Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1013 in-depth analysis

This week, Luffy suffers a crushing defeat! But with it, comes a very interesting speech from Kaido… let’s analyze it!




  1. Thanks man! Love your analysis. I was thinking that Momo will be the one to save Luffy, his desire to save Luffy will be greater than his acrophobia, and he will jump to void to save Luffy and probing him selft he is also a brave warrior.


    • I thought maybe momo as well, since he can fly and has been giving updates to Yamato about Luffy with his Voice.. but Yamato needs his time to shine too, one more tag team against Kaido together then I think once the other fights are over well get our final Crocodile-in-the-tomb round 3
      (Honestly, I remember being in like 10th grade or so when Luffy got beat by Croc twice haha and we were all blown away, this first warlord is so gnarly, and after a decade of hype for Kaido having this fight parallel that as Luffy breaks through the next ceiling is just too awesome

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      • Yes!! Also i remember the presentation of jack and his bounty, it seemed unreachable for Luffy at that time,


  2. Is anyone else interested in the way Kaido describes that “Human being don’t give up hope” as in only human beings? I found this intriguing, he could have use the word people as in to describe everyone; Giants, Fishman, Sky race, but no, he speciffically mentions humans. This makes me feel that even though we have confirmed that Kaido is using the Fish Fish Fruit, he may still be of a different race, possibly a race that we haven’t met before? Or possibly a descendent of the Ancient Giant race?

    I don’t know what this would mean, if anything special, it was just something that hit me a little different and had me questioning.


  3. Big Mom used a Godzilla weapon to fire at a Godzilla like enemy. I really love how there are so many references in each little chapter.


  4. Honestly I think Luffy will land in Ringo where Hiyori is, and she takes care of his wounds. Then he does everyone’s favorite “Gomu Gomu no Rocket” up to Onigashima (I have no idea how he’s going to reach it, but he’ll probably pull it off), or he can use The flight mechanism of gear 4th. Anyone agree?


  5. If I remember someone published a picture where The Sunny seems to escape Onigashina.
    It would be fun to see Luffy fallen on to the Sunny who save him like a tribute to the way GoingMarry saved everybody at Enies Lobby


  6. Another excellent analytical job! I still love reading everything you can find, decipher, dissect in the incredibly extensive chapters of One Piece, you make me see Oda’s writing work in a whole different way. I was wondering, have you ever thought about having your analyzes translated? I personally have no problem reading English, but quite a few friends of mine don’t speak it and would love to be able to discover it too 🙂


  7. Y’know, I wast thinking recently. And while this would NEVER happen in OP. It was an interesting ‘what if’.

    What if… Luffy and co ‘won’.

    A scenario in which Kaido and Orochi end up dead/defeated, they’re done, they’re gone. BUT…

    It turned out in a way exactly like why Whitebeard didn’t want to take out Kaido!

    What if, first of all, the fact that Momo (and let’s face it Hiyori is almost certainly there too, so we’ll include Hiyori.) What if the fact Oden’s kids where running around on the battlefield backfired. And even though Kaido and Orochi where defeated, they (along with Yamato and Shinobu) both died.

    What if Hyou, being old died, what if out of the Scabbards mosts of them died. Kin, Denjiro, Ashura, Inu, Raizo, Kiku… Maybe Neko or Kawa might live, but they were doing dangerous work and most of them are dead, certainly Kin is.

    In that scenario, sure… Kaido and Orochi are deposed, but there’s now no leader for Wano at all. Would it break out in civil war?

    And the ‘what if’ gets worse! What if Luffy’s luck runs out. Not for him personally… But for no less then four of his crewmembers. Zoro dies because he gambled with death one to many times. Usopp and Nami die because… well them not having meatshields finally backfired horribly. And Chopper dies, because ultimately even though King and Queen were defeated, They did kill Marco, and Chopper beforehand.

    So even though Kaido and co are defeated, Wano has no leadership and Luffy lost half his crew. And Wano probably DOES go into some civil war (or at least a very unstable situation.) Whereas Luffy has… well he has defeated Kaido, but he didn’t WIN in a happy victory sense. He had to run like hell in fact because either Big Mom and her kids or CP-0 forced the exhausted remaining SH’s to pack it up before everyone else would die too.

    In this rather dark ‘what if’ (character shields OFF!) What would Luffy do?

    I don’t think he’d actually give up his dreams, and I certainly don’t think it’d be a start of darkness or anything like that. He wouldn’t turn evil. But… He’d change. If he DID become PK after I could see him be rather bitter and cautious. Getting over Ace’s death was hard enough, but four of his own crew and a victory that wasn’t really a victory (including the loss of some of the friends he was doing it FOR?)

    I almost kind of wonder if he’d end up stronger or weaker as a result. Or just different.

    Of course CURRENTLY in THIS issue he’s just tumbling off the island, because he got off-paneled. And he’ll either wake up before he falls, or he’ll fall either on land or on the Big Mom pirates ship or something. (Or if he does fall into the sea, helpful octopus that throws people on the beach time again maybe?)


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