Chapter Secrets – Chapter 909 (Normal Font Re-upload)

Some people had issues reading the different font I used for Chapter Secrets 909, especially on mobile. This is something I also noticed looking back and while I do like how it looks like in the end, it can be legitimately cumbersome for some people to read. So I decided to re-typeset the entire section so that now it can be read without trouble. Enjoy!

This section does not include the first half, in case you missed that check it out here:

So, once more, let us immerse ourselves into the atmosphere and the true meat of the chapter. Play this up and lose yourself in the beautiful Wano Country:


Chapter Secrets 909 6Chapter Secrets 909 7Chapter Secrets 909 8Chapter Secrets 909 9Chapter Secrets 909 - 10Chapter Secrets 909 11Chapter Secrets 909 12Chapter Secrets 909 13

If you’re interested, here’s a live performance of selling toad oil fully in English:

Chapter Secrets 909 14Chapter Secrets 909 15Chapter Secrets 909 16Chapter Secrets 909 17Chapter Secrets 908 18

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