Chapter Secrets – Chapter 903

Holy fuck. I mean… oh my god. What a day. I knew this chapter would probably be great, but this is simply mindblowing. I’m in an incredible state of excitement, I haven’t been this hyped in such a long time. So much to analyze! Such big news!

Still, even with all the big announcements I have a pretty major update for the Library of Ohara, so after you read this I’d ask you to take some time and give that a read, beyond the exciting things in this chapter there’s even more stuff there to excite you about future content to come on the Library!

Chapter Secrets 903 1Chapter Secrets 903 2Chapter Secrets 903 3Chapter Secrets 903 4Chapter Secrets 903 5Chapter Secrets 903 6Chapter Secrets 903 7Chapter Secrets 903 8Chapter Secrets 903 9Chapter Secrets 903 10Chapter Secrets 903 11


Monkey D. Luffy bounty poster



  1. Nice review, thanks 🙂 Only detail I think you saw wrong is that Coby is not using a towel to dry his arm, he’s twisting his captain coat to get it dry

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  2. Congratulations, Arthur! Your explanation of the last chapter is excellent! I’m from Brazil, and I follow the secret chapters through They do all the translation for us.
    Keep it up! Currently, after reading the manga, I look forward to reading your comments.
    Thank you so much!

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