Another Big(ish) Update for the Library of Ohara

So, it’s time for another update. First of all, I want to thank everyone who has decided to stick with me during the past months, from the donators, to the translators, to those who helped me out and every single one of you who tunes in to read my content! As I mentioned before, there’s going to be a lot of new stuff and content arriving in the coming weeks and months, so I simply wanted to go over what you can expect:

– Chapter Secrets: just to clarify, chapter secrets will be continuing as steady as it has been! We’re entering the Reverie Arc, so expect a lot of exciting analysis to come!

– Everything You Need to Know Before the Reverie Arc: this one’s already out, so check it out here!

– Complete Guide to the Charlotte Family: A much needed update, now that the arc is over I’ll go back and complete the list

– The One Piece Timeline – V3.0: An update to this is also much needed, so prepare for a completely rebranded and fully updated timeline!

– Whole Cake Island Arc in review: With WCI being over, I’d like to go back through it just like I did with Zou and go over my thoughts on ever major element of the arc. This will be highly subjective obviously, just my thoughts on the arc as a whole now that it’s over

– The True History: Finally, returning from the ashes! Yes, I know I’ve been talking about doing this for the past 2 years, but health and irl issues didn’t let me work that much on it. I’m intending to bring it back this year and a lot of my research has already been done. For those that don’t know, The True History is meant to be a massive analysis on all the big secrets of the world of One Piece, detailing what the Great Kingdom, the Void Century, the Will of the D., the One Piece itself and much more actually are!

– A big upcoming project: There’s something pretty big that I’ve been planning to start for a long while and you might see it coming in the following days. I think it’s something that many of you might really like

Furthermore, I’m also planning to take into effect my previously mentioned YouTube channel, where I wish to be able to produce content on as well in tandem with my site. I’ve been testing around a little about creating content, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer for me to have everything ready, but don’t worry, it’ll be arriving soon enough! You can find my channel over here in the meantime:

I’ve also been receiving some messages about the desire to add Patreon rewards despite the system currently implemented, so I’ve been considering that and will try to find something that works in the future as well, as well as other suggestions in general for the Library.

Thank you all again for allowing me to create this content day after day, it’s allowed me to enjoy One Piece a lot more and make it a big part of my life. I hope to let the Library grow further over the next few months and have the chance to deliver you many more exciting things! Onward!



  1. Really really excited to see what’s cooking Artur! Please let me know if you need a hand with any sort of things for the site: graphics, branding, programming, development, you name it. I’m glad to donate time for free to help this great site and creator! ❤


  2. That such a man, good day, I love your work, and I am your fan for a long time, and I really would like your work to be known by more people. Would you have a problem if I use your work to make videos in Spanish?


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