Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1001 in-depth analysis

I never thought I’d see the day, but here we finally are! The battle against the Yonko commences!

By the way, in case you haven’t seen it yet, I made a video earlier this week which elaborates on a lot of the things I said in regards to Luffy’s true dream in the Chapter 1000 analysis. If that topic interests you, give it a look!



  1. When you mentioned Napoleon, I immediately realized the only one of Big Mom’s homies she hasn’t used is Zeus! Already, I wonder if this is a hint to him having a conflict with being able to disobey BM when she does try to use him!

    Earlier, when Nami told Zeus he had to choose between her and BM, Zeus said he HAD to obey the latter. My assumption was, as a homie directly made from BM’s soul, he is literally PROGRAMMED to obey BM, no matter his say.

    From his lack of use in this chapter, I’m going to guess he’s been trying to fight back off-panel and BM has recently started having trouble commanding him. Basically, Zeus is starting to rise above his limitation!


  2. Great analysis dear Artur, as usual.
    I find Law’s statement interesting, damaging Kaido from the “inside” with his ER-based ability. It is no different from the Ryou or advanced Haki as Artur’s refer to.
    I have high expectations from Kidd and Killer, but seemingly they were very surprised that Kaido was damageable opponents, what were they planning?


  3. Hey Artur, I like your analysis normally but I find this one not your best.
    It misses a bit the point that Kaido is really starting to enjoying all of this. Have you ever seen a chapter with him where he smiled that much? It really reminds me of the transformation that Katakuri underwent when he at first saw Luffy as a minor threat and then ended up cheering on him (and even purposedly lose in a flashy manner).

    You didn’t point out that Kaido, in stead of sighting before doing his Thunderclap-attack as in their first clash in Kuri, actually smirked and tested Luffy’s evolution.

    I also lack a bit of the identification of the rivalry between Killer and Zoro. Zoro mocks him indirectly that he defeated Killer, whereas Killer tries not to lose face by blaming his different weapons for that loss.


    • I think that might be because last week I put a lot of emphasis on narrative analysis as well, which is something I don’t tend to focus on as much, since my analysis are more oriented towards just details, so that might’ve felt lacking in today’s analysis by comparison. If people are interested though, I wouldn’t mind analyzing a few narrative elements from time to time like I did last chapter! Let me know everyone.

      And thanks for the feedback!


      • Of course, I appreciate a lot the details you found here as that multiple situations refered to the Sabaody and Post-Sabaody arc.

        But I would be definitely interested also by analysis on major character developments (Kaido) and interactions (The three Supernova captains, Zoro vs Killer) as well 🙂

        And you’re welcome! Glad to have your chapter analyses here!


  4. Bro, I think you’re chapter analysis here is a bit rushed. I was hoping you would point out that Kaido sees Law, Luffy and Kid as “little monsters”. Also, Killer’s Zanshu Claw left a groove mark on Kaido’s neck. So it means, he has yet to learn Ryuo. I dunno, it’s not that important but if it’s you, you would definitely point that out. Anyways, I like the parallel scenes you pointed out. That was my fave part of this analysis. Hoping you’re okay bro.


  5. -Predictions…

    [Kaido and Big Mom]

    The Nova’s will lose the first part of the fight. (But will have a comeback they will in.

    *Zoro and Killer v. Kaido

    Killer will not be able to do much more to Kaido then the Scabbards did, and Zoro will struggle too. Zoro will, to open up Kaido’s wound, nearly kill himself with Enma. (Something already foreshadowed in this chapter.) Meaning that Zoro will likely deal Kaido a plot-critical wound, but he’ll be out by the time that happens too. He may or may not clash with Big Mom prior to this. Killer will be taken down by Kaido.


    Kidd’s metal constructs will give him some amount of battlefield control, but he too will struggle to hurt Kaido. He CAN however at least temporarily restrain Kaido in either of his forms. And this’ll be his most important part during the fight. He’ll help set Kaido up for an important attack.


    Law will use Gamma Knife against Kaido and do real damage. Just not enough to put Kaido down. And he’ll likely get swatted before he can do enough damage to defeat, cripple and let alone kill Kaido. But he WILL do real damage.


    Luffy can actually hurt Kaido, but it’ll be hard to hurt him ENOUGH. Luffy’ll have a comeback in the second part of this fight and then hit Kaido in his Oden Wound and do enough damage to win the fight, but he’ll take another beating before that happens.

    *Big Mom

    Unpredictable Wildcard. If Kaido starts getting badly hurt she COULD see this as a fine moment to get rid of him, since she already figured out where his Pwnglyph is. Of course she’d be just as happy to clean up Luffy and Co if they’re all tuckered out from fighting Kaido too.

