Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1002 in-depth analysis

This week’s chapter isn’t much different from last week’s, so you know what that means: breaking down many, many attacks and talking about their etymologies and puns! Let’s get started!



  1. Quick aside, I am curious whether Big Mom actually made a new lightning Homie, possibly even calling it Indra.
    In her current form we see her ride Zeus, however there is a panel wehhre we see the Lightning also has eyes and a mouth, implying that either Zeus became a lightningbolt, or Big Mom animated the lightning to fight for her.

    Guess we will have to see in the future chapters.


    • Kong Organ is a horizontal attack, where it looks like he has six arms lined up to punch with. Kong Gatling is a Gatling attack which is basically just punches that could come from anywhere, but instead of Pistol punches or Jet Pistols, they’re Kong Guns. Functionally they’re probably pretty similar, just different looks so different names.


  2. This chapter is the wet dream of a Vs. debater, for Luffy and the rest are getting amazing upgrades during this fight! It’s pretty likely Luffy tanked that attack with haki, not only because he was in G4, but because “guts” may be a reference to how willpower is implied to be a literal “weapon” in most fights thanks to haki

    Sorry for taking too long in leaving a comment, I’ve been pretty busy…


  3. In the cover, I think Hattori might have been beaten away by the other pigeons, given their street punk vibe. Great work as always Atrur!


  4. I reckon that Zoro’s attack would have injured Kaido way more than Kid’s and Killer’s. Big Mom herself tells Kaido to dodge this one, and Kaido remarks Oden’s spirit in the sword. We’ve never witnessed the fact that a Yonko has to dodge an attack so far in the series (minus Marineford War).


  5. I’m being following you since a long time ago, reading all your content because i love the way you talk about culture, theories, structures, ideology, science, mythology, and more. But with your last 2 analysis you left behind so much things worth of talking about like the lighting homie, the way big mom warned kaido before zoro attack, the reaction of big mom and kaido when luffy confronts them alone, kaido taking all the attacks to keep big mom safe since the begining of the fight, and finally luffy last attack similarity to the fight with rob lucci when he hit luffy with one of his stronger attacks and luffy used gear 2 gatling and the first hit in the face. What I’m trying to say is that I love your work and you could make more awesome the following analysis.


  6. I must say Killer’s exceeded my expectations with that Sonic attack. Good on him! I’m starting to quite like him.

    But I do think this round of combat will backfire on Team Nova. They can hurt their opponents, but their opponents will start fighting more and more seriously now. Big Mom already showed a little of how powerful she really is, and she probably won’t let Luffy pummel Kaido senseless with punches that actually work on him.

    Also note to Law… A) The heart might actually be higher up on Kaido, check snake anatomy, it’s close to the head. B) Try the brain, THAT is easy to locate. Glad Law remembers he can do Gamma Knife. (Try soul swap next!)

    Now, I think Team Nova will actually go down, but I also think the cavalry’ll arrive to help buy some time. Maybe it’ll include people like Hawkins (or even Apoo, who now has nothing to lose anyway and sonic attacks DO work on Kaido it seems.) And perhaps other SH’s who will still make it to the roof (After their fights.)

    I mean, each SH could at least minimally contribute to stalling Kaido if this was necessary, regardless of wether or not they can hurt him, they can definitely do stuff.

    Sanji is hard to track in his raidsuit, extremely mobile, and even if he probably doesn’t have a mechanic to hurt Kaido, he can definitly play hit and run.

    Franky can fire the shoguns gaon cannon at Kaido, it probably won’t really hurt Kaido (or at least not much.) But that should definitely displace him against his will, potentially setting him up for something else or preventing him from hitting someone else. Franky can’t do this to often, but he can do it at least once.

    Usopp could entangle Kaido in plants. Sure he’ll break free quick enough. But if it keeps him in position just those few critical seconds, Maybe someone else can get a more damaging attack in before Kaido frees himself of all that stuff.

