Volume 97 SBS Question Corner

Volume 97 just came out and with it another SBS! As usual, I translated it so you can read it too!

Feel free to share this anywhere, just be sure to credit me and link to this page if you do!



  1. Doesn’t Chopper saying “If you use this, there won’t be anything that won’t heal” confirm that he achieves his dream and by a reasonable extension, everyone else?


  2. Page One and Ulti are both older than I thought….
    On another note, I can’t understand those “fans” asking rubbish questions or doing a pseudo-smart remark instead of asking something plot-related or remarking on certain scenes in the past. As an example, in one SBS, a fan mentionned that Yasopp and Vista glared at each other during the Marinford War, which was placed indeed intentionally by Oda, as he confirmed it.
    But instead, some sexist commemts about Nami etc….is this really how the majority of OP fsns around the world think….?


  3. I’m sure there’s tons questions about literally everything in the series. But the SBS is supposed to be comedic. So Oda chooses a lot of comedic questions. And just sprinkles in some plot relevant ones here and there

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