Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1003 in-depth analysis

Last week some people were asking me to be a bit more thorough, so I’ve tried to do so this week. Enjoy!



  1. Always fun reading your reviews Ohara 🙂 As usual, thank you for your hard work!

    (btw, you forgot to mention that aside from the 2 Yonkos above, they have to deal with the Calamities: King, Queen and Jack as well.


    • ??? He specifically mentions that haha, and even points out that the Yonko battle isn’t the only important one, that taking out the officers is key & shows how important it is Luffy has his friends to help haha
      There’s a whole paragraph addressing that bud


  2. There was one detail you let go at the very end: the doors mimic the personality of each pirate. Law’s just opened the door, Luffy explosively destroyed the door and Kid did the same but as with a rough personality, leaving traces of the destruction behind. The panels after the doors we see the pirates mimicing the scene before as a clue for each and every door, with the same order. Kid at the right, Luffy in the middle and Law at their left.

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  3. Love the battle map

    I think that some addition could be made
    Sicillian and the minks at the 5th floor, the scabbards somewhere (maybe near the top?), the numbers (if i’m not mistaken, 4 already down by Franky, Luffy, Drake, and Yamato) the CP0 and orochis ninja & samurai

    I hope Drake could distract Queen to give Marco and King exclusive aerial battle (since we could safely assume that Apoo is out of action for now)
    Then marco will heal the minks&scabbard, so they could go upstair and join the fight again (maybe not all, but i hope Denjiro, Ashura, Kawa & duo cat-dog fight again. Kin, Raizo, Kiku and Izo could join Chopper’s barrier team)
    Sanji might need Robin/Nami swithing opponent, so he could help fighting Paypay&Ulti

    Interesting to see where the opportunistic Hawkins would side next


      • Haha I saw that too, definitely looks like Robin but it’s not.
        I mean CP members of any number would know who Nico Robin was, don’t think she could just hang out there unseen.


  4. don’t you think the fact that Orochi’s head being show, but sans the rest of his body was major clue to him still being alive? I think that Fukurokuju (when he slipped away) has moved his body which has sense sprouted a new head(s).


    • I was thinking that, but I’m starting to lose a bit of hope after all these chapters. Then again this is Oda lol, so I would love to see Orochi being alive to give the Scabbards something to do after fighting Kaido


      • I personally don’t care for an Orochi fight, if his matchup isn’t Momonosuke. It would make so sense.


  5. This is the part where the novas will lose.

    Luffy can hurt Kaido but he’s got no staying power. Zo-bro can cut Kaido, but Enema will suck out his life to do so. Tsundere Law can hurt Kaido, but his power drains stamina. (Aim for the brain Law, not the heart. Give Kaido a gamma lobotomy!) Killer and Kidd… Well next time you grab Kaido, Kidd, don’t slam him and let him go. Keep your grip on him!

    As for the rest of the team. I think Page One probably split from ms.headbutt and confronted Tomato, hence why they are looking ready to fight.

    Also we will see Carrot again. She’s the SH’s lookout to be after all. Tomato will tag along too, with Momo for that matter probably, but Carrot will join the crew, whereas wether or not Tomato does or becomes more lie Tsundere Law remains to be seen.

    Given Tomato didn!t do to much yet, she seems a bit overtly popular to me. I also don’t think she!s trans anymore then that she is Oden. I don!t think she is either of those.Kiku is trans though, so she can be can be a she. And if Tomato decides she!s not Oden, but she is a man, he can be a he then.

    I don!t hate Tomato by the way, she just seems insanely overhyped. And that does make her kind of meh.

    At least she!s not Stankcock though! Though I suppose I tolerate her in small doses.

    Okay she!s not cheap knockoff Ace then. Or Shirahoshi, who let Hody run free because she!s either insane or stupid.


  6. I’m calling it now: Kaido’s hybrid form will have a ridiculous fish-based face with huge lips, both as a comedic counterpoint to how threatening he is and as a homage to Cell’s “semi-perfect” form.


  7. Hello Artur,

    Thank you for the review !

    It seems that the world goverment logo looks like a Go situation? I mean the center represent the pirates, and the 4 other stones the marine (or else) ?


    • Well the WG logo represents the 4 blues, and the grand line in the center

      Typically it’s tied to the theories about the void century, that the ancient kingdom/Ds wanted a united world but the WG just separates it and created the red line to do that.
      But yeah, it does give off the ominous vibe of the WG surrounding the world, ready to kill it at any time haha


  8. Thank you for the analysis Artur and that you extended it in contrast to the last two chapters 🙂

    For me, the fact that Orochi returns is clear even though his quite long absence here is not very much helping the story.

    Other than that, you are sure that this Bao-Huang-like girl isn’t actually Bao Huang?

    With presence of the CP0, I’m quite sure that by the end of this “war”, some external player as the Red Haired Pirates will come save Luffy and his crew from the aftermath…to prevent a situation like back in Thriller Bark Arc.


  9. Noda Skywalker is definely Oda himself. He always use this pen name when he want to imply something in chapter that out-of-mind. As for my thought, Reiju=Big Mom, Scorpion=Kaido. Scorpion proposing Reiju …. WOW!!!


