Hey everyone! Today I’m announcing something very special I’ve been working on for the past five years! If you’ve been on this site for long enough you might actually remember this, but I’m (re)announcing the True History, a massive 8 episode mega-theory about every secret in the series!

This project is bound to release this summer of 2021! I’m sorry to make you wait just a little bit longer, but I hope you can be patient enough until we get there! I’m sure the journey will be worth it!

Furthermore, the Library of Ohara is releasing its own store, in collaboration with ProfessorGemini/TinaFate, the artist of Return to the Reverie! Earnings for it help support the both of us, so if you want to help support the content on this site, consider purchasing something, it goes a long way to help!


For more specific details, you can check the presentation I made on my channel if you’re interested:

Thank you for all your incredible support so far! See you next week with another Chapter Secrets!



    • I’ve been stoked for this for years now haha
      But I think it’ll have to incorporate the 10 year old theory that one piece will connect the seas into one piece, destroying the red line. Wrecks fishman island fulfilling the prophecy, but they rise up on Noah.
      The WG logo is the seas separate, so it’s pretty fitting.
      It makes an All Blue too.

      Could also incorporate Momo being Uranus since he can control Zunesha, like Shirahoshi and the sea kings.


  1. I have a theory of Other Worlds that were destroyed in the past of One Piece and is an explanation for the many races we know until now.
    I have my facts and motives for thinking this, but I would like to see if it can grow and be closer to actually fit de history


  2. I’m kinda very hyped for this. But at this point I’m getting afraid that it could ruin the surprise of the story. I’d love to appreciate your work of this years long project, but I guess I never will because we’re too close to the end.
    When the truth is revealed, I don’t want the moment get ruined by expectations made by my own or others theories.


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