    [Flying 6]

    *Black Mariah

    She’ll hold Sanji for a while. But either he’ll escape on his own or be rescued. Since she has a horror theme, I predict she’ll be Brook’s opponent. What Sanji will do depends a bit.

    *Sasaki and Who’s Who.

    They’re probably about equally strong and in a similar ballpark to X.Drake (Meaning that the idea they could challenge the calamities and put up a real fight (And perhaps even beat a guy like Jack.) isn’t that much of a stretch. (Not that they’d be garantueed to win either, but still.)

    Though they are about equal, Who will be optimized around speed and Sasaki around defense. Who definitely will be Jimbei’s opponent in my opinion, but Sasaki and Franky can go a number of ways. And this also ties into what I think might happen with Sanji.


    *Franky and Sanji

    Sanji will escape BM and will want to go to the roof to help Luffy. He will definitely not get there. But the question is what will happen exactly.

    Option 1: Sanji is stopped by Queen, who defeated X.Drake. – Straightforward, Queen HAS since showed interest in Sanji.

    Option 2: Franky and Sasaki are fighting near a giant hole, maybe Sasaki tries to ram Franky into it, but ends up falling down the hole himself (Leading to some Oda comedy.) Franky moves on (Whereas Sasaki learns Denjiro is in the castle and tries to go after him again, leading him to be a problem later.) Franky meets up with Sanji and they both want to go help Luffy. – King wants to go help Kaido and Sanji wants to stop him. But Queen tries to stop Sanji, except Franky stops Queen so Sanji fights Queen.

    There are also many variants on this. Like Franky having a full fight with Sasaki, but moving on afterwards and helping out X.Drake, whereas Sanji fights King. Sanji IS the only one who could keep King from going to the roof to interfere if King defeated Marco… Which brings me to.


    Let’s face it, the old vets often get defeated so the young blood gets a chance to shine. The poor guy will probably be a hype tool for King… Except with Zoro on the roof, who would fight King but Sanji (Who can now also fly with his suit. And Queen with his Inspector Gadget neck DOES seem so perfect for Franky. (Who’s such an underestimated char in terms of power anyway.)


    *Franky v. Sasaki

    If Sasaki is Franky’s only or his most major fight, this will probably see Franky trading blows with the most armoured guy in the armoured corps. Franky’s own armour will probably do well enough, but he’ll not quite get through Sasaki’s armour until he learns haki and we finally get Franky Galvanize. His manly spirit, tempered by the fight in the form of armament that’ll win him this fight. Of course Franky’s fight involving the shogun could also see the Shogun Damaged, but Franky himself still being fine. Which also brings me to…

    *Franky, Sanji, Jimbei and others as the Cavalry

    Franky, Sanji, Jimbei and various allies MAY indeed make it to the roof after their own fights and will interfere with Kaido killing everyone for just long enough that Luffy can recover. They won’t be able ot hurt Kaido, But we might even get a repeat of the Big Mom thing where Franky emerges from the hole and drives his bike into Kaido’s face. Jimbei flips him from behind and Robin rolls him off the island. It won’t work of course, Kaido’ll fly back up as a dragon. But if Luffy’s all beaten up and needs a breather before he can give that final blow to Kaido. This IS a possibility too. Luffy’s fights can go like that. (And it migth also see something like Brook saving an Enma’d out Zoro from having his head crushed or something like that.

    *Dino Twins

    Usopp lied about having King’s Haki, and his lies tend to come true. Could his head trauma and the fact Ulti and P1 try to kill him again unlock a surprising King’s Haki for Usopp? I do think they are Usopp and Nami’s opponents actually. But they’ll have to do a bit different in a rematch. Funny thing is. ULTI actually isnt’ that hard to fight. She hits like a freight train, but you only gotta keep two things in mind. Dodge her wild flying (telegraphed, but probably still fast) headbutts and don’t let her grab you. (Luffy let her grab him, but Yamato interfered.) Also Ulti will come straight at you. Surely Usopp COULD think around it if he gets patched up a bit. (Like using his bouncy flower thing in front of Ulti if she comes running/flying at him. (Sending her into the air so that he can shoot her with something destructive. (Which he has options for.)



    Even if Jack gets back up, he will not be a huge factor anymore. He’ll be heavily injured and more of a nuisance that’ll menace someone, until any decent character takes him down.


    Either X.Drake DOES defeat him. Sanji will fight him. Franky will fight him or Franky and X.Drake will fight him.


