Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1016 in-depth analysis

I’ve been slowly recovering over the past week but I’m feeling much better now, so expect the schedule to go back to normal for now! Enjoy!



  1. when the clash happened Yamato definitely turned into hyrbid form but Oda didn’t show it to us since he wants to play with us😂


    • Yeah that’s what I’ve been the most curious about with him, the sharp teeth hinted at before Franky showed up

      Hell hopefully get in a few hits on Kaido before Luffy returns at least.

      I love carrot but I would like Yamato as a new member, knew Ace, has parallels to Oden with Roger, knows so much about the Dawn/D’s etc, and is a total boss


  2. I found this chapter quite satisfying. I like how the tables have turned. Lol, Bao Huang accidentally transmitted information about Ulti and Page One’s defeat.
    And it seems like Usopp will be traumatising young ladies to the very end of “One Piece” xD


  3. Ever since Nami hinted she’d need Zeus to get a stronger hit against Ulti I’ve been looking forward to this power up, pretty awesome haha. (One of the sites had a comment from some goofball saying it isn’t a power up since it’s equipment but like..that’s always how Namis gotten upgrades, from Alabasta to Enies Lobby)
    And as you know from Pirate Warriors she’s really good at taking out groups, let alone with a Yonko weapon

    But yeah, definitely seems to be setting up for the final clash, just like Maxim/Noah/Birdcage the threat is looming and we’re seeing the townsfolk that would be affected by Onigashima falling.. just need Sanji v Queen and ..Marco? Vs King, should be Zoro but idk how unless chopper has some serious healing trick, then it should be down to Kaido.

    I’m definitely curious about what Kaido meant, could just be because it’s a badass island and has seastone but maybe it is something tied to joyboy

    Unless the revelation Momo made in the journal is that it’s him, but I still think it was that he’s Uranus

    Really just want to see Yamato fight Kaido, and whatever transformation he was hiding with those teeth earlier..

    It’s just so cool that cp0 is seeing firsthand how effective the straw hats and co. are at making allies, closing up the odds and kicking ass, otamas really pulling her weight here
    Enies Lobby was similar, Ussop getting the giants on their side..but other than CP9 the huge odds were just shitty marine mooks, even the basic troops here are all pretty goddamn tough so it’s even more impressive


  4. Hope you’re okay Artur! I’ve been reloading your page a few times for the past few days excited for the next one, kind of worried about you now bud!
    I’m not sure what medical issue you had but I hope you’re healing okay and staying healthy, looking forward for last week’s chapter secrets and especially this most recent one 1018 considering the big lore reveal


  5. I actually thought the cover page was a reference to when Zoro asked Raizo to hide in the ceiling and get stabbed by a spear (his idea of being a ninja lmao)


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