Chapter Secrets – Chapter 996 in-depth analysis

Oda just keeps delivering amazing chapter after amazing chapter! As we get so close to the big 1000, excitement’s at an all time high!




  1. Dude you forgot that yamato was cuffed by kaido for years so probably it was seastone too that explain why sasaki was shocked.


  2. Dude you forgot that yamato was cuffed by kaido for years so probably it was seastone too that explain why sasaki was shocked. He seeing for the first time in years yamato zoan devil fruit.


  3. This is two things i tought wile i was reading the chapter the sanji shock face is becuse Ivankov is in Wano. And the reason for my theory is this two lines: just kiddin- ivankov says that every time she gets hurt for the element of surprise and second reason is kyhaa sound,and the final reason is what tama says i got on a enemy ship is possible that tama got on the revolutionary ship but called it an enemy ship becuse she dosen t know about the revolutionary army. Now the reason for that would be to tell luffy about sabo


  4. It looks like to me that Yamato is hitting something up at the giant, possibly a piece of rubble. Not to say that there isn’t haki involved, obviously we’ve seen ranged attacks imbued with haki before.


  5. Thanks for your analysis Artur.
    But I’m a bit disappointed that you are not at all curious about WHO the “enemy” is, in the “enemy ship” which O-Tama took. Is it really simply the Beast Pirates? Or other organizations (CP0, Revolutionnaries,…) which O-Tama of course did not identify as such…


  6. Instead of other SH’s crews in cover page. Oda choose Blackbeard for chapter title ‘Island of the Strongest’ … very ironic.

    Law find Poneglyph, it’s seem he will continue travel with SH to LaughTale (aka. Island of the Strongest).

    Franky vs. Sasaki look great. Armored Division = Franky Shogun, Rhino gifter = Kurosai FR-U IV, And they look like a man fight. (like Franky vs. Senoir Pink)

    And I think something big gonna reveal in a few chapter because reference/metaphor of ‘obi-mawashi’ that means strip/undress/reveal secret.


    • Haha it’s funny, on my reread I was having that same thought.. Obviously he wants to go there with his own crew but he’d never get the red poneglyph from the Minks, so he’d have to tag along with Luffy to find out. Would he just let Luffy take the pirate king title and be cool about it?


  7. Great job as usual, Artur. On Yamato’s start of transformation, in page 6, doesn’t it look to you guys that he started growing the same sharp teeth as Sasaki when she saw them reflected in his sword? In fact, it’s like they’re growing upside down, as in a reflection. That would be a very interesting development, I think.


  8. Interesting chapter and I really appreciated the analysis this time.. So many cross-references we may see in the future (a scene cut to a poneglyph right after the shocking announcement of Momo’s role in the major plot..?)
    And who knows what the Island of the strongest really is ?;-


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