    If Sanji does NOT fight him, Marco will, but I think Marco will be defeated, therefor making Sanji the only suitable candidated to fight him. (Flying burning kicking pervert vs. Flying burning kicking pervert.) – This also means Queen goes to either X.Drake or Franky (Wacky yet manly cyborg engineer type vs. Wacky yet manly cyborg engineer type) if this guess is correct.


    *Carrot, Wanda and Perospero*

    We WILL see them again. And I wouldnt’ rule out Carrot for SH. I feel she has a much stronger chance then Yamato. Even though Yamato probably WILL tag along, Carrot fits a new dynamic in the SH family (Younger sister to Nami’s older sister and Robin’s mother.)

    *Sasaki, if Franky does NOT fight him to the finish.

    Depends a bit on what his relationship with Denjiro WAS. Will we get to see it? Is this a dangling plot thread? If Franky doesn’t fight him to the finish he could fight anyone from a beat up Denjiro to Yamato to X.Drake I suppose.


    Not dead, he’s a hydra pretty much anyway. He’s got plenty more heads. Will pop up when least expected (And maybe fight Yamato?


    Maybe dead? You never do know with his powers. I did expect much more of a twist with this then we’ve gotten so far honestly. We saw him ‘die’ but not die before.


    The ones that are still active ARE kind of a Chekov’s gun of suggested future trouble/interference, right? Whilst they’re mostly oversized mooks, they’re likely to be annoying still and there’s at least four or five of them left I think we haven’t seen yet?

    *Gifter Mutants

    Not likely to be super relevant and easy enough to defeat where they do show up. Kaido’s got the best fodder since they did slightly scuff Zoro and that beetle guy wasn’t even taken down but just injured a bit. But still… mostly fodder really.


    Probably pretty badly beaten up, but now that Queen wants to execute him he might actually turn useful, even if everyone hates him.

    *Orochi’s guys

    Might well switch sides, but of relatively minor consequence, maybe they’ll interfere with some future mutants.


    Might be part of the Cavalry if the cards say it’s a good idea. Since it seems he isn’t fighting Law. Another Chekov’s gun, isn’t he? Also suggests there WILL be a cavalry and that other SH’s and allies might go to the roof.


  6. So, what do you think about kaido’s use of his dragon form? So far when kaido faced oden or the scabbards he has used his dragon form during the first stage of the battle but when it comes to actually finishing battles he has actually used his humanoid form.

    So…. maybe we can take kaido’s transformation to mean he isn’t completely serious yet and is still basically testing the kids? Which is not to say kaido’s dragon fruit isn’t incredibly powerful but it does have it’s limitations. It’s huge size could as well be a downgrade for him at this point since it’s basically a massive target. We know for a fact kaido’s humanoid form is extraordinarily fast (as you have pointed out before) but his dragon form clearly can’t take advantage of that. At his his dragon form did not evidence that kind of speed against the scabbards. He also can’t use his weapon in that massive form, meaning the bulk of kaido’s martial arts are simply not at work. I would wager kaido is actually more physically powerful as a humanoid but in turn his attacks in dragon form don’t seem as threatening as the raimei hakke.

    Also, in your opinion (or best educated guess?)… does kaido have a hybrid form? Mythical zoans seem to not evidence those so far but I would feel cheated if the magikarp fruit user does not have a hybrid form.


    • I mean he definitely isn’t 100% serious yet, but neither are the Supernovas for that matter and especially Luffy. On the flipside, I think Oda just likes to spice it up because drawing dragons looks cool.

      I feel he for certain has to have a hybrid form and Oda is saving it for something special, perhaps for a bigger climax in this fight. Maybe that really is his ultimate form, speed and dexterity of human form combined with raw dragon power, but he never used it before on screen because he feels no opponent is worth it.


      • Luffy seems pretty serious to me tbh. He is already using gear 4, his ability to see into the future and his haki that causes internal damage. He has snakeman but that’s not exactly a powerup, it just makes him faster, presumably at the expense of some raw power.

        Definitely, there is no way kaido is actually going 100% at it. My point was more along the lines of whether kaido using his dragon form meant he was specifically half assing it so to speak. As in, him using the dragon form means he is limiting himself. So far he has not even evidenced using haki in this form, though I suppose he hasn’t exactly tried to physically destroy things with it either.

        Yeah, that’s what I think, and hope, as well. It’s just weird that other mythical zoans haven’t show hybrid forms yet. I suppose we haven’t seen that many other mythical fruits but for example marco seems to use what looks like a partial transformation instead of a proper hybrid form so far. I suppose a partial transformation by kaido would actually be insane and awesome though.


  7. I wonder how you read every chapter updates. Do you see it like a new anime episode? Coz I didn’t even know that there’s an sfx for different kinds of haki…


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