Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1023 in-depth analysis

Hello! It’s been a while. As you’ve likely heard, over the past three months, I’ve suffered from a very painful sickness. After collapsing from overwork, I was hit with a viral infection that led to complications that lasted me two months and now I’m starting to slowly recover and get better. Now I’m feeling a lot better, but I still need a few more weeks before things are back to normal and I can fully resume all activities with the Library of Ohara.

However, I wanted to take the effort this week to put out at least one Chapter Secrets. Not to force myself back to work or anything, but to experience the pleasure of doing this again. After spending three months in bed doing almost nothing most of the time, to be able to work again is something that gives me an immeasurable amount of pleasure and joy. So I think allowing myself to work this week has helped me on my rehabilitation to start going back to a normal life little by little. It’s something I’m doing for the sake of my healing.

I don’t know if I’ll also do Chapter Secrets next week, I might decide to take a few more weeks off just to rest, but for the moment I’m glad I was able to work once to feel like normal again. I’m being incredibly careful with my health at the moment and ensuring that I make a steady recovery so please don’t worry! I hope to soon be back to a point where I can make weekly analysis and videos once again, but it will take just a bit longer. So I’m not yet “back”, but until the day I actually fully come back, please enjoy this analysis!




    • It’s great to see you back Arthur! I really miss your content this past months, but your health comes first!
      I’d like to add about Queen’s attack,”Bridal Grabber”, is come from the claw on his braided hair thus “braid-grabber”. Which ブレード sound similar toブライダル. Of course its just my head canon, which I should admit, have little to no understanding or knowledge about japanese.


  1. I hope you’re back to a full recovery soon. Glad to see you enjoy writing these, as much as we enjoy reading them.


  2. Hello Arthur. its nice to see you back. I hope you can make something on the previous chapters if & when you have time & health.


  3. one thing in our mind is whether Luffy’s Red hawk (& Red Rok) and sanji’s Diable Janbe are actually somehow related to this new thing.


  4. Hey Artur! Glad that you are doing better and i hope you are able to get 100% well soon! Many Greetings from Germany!


  5. Thank you, as always, Artur!
    Take care of your health, and it’s so good to see you back. Take time with your recovery 🙂
    The Clan of D certainly are important, I think. Thanks for all the extra tidbits you give us with your Japanese knowledge.


  6. Welcome back

    Just out of curiosity, take a look of a Judas Priest album cover called “Angel of Retribution”, that’s King all over, maybe Oda is a headbanger


  7. Glad to have you back!

    I am surprised your take here is that Sanji likely isn’t a modified human. He definitely is not a cyborg but Judge did play around with the kid’s lineage factor. To me the foreshadowing here that Sanji is in fact modified is pretty strong. Sanji is likely a late bloomer compared to his siblings. To add a further layer to this… What did Judge use to mess with the kid’s lineage factor? It’s entirely possible he added lineage factors from other sources to give his kids a variety of abilities. Hypothetically.. lunarian lineage factor. To bring the whole thing full circle.

    Also, did anyone notice momo is covered head to… tail in fire?


  8. Welcome back mate! So great to hear that you’re recovering, great content as always. Best of luck and hear from you soon! Use your Conqueror’s!


  9. I hope with all my Haki that you get well my friend. Your work is amazingly epic and I would hate to know you’re sacrificing your health in the process, so chill as much as you can/need.


  10. Before I even read this, SO good to see you back brother. Missed having your analysis each week, it’s been a mainstay alongside the chapter for years now..really glad you’re feeling better and healed up man. I’m sorry for asking on Twitter before I knew, didn’t know you were out of commission at the time.
    Well, keep up the amazing work man!


  11. Pretty sure when Shinobu is crying saying he looks like someone it’s Kaido haha, that’s why it’s hard for her to not be freaked out since he’s now fully in dragon form..

    Or wait, unless you mean he looked just like Oden before transforming into the dragon, and she saw his human form before, gotcha haha.

    Love the analysis, so happy to have you back man.
    Honestly after like 13 years of theorizing since Thriller Bark about Zoro’s connection to Ryuuma it’s so awesome to finally see it come up.
    Stoked to see what weird upgrade Sanji is getting, invisibility without the suit haha?


  12. Good to see you back, Artur!

    About Momo’s fruit being a Failure, one theory I read on a Youtube Comment, and one that I personally like, states that Momo’s Fruit is a failure because it cannot be reincarnated, once the user of the fruit dies. This could be foreshadowed, by the closed circles on Momo’s Devil Fruit as compared to the Spirals normally seen on DFs. The Spirals could represent a cycle of reincarnation, while the closed circles symbolise that the cycle is broken.


  13. Almost every day, I’ve visited your site for your Health and One Piece Update, and now you are here.. Welcome Back, and Congrats for winning in your struggles in life. Great, great chapter review.


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