When did Oda say One Piece will end? (with official sources)

Oda’s own estimates about when the series would end are often a point of debate for the fandom. However, given how these estimates are spread across two decades in a language many don’t speak, these are often mixed with a lot of fake rumors and misinformation, making false statements Oda has never mentioned. So, to help clarify all of this misinformation, I gathered together all the statements of when Oda said One Piece would end, all with official sources and factual statements.

I’ve mainly formatted this as a video, which you can check out above (consider subscribing by the way, since I plan to make a lot more content there in the near future!), where I go over each of these estimates and also share my own personal thoughts as well, but I also decided to provide the information in a simple graph on this page for easy access and future reference to any who may need it:

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  1. first of all i am a huge fan of your work , this library is the best thing on the internet ,

    i hope one day u r gonna make Chapter secrets for the 799 chapters that u skipped

    that will be awesome

    love ya


  2. I often agree with the