Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1014 in-depth analysis

This chapter does make mention of something big… as Kaido mentions the Joy Boy!! But what does it mean? Well, let’s find out!




  1. I still think Marco wasn’t noticed by Bao Huang and when she notices him he gets introduced with a bounty in a range of 1.6 – 1.8 billion berries (just my thoughts)😅


    • Marco having Low Bounty makes sense. Since we know that WhiteBeard’s Commanders had lower bounties planned which are even too low for their strength. (Ace fought against Admirals and he had 550 million)
      i think Marco’s going to be 1-1.44 Billion. this would make sense keeping in mind that Luffy’s previously surpassed bounty was 1.05 Billion and the 1.5 Billion was debatable until late in wano.
      King’s Bounty isn’t revealed yet(but atlast 1 billion) while Queen is 1.32 Billion. this would be a better estimate i think.


  2. I still think “JoyBoy” that Kaido mean, is a person in this era who carrying a fate like “Joyboy” in the past not a title


  3. Personally, for me, Kanjuro and Kiku should die right here. They have served their purpose and I really liked the moment. If they comeback, that would be anticlimatic. Kinemon, on the other hand, I don’t really see how he could survive taking the full brunt of Kaido’s Attack like that. But, anything can happen. Law can save him for all I know.

    About the Flower Capital. I think, the Mountain Gods, seen in Oden’s Flashback, will see the island, and start attacking the FC, causing the citizens to flee, thereby saving their lives. This would also go with the theme that they are benevolent gods who help people.


  4. It could be jus me but is there a ship on the last page right next to the end chapter … And it doesnt look like Laws ship


  5. I’d like Kanjuro to die here and please, Oda, make Usopp eat Kanjuro’s DF..

    I totally forgot about Law’s crew being in the sea, that now seems the most reasonable way that Luffy survives.

    Some people on forums claim that in the last panel, Kaido’s club seems a little.. cracked. Theorizing that Luffy was trying to break it (Don Krieg style). Others believe this is just an effect of haki. What do you think Artur?


    • It is a fact that Kaido’s Club(kanabo) has got a crack. This crack is new and can be checked with the old pannels of preivious chapter scenes to confirm.
      This is an indication of something for sure.


  6. Now everything is upto Trafalgar D. Water Law.
    -his crew in Polar Tang will save Luffy from sinking in the water.
    -his crew in Onigashima will fight Headliners.
    -he will be fighting the yonko.
    Indeed as depicted by the Cover, Trafalgar D. Law is fighting a real Tiger and trying to solve a puzzle, he will have to use his wits and extraordinary abilities to attack Kaido and BigMom.
    Note: Law’s skills can always do a lot to the point of even easily hitting BigMom and Kaido, even Kaido called his abilities a trouble. Also Law survived the first time getting attacked by kaido’s Bagua attack and quickly recovered.


  7. we all know how it goes; after the Polar Tang recovers Luffy, they will contact their Captain and on his order they will start giving him medical aid.
    Law announces to StrawHats that their Captain is alive and recovering, using some kind of Operation Theater microphone (just like how a surgeon gives updates to patient’s family)
    Law, Strawhats and everyone handles the situation until Luffy gets back into the battle. A few minor causalities to mark end of act 3, like Scabbars & Yakuza.


  8. Any chance that Shirahoshi will save Luffy? The Polar Tang does seem like the best bet, but maybe Momo was hearing Shirahoshi (Neptune)…


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