    Jimbei’s ability to manipulate water might actually allow him shockwave punches that do some damage to Kaido.

    Brook’s soul power might do some minor damage to Kaido.

    Robin could form little arms around his eyes and smack him in the pupils, or perhaps ever so briefly hold him. Even if he breaks free easily, that moment where he’s inconvenciend can allow someone else to get a good attack in.

    Nami could blow away the clouds Kaido uses to fly, and crash him to the ground.

    Long story short, maybe none or only some of the SH’s will make it to the roof, and maybe if any of them do they will be beaten up. And sure, not many could really HURT Kaido. But they could be useful if Luffy needs a little extra time. And I think he might need that. Because I think even if the Nova’s are doing well now… It’s not going to just be an easy victory now.

    Look at Doflamingo or Crocodile, they where pretty damn hard to take down. Croc alone nearly killed Luffy more then once. So these Emperors might have just learned the hard way they’re not invulnerable and that playing with their enemies is going to backfire. But Big Mom is already taking them more seriously and Kaido’ll probably stop playing around with them soon and get serious too.

    This arc isn’t over yet. (And I wouldn’t be surprised with some Blackbeard shenanigans towards the end.)


    Also apperently this arc is the last one of this Superarc (or at least the last big major one, if some small aftermath arc will also be part of it.) And the next Superarc will be the final one. (Though it’ll be made up out of multiple smaller arcs too no doubt.)

    Apperently the next arc will heavily involve Vivi, Sabo and Hancock…

    Not gonna lie, I hope that arc goes dark with Sabo. Have him be transformed to a Kuma-style cyborg or something. I like the idea of Sabo being something other then just convenient spare Ace 2.0.

    Also not gonna lie. Whilst I don’t mind Hancock as a purely comedic character, I HATE the pairing with her and Luffy. (It’s just so utterly disgusting on multiple levels to me. (From her much greater age, to her stalker tendencies, to the fact she’s a bitch to everyone but Luffy, except for personal reasons stemming from a mental trauma.) So… I hope actually the Grand Fleet will be in the next arc and Oda’ll actually SUBVERT things with Hancock and comedically pair her up with Cavendish (Firmly cementing her a purely comedic character. (And thus making her less blegh.) Never liked Hancock as a love interest for Luffy, she’s the worst. And if they did get together it’d be a terrible mutually abusive relationship. I mean really… if she must have a serious relationship, just pair her up with Sanji. He might lust after her, but he’d also be really nice to her. Maybe she can stop being a bitch then and get over her issues. And SANJI’d totally stay put once he has his own restaurant. (Plus he actually would CARE about that beauty thing.)

    I also swear… Hancock gets all these popularity votes in the OP world vote, but I think if she was the exact same character, but she looked like a female Weevil, she’d be one of OP’s most HATED characters. Seriously, give Luffy a better love interest if he must have one at all. XD (Or hell just pull a huge twist and have him pair off with Tsundere Law in the final issue and be like “Bet you all didn’t expect THAT one!”) You can’t deny it, Law IS more popular then Hancock anyway. XD

    (Though if I personally had to ship Luffy, I’d say an older more mature Luffy with maybe Nami or… perhaps Carrot. (She IS pretty much a female Luffy (Go fig, a female Luffy DOES prefer salad.)

    As for Vivi… I think maybe like Momo and Shirahoshi (Shira’s not a character I’m fond of either. But I actually like Momo), she might have some hidden power.



    I am a big fan of yours and I’ve been following you for more than a year. It seems like you left out some details from the previous and this chapter as well.

    The main one i think is “Zoro’s sword”

    Kaido says he can feel Oden’s presence from the katana.

    I believe this is got to do something with the term “Black sword”
    It must be a state where the previous user’s soul and haki accept the present user is worthy of it. or something like that atleast.

    I thought I’d get to see about it in this week’s analysis. But please try to be a bit more detailed. You have been making the chapter secrets short as time flies.


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