Volume 98 SBS Question Corner

Volume 98 of One Piece is now out in Japan, so I translated the entire SBS Question Corner so you can read it too! Enjoy!

Feel free to share this anywhere, just be sure to credit me and link to this page if you do!

DISCLAIMER: Every SBS usually has a couple of perverted questions, but the ones in this one are particularly graphic. I opted to not censor or change any of them, so reader discretion is advised

I’ve also decided to include a text transcript of the SBS for those that might want to use automated translation to help themselves. Here you go!

Question 1:

R (Reader): Oda-sensei! Who would’ve thought there’d be an UFO in a place like this!! The SBS has started. – P.N. A man who has been ackonwledged by Higuma

O (Oda): What’s that—-?!! Hold up, that just seems to be a grade-schooler—-!! I got tricked again!! Dammit—-!! Ah, and by… an 11 year old grade-schooler this time…

Question 2:

R: Oda-sensei, hello! My mom is flatulent all day round, so I was wondering if she’s the user of the Koki Koki no Mi. – P.N. Hata Note: Koki Koki no Mi translates to “Job Job Fruit”, as in a fartjob, the… ehm, fetish of enjoying farts

O: No, I think that’s just showing her internal organs are all in good health. Alight, next question.

Question 3:

R: Oda-sensei! Hello! According to my grandma, Yamato’s birthday is on November 3rd. Is that so? – P.N. Hata

O: Well then, guess it is November 3rd.

Question 4:

R: Please draw Law’s face when he eats umeboshi (Japanese sour plums)!

Question 5:

R: I’m really, reaaaaaally curious to see how Kid and Killer’s first love, Shirton Doruyanaika, looks like! I wonder, what kind of face does she have? I bet she’s a real cutie! – P.N. Onimaru

Shirton: I’ve stained ma shirt on broth!!!

Note: Shirton Doruyanaika (could also be translated as “Shilton”, which is an actual name) was a character introduced in the Vol. 87 SBS, where Oda revealed Kid and Killer had a mutual first love in their youths, but one day ended up laughing in her face after she stained herself eating curry udon, causing her to beat them up and dumping them. This bitter memory resulted in them hating curry udon. Her name translates to “stained my shirt with broth” in Kansai dialect.

Question 6:

R: Oda-sensei, hello!! Just recently, I used Conqueror’s Haki on my 1-year old little sister, but she just laughed at me. Why is that. – P.N. Yucchi

O: That is because she possesses the qualities to be a king.

Question 7:

R: Odacchiiiii!!! In Chapter 977, in the scene after Nami hugs Jinbe, I spotted Sanji biting on a handkerchief while going like “GHH–” out of jealousy!! – P.N. Pure-hearted middle-school student who wrote about wanting to meet Odacchi at a Tanabata festival

O: Wow, I’m amazed. Well done on spotting that~ Since it was cut off by the page format, you might have to use your imagination a little. This Sanji is very well hidden. Good job~

Question 8:


O: Very well. Seeing the passion in your handwriting, I feel obligated to include this question as I received it. Will “Five” be a thing…? Right now, the enemy we have to defeat is the man said to essentially be the world’s strongest. Because of that, the world is in the age of transitioning from “4G” to “5G”.”G” means “gear”, right?

Question 9:

R: In Chapter 978, when Ulti-chan starts ending her sentences with “-arinsu”, Page One says “is this another one of your weird trends?”, but then what were her speaking trends before this one like?! – P.N. Yotsuyaeto

O: Right. Ehm… she used to add “gonsu” (note: variant of “gozaru”, an old form to end sentences) at the end of her sentences. A bit before her debut she went like “Pay Pay, oh me poor little thing-gonsuuuu”. Right now she seems to like using “arinsu” (note: variation of “arimasu”, a way to end sentences, usually associated with courtesans in old Japan).

Question 10:

O: Hey everyone, so I made a little blunder! I lost the postcard (or was it a letter?) a reader sent me… sorry… But it’s fine, because I remember the contents. It was from a fellow called eeyan-kun, who asked me to take a look at his YouTube channel! It seems he does videos where he crafts OP figures! I thought I recognized one of the figures, and I realized it was because he previously submitted to the Usopp Pirates Gallery. It’s pretty fun to think some readers have become YouTubers…! So please go give “eeyan” a look. Good luck with the channel…! Ah, I’ve heard they did a collab with Sanadacchi, but you’re better off not watching that.

