Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1015 in-depth analysis

Hey everyone! Sorry to have been so late with this analysis, but as you might’ve heard, I had a dangerous health accident earlier this week and have remained quite sick for the remainder of it, so I wasn’t able to work on Chapter Secrets for all these days. Sorry to have kept you waiting, but with that let’s finally get started!




  1. Awesome summary bud, I was definitely looking forward to it.
    I didn’t know you had a health issue though, I hope you’re doing better now man!

    I did love the callback with Sanji & Chopper in Alabasta, since theres so many parallels to his losses to croc & with Kaido.

    I’m really stoked for Yamato vs Kaido, I think he’ll be able to do some damage, especially with that transformation hinted at with the teeth before Franky showed up.

    Stay healthy brother.

    Hahah I would love it if


  2. Wish You lots of health!

    Although I feel that Kin’emon won’t die, this panel with Kaido skewering him gave me chills.
    Nice to see how Momo developed and gave an alliance a boost. It was a clever move.
    Plus, who would have dreamt that Zoro is such a great sword xD


  3. This chapter have very interesting plot relation.
    – Bird mistook Senoir Pink as its own baby.
    – Momonosuke and Kinemon is fake father and son
    – Chopper and Doctor Hiriluk also not real father and son.

    It’s only my speculate that Kaido and Yamato might not be real father and son/daughter.


    • I’m looking at Onigashima and start feeling that It’s look like Noah in Fisherman arc. These’re my prediction.
      – Luffy gonna fly back with Momo. (like Shirahoshi carried Luffy fight Hody Jones.)
      – Where it’s settle? Most people predict at Mount Fuji. Will it’s still settle there after Kaido lose? Or it’s fall down and Luffy have to do something to save everyone? (like Noah fall into Fisherman island.)
      – Momo power (Uranus) might able to do something with Onigashima like Shirahoshi’s Poseidon can carried Noah.


  4. The chapter is awesome as always.
    The only thing i didn’t understand is how Momo talked through the frog and how it was transmitted to the whole island.
    Does that mean they can speak(transmit) to the whole island with any of the marys? If that’s the case its a disadvantage to the beast pirates as well. But out Strawhats get and advantage out of it.


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