The True History: One Piece MEGA-Theory – Episode 1

Hey everyone! Long time no see! As you’ve likely heard, I’ve been on a hiatus due to health issues for the past few months. I am still recovering and hope to return to making weekly analysis next year, but for the moment I’ve got something special for you! The mega-theory I’ve been working on for the past five years, the True History, is finally here!! This theory will be in the form of eight episodes that will be releasing week by week.

The theory was designed with video format in mind, which is why I’ll be uploading them on my channel, similarly to how I did for “Return to the Reverie”, but I’ll also be sharing each video here on this site as soon as they are out for those of you who only check this site! Please enjoy!



  1. Holy crap Artur!! Been pumped waiting for this like what.. 4 years now?!
    So excited to read this haha, you gave some amazing hints after the recent reveals, this is definitely a great return after your sabbatical. Hope you’re feeling better now bud.

    I’ve been following OP since 2004 and honestly you’re the only person I’ve ever read that knows the canon this well haha, if anyone can throw together the true history it’s you


    • My headcanon since like 2008 has been one piece is destroying the red line and uniting the 4 blues in one piece, achieving most of the crews dreams all at once, Franky, Nami, Brook, Sanji..
      That fan theory is just too perfect, especially since the red line is clearly man made.

      There’s other moving parts, why couldn’t Roger do it and why was he “early”, how do the weapons fit in, the hat, the void century.. really curious what your take is


  2. I missed you man! I’m about to watch the video. Just wanted to let you know how much I cared about you first! Also, you don’t need weekly analysis of it’s too stressful biweekly or even monthly might do you good to start off with. I love reading your analysis and can’t wait for them to come back! 🙂


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