Question 11:

R: So I was studying about old mixed baths and heard that back in the day, anytime young women would come in, the grannies would protect them because the perverted bastard Odacchi would be approaching. Sheesh, you perverted bastard, always getting into trouble! Anyways, just wanted to let you know I’m changing my residence to a bathhouse. – P.N. Sanadacchi

O: Hey, hold up grannies! You’re in the way! I can’t get there if you block me! You’re stopping me from seeing what I want to see!! This is infringing on my rights, I won’t stand for it!! OUCH!! Wait hold on, stop it with the cock and ball torture!! OUCH!! STO… STOP…!! STOP…!! CORRUPTING THE SBS! SANADAAAA!! This rascal has appeared again!! Grannies, go cock and ball torture him!! OUCH!! No, not me!! Sanadaaaaa…!! Anyways, yeah. To anyone who has heard about this thinking it was because of perverts, even all the way back in ancient times, people still felt embarrassed about bathing together, so older women made sure the young ones were properly protected, or so goes this story about Japanese culture!

Question 12:

R: The Marines have Admirals, Vice Admirals, Captains, etc., but while I think the Fleet Admiral is the
one at the top, in what order are the others graded? – P.N.[H.U]

O: Now that you mention, I don’t think I’ve explained before how the new Navy is structured. Please see here how they are graded~

Fleet Admiral (元帥 Gensui): Sakazuki (Akainu)
Admiral (大将 Taishou): Borsalino (Kizaru), Isshou (Fujitora), (Ryokugyu)
Vice Admiral (中将 Chuujou): Monkey D. Garp, Tsuru, Jhon Giant, Doberman, Onigumo, Momonga, Yamakaji, Strawberry, Bastille, Maynard, Gion (Momousagi), Tokikake (Chaton), Smoker, Comil
Rear Admiral (少将 Shoushou): Hina, T-Bone
Commodore (准将 Junshou): Brannew, Yarisugi
Captain (大佐 Taisa): Tashigi, Koby
Commander (中佐 Chuusa)
Lieutenant Commander (少佐 Shousa): Helmeppo, Fullbody (former Seaman Recruit), Jango (former Seaman Recruit)
Lieutenant (大尉 Taii)
Lieutenant Junior Grade (中尉 Chuui)
Ensign (少尉 Shoui)
Warrant Officer (准尉 Juni)
Master Chief Petty Officer (曹長 Souchou)
Chief Petty Officer (軍曹 Gunsou)
Petty Officer (伍長 Gochou)
Seaman First Class (一等兵 Ittouhei)
Seaman Apprentice (二等兵 Nitouhei)
Seaman Recruit (三等兵 Santouhei)
Chore Boy (雑用 Zatsuyou)

Sengoku: Sengoku was formerly the Fleet
Admiral and is now the “Inspector General”.
Kuzan (Aokiji): Former Admiral, rumor says
Aokiji has been in contact with Blackbeard.
X Drake: (Former Rear Admiral)
Corazon: (Former Commander)

Note: This is pretty much the same information you can find on any One Piece wiki or guide, but this does contain a couple of new tidbits of info: Fullbody and Jango are revealed to have gone from Seaman Recruits pre-timeskip to Lieutenant Commander, same position as Helmeppo, and T-Bone is revealed to have been promoted from Captain pre-timeskip to Rear Admiral post-timeskip

Question 13:

R: All the officers of the Kaido Pirates are named after card games, right? – P.N. Akibee

O: Yep, indeed. The three All Stars are pretty obvious, but all of the Flying Six, the Numbers, and the Headliners, only excluding Drake, Apoo, and Hawkins, are all named after card games, as well as the K (King), Q (Queen), J (Jack), and 1 to 10 cards. If I were to list them all, I’d be filling this entire page. I hadn’t even heard about some of these! I imagined there were many types of games out there, but there really are many ways to play with just playing cards alone. By the way, in Dressrosa Doflamingo being called “Joker” is a remnant of an initial idea where Doflamingo was going to fight as a powerful companion of Kaido in the Wano Country. He’s quite the tricky opponent, so I’m glad we got rid of him at Dressrosa!! (note: here Doflamingo is called nakama, so it’s unclear if Oda was referring to Doflamingo acting as an ally or as Kaido’s subordinate)

Question 14:

R: Hello, member of the SBS Discipline Committe here. I believe that Sanadacchi’s behavior is unacceptable. Anyways Odacchi, I wanna eat your kibi dango!! -P.N. Fan of Sanadacchi

O: Aaah… you mean from my cheeks? My beard is not that well trimmed, so it might feel gross, so let’s stop. By the way, have you considered changing your pen name?

