the age of 70-80 that are in much worse condition than Kureha.


  1. You say Compote hasn’t done much because she isn’t much of a fighter, but Vito lists her as one of the “monsters” at the wedding. It’s completely possible she has immense power but just wasn’t able to demonstrate it.


    • Well, I imagine he was referring more about the relevant people of the crew, but you are right about the fact that he was scared of turning against them, makes me wonder about Compote’s true power


  2. Hey man, im your fan, really, but i hoped more fan speculation of you in this Charlotte family, i am really get in to the Charlotte family, so i wanna know your opinión about all these “????”, yeah, names (best names, the anime put shit names, but i know oda will change it, (table wtf?)), powers, the number of brother of sister, if you ask me the kid with points in the head is a boy no a girl


  3. Super guide, I do appreciate your work!

    Nitpicking time: a compote isn’t fruits in sugar syrup. It’s cooked fruits (traditionally apples/apple based mix) in a bit of water with sugar and vanilla/cinnamon/lemon/whatever you want, which makes it more mashed fruits than fruits in syrup. To not be mistaken with Kompot, which is a Slavic fruit-based drink (concept similar to the compote, but with like 3L of water rather than 100cL haha).

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  4. carmel life span is beyond normal people. given she when 80 years old, she still have some spare life span to create homie. wew


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