    • Hahaha I wouldn’t read too deeply into the cover requests, they’re just goofy fun.
      Maybe you’re right about Noda since he’s made requests for like 15 years now
      But I really don’t think it’s meant to be symbolism for anything


  10. Could that tall Cp0 member be the one and only Gángster Gangstino? I think its the first time we see that guy (his mask also seems the most “removable” of all of them) and I find it very weird that Ceasar Is nowhere to be seen since whole cake. Also it seems that he Is the one losing the actual board game, to add some little joke to his reintroduction


  11. Now that Tama’s a thing, these CP guys should have brought an Othello board instead, those black pieces are getting flipped!

    I wonder if Tama’s power works on Zoans too. (I think it actually might. Maybe Usopp’ll shoot Ulti’s mask off to forcefeed her one of those things. (And Page 1 seems to be a glutton so getting him to eat one shouldn’t even be that hard.)

    In other news… All the overt hype about Tomato, who hasn’t DONE all that much yet, is kind of putting me off the character. I also don’t see why she’s claimed as a transgender character, when her motivation is that she is ‘Oden’, which she clearly isn’t. (Kiku I think is legitimate transgender though, but she doesn’t seem that popular at all.)

    Honestly though, I think for an LGBTQ-SH, I’d rather have Bon Kurei, who certainly deserves it. Yamato (Who probably will just admit she’s not Oden eventually, and then might not even want to be a man for that matter. I am not convinced IS LGBT.) But either way she has yet to earn it. She’s really at the moment not that much more then the Kyros of this arc. In being a reasonably strong ally.

    Her connection to Ace will probably make Luffy take her along, but that doesn’t mean he’ll bombard her to full SH status per se. I guess that depends on if she saves his life or not. And the way I read Luffy he’s currently sitting on the fence a bit about her anyway, but he decided to give her a chance.

    Also, I’m calling it now. Kaido’s full of shit. He’s a cowardly punk and an overpowered bully. If he REALLY wanted a glorious death, he could have attacked Merry Geode ages ago, all by himself and fought all of the admirals (Who, given that Kaido’s taken some real hits from the five nova’s, I think the old lineup of Aokiji, Aikanu, Kizaru + Garp and Sengoku would probably have kicked his scaly ass. (Akainu alone would be a serious and dangerous fight. I don’t see why people thought old WB kicked his ass. WB broke a few of Akainu’s ribs and knocked him around a bit and Akainu… BLEW HALF HIS HEAD OFF! XD) And either way Kaido’d have died in an epic battle, or if he DID somehow win, he’d have his world of violence at least.

    But Kaido didn’t do that. Same as how Kaido took a cheap shot on Oden after he got a few nicks. And it doesn’t matter if Kaido knew about the shapeshifting hag, Kaido took the shot when Oden was distracted. And even if that doesn’t count he could have said. “Okay Oden, I’ll let you heal up, and we’ll battle it out, one on one. I won’t use my devil fruit, just your two swords vs. my club. One lives, one dies.” But Kaido didn’t DO that. Because Kaido doesn’t do stuff like that.

    Kaido’s ‘suicide attempts’ are things he knows he’ll survive, because he doesn’t really want to die. Kaido just wants to be seen as some honourable awesome dude. But… honestly by the time his death actually becomes imminent, I expect him to flee in panic, and possibly even beg for his life. And if by some quirk of fate Kaido was ever on the receiving end of a hopeless beatdown (Which he won’t be because he’s to OP in his setting.) I don’t think Kaido’s reaction would be “Oh finally a worthy opponent will kill me.” He’d be more like “Oh shit, that’s not supposed to happen!” (Same as how with Luffy he was like “What the hell? He can actually really HURT me?”

    The way I see it, Kaido completely lacks admirable qualities. Yet there’s not many negative ones he doesn’t have. Substance abuser, abusive, violent mood swings, treacherous (ask both Oden and Orochi), cowardly, bully, arrogant, apathetic asshole in general the list goes on. I don’t think no matter what backstory Kaido gets that I’d ever feel the slightest twinge of there being anything likeable about him. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if he wasn’t kind of BORING too.

    He’s just one of these stupid ‘big OP wall of muscles that must be defeated’ characters that this genre throws in from time to time, like the gymrat grey alien from Dragon Ballz. There’s nothing much to Kaido beyond him being STRONK. OMFG! (Queen is the main source of entertainment in the Beast pirates really. King has an interesting trait in being some member of a lost race, but not much has come of that yet. Jack’s a professional punching bag. And… ah, actually the flying six/five are alright too really. But Kaido himself… kinda MEH! He looks cool and has neat abilites, but he’s little fun.)

    But eh, as long as the other SH’s get to be part of the cavalry and get to stall Kaido a bit eventually, I’d be happy. And if not, at least whomever IS in the cavalry can show off some cool tricks I suppose. I do want to see that Hawkins uber-card, admittedly.

    Also Kidd could try to use his magnetism to steal Kaido’s club (And Big Mom’s sword.) That’d be fun. Though technically the next time Kidd gets a grip on Kaido he should just railgun him into orbit. Even if he came back down, he’d fall up from a lot higher then a sky island. (Maybe with some magnetic acceleration for good measure. See if that gives him more then a headache. You’d think if his brain ISN’T so invulnerable it’d be sloshing out of his ears from hitting his skull after a fall like that, right?

    Also maybe Zoro should just taunt Kaido and say he should stop hiding behind his devil fruit powers, and face him with his own strength. All like… Whatcha afraid of? A guy a fifth of your size? Enough with the magic tricks, show me what YOU got, instead of what your devil fruit’s got if you’re so tough!


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