Question 15:

R: Oda-sensei, I have a question. Those who ate SMILES grow horns, right? Then why do Pleasures have one horn and Gifters two horns? – P.N. Hadokku 10

O: So you noticed that, huh. That’s just fashion! It’s not enforced, but Pleasures are allowed to sport one horn, while Gifters and above are allowed two, or so the rule goes.

(Note: unlike some rumors spreading around, this question does not clarify the legitimacy of the horns on the likes of Jack, Kaido, or Yamato, so those still remain unclear. The “Gifters and above” could suggest the Flying Six might also be doing it out of fashion, but again Oda does not clarify it)

Question 16:

R: Please draw the perv-coo- ehm, I mean, Sanji at ages 40 and 60 in the future please. I’m counting on you. – P.N. Gomu Nara no Mi

O: Very well. I received many requests about this. Enjoy!

AGE 40: “Whether it’s women or food, I ain’t picky”
AGE 60: “I’m gonna go fish in the All Blue”
AGE 40 BAD TIMELINE: “As long as it fills the belly, all food’s the same”
AGE 60 BAD TIMELINE: “Drain the poison into the sea!!!”

Question 17:

R: Odacchi!! I have a question!! In Chapter 962, “Daimyo and Vassals”, a young Izou can be seen wielding a katana, while Kiku wields a gun, but currently it’s the complete opposite! Is there any reasoning behind this? – P.N. Yuu-kun

O: The gun Kiku was holding was just her brother’s gun, nothing more to it. I’m surprised you spotted that in such a small panel~. The two of them had a debauched father and were forced by depraved adults to entertain them ever since they were small, but even if they were poor, they were very close to each other. One of the tricks they used to entertain was sharpshooting, which Izou had 10/10 flawless precision in. However, he was never very confident with the sword. As time went by and he ended up on Whitebeard’s ship, when he showed off his shooting, “Flower Blades Vista” told him “you should use that specialty of yours to protect others!!”. What good is a samurai obsessively sticking to a sword if he cannot protect their lord with it? Samurai is a way of life after all. So Izou abandoned the sword and picked up the gun.

Note: In regards to the sharpshooting, Oda uses an expression called “100 hundred shots, 100 hundred hits”, which means having such flawless accuracy that you can hit 100 targets in a row without missing. Funnily enough, this expression also comes up in the Sogeking theme song, with Sogeking claiming to be able to do the same. Seems like we’ve finally met someone in the story who can actually pull that off!

Question 18:

R: If Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Franky were to become ability users, then what kind of fruit do you think they would have eaten? -P.N. 420-land

O: I see, that’s quite a fun question~. Hmmm… what I would like to see is…

Zoro: Uo Uo no Mi, Mythical Type Model: Seiryuu (Fish Fish Fruit, Mythical Type Model: Seiryuu)
Nami: Goro Goro no Mi (Rumble Rumble Fruit) (lightning human)
Usopp: Poke Poke no Mi (Pocket Pocket Fruit) (infinite pockets in one’s body)
Sanji: Sui Sui no Mi (Swim Swim Fruit)
Franky: Buki Buki no Mi (Arms Arms Fruit)

Zoro: I’d want the sword to turn into a dragon rather than Zoro. I think that would be insanely cool.
Nami: A true weather lady, now no one can stop her anymore (apart from Luffy).
Usopp: The perfect pocket for someone like Usopp who always has something up his sleeve.
Sanji: It allows one to slip through walls or swim on the ground. If given to Sanji, it would become quite the nasty ability.
Franky: Can’t get any better than this for an ability for Franky.

Note: the Poke Poke no Mi is the name of the fruit eaten by Blamenco, 5th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, who showed to have a devil fruit where parts of his body would become pockets from which he could pull items of any size from an infinite storage. This SBS is the first time this fruit has been named

Note: The full name of Kaido’s devil fruit is revealed to be the Uo Uo no Mi (Fish Fish Fruit), Mythical Type Model: Seiryuu . The Seiryuu (青竜, literally “blue dragon”) is one of the dragon gods from Eastern mythology. In Japanese folklore, it was said to be one of the guardians of the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. This might correlate to what was said about Kaido being recognized as a wise protector god by the people of Wano. As for the name, the reason why Kaido’s fruit might be called “Uo Uo no Mi” (Fish Fish Fruit) instead of “Ryuu Ryuu no Mi” (Dragon Dragon Fruit) is because that name is already used by the Saur Saur line of devil fruits. This is because, while in many Western languages saurs derive from the Greek word “sauros”, or lizard (ex: dinosaur = scary lizard, pterosaur = winged lizard), in Japanese saurs are called “dragons”, since saur fossils in Asia were mistaken in old times for dragon fossils and the word stuck around. So in Japanese, “kouryuu” (dinosaur) means “scary dragon”, and “yokuryuu” (pterosaur) means “winged dragon”, etc. However, they aren’t recognized as real dragons, so the more adept translation would be “Saur Saur Fruit”, as it encompasses all types of saurs (for example, King’s fruit is not a dinosaur, but a pterosaur). Since this name would clash with Kaido’s fruit, Oda likely called him a Fish Fish fruit user instead to set him apart and distinguish both lines, since they are separate types. This name is likely derived from the Eastern myth of the koi carp who climbed up a waterfall for 100 years and became a dragon. Oda alluded at this naming convention in Kaido’s laughter, Uorororo, (sometimes written as Worororo, but it uses the same characters) and in his birthday, being Japan’s national koi day, like the koi carp of the legend

Question 19:

R: The vassal who taste tested Momonosuke’s food in Capter 971 and the vassal who reported Oden’s foul deeds to Sukiyaki in Chapter 960 are the same person, right?
It seems he has been supporting the Kouzuki faimily for generations…
When I had realized that, tears started flowing out. – P.N. Hikuma

O: Indeed. That’s exactly the case. His name is “Banzaburou” (番三郎), he’s a samurai that was picked by Sukiyaki in his youth and who is immensely grateful for that.

Note: “Ban” can refer to a guard/lookout, which fits his position, while “zaburou” is a common name suffix meaning third son

Question 20:

R: I want to ask you a question -> Leave or Life? – Pen name: Negibouzu

O: THAT’S SCARY!! Eh…?! I don’t wanna give up lifespan! I pick leave! I’m leaving! All right, that’s all for the SBS! Util next time~!! ZWOOOMM



  1. Thank you Artur! Quite interesting that Jango managed to climb up the Marine ladder that high, being equally ranked as a Haki-using Helmeppo.
    And cool that T-Bone got also promoted…Zoro called him “strong” not for fun back in Enies Lobby Arc.


  2. I like how Sanji show one eyebrow everytime there is a timeskip.
    Also I like to pointed out something I read about how Hobo(something goes wrong) Sanji cover both of his eyes as to indicate giving up on his dream. Duture Sanji=Judge was actually quite interesting.

    Also I’m hoping that Nami’s DF comment ODA made wouldn’t start a storm for Enel’s power level…


  3. Since Kaido will likely die by the end of the Wano arc, I’m guessing Oda’s putting a little foreshadowing here. Basically, I’m guessing Zoro will accidentally cause one of his swords (possibly either his childhood friend’s sword or Shusui) to “eat” the Uo Uo no Mi Model Azure Dragon once Kaido dies and this weird process will finally be discovered.


      • If I remember correctly, a recent artwork by Oda depicts Zoro wielding both Enma and Shusui. This could imply that Zoro will regain Shusui thanks to Hyori post-Wano.


    • I hope not, Zoro already traded Shusui for Enma because Shusui was Wano’s national treasure, it would suck if he gets it back.

      Plus it’s a sword that will never be able to be at Supreme Grade Swords, like Enma and Wado Ichimonji can be in the future.

      The only thing left for Zoro is to trade his Sandai Kitetsu to the Nidai Kitetsu, and he will then have 3 swords that he will be able to upgrade them to Supreme Grade Swords by make them black blades.


  4. I hope I SBS Oda about what the decision for Luffy to face after Kaido, Shanks, Blackbeard, or Sakazuki, What the potential future for Perona getting to the New World, is Carrot the next Straw Hat Member.


  5. I love the “two different timelines” drawings, and the one for Sanji is great! Can’t wait to see the remaining Straw Hats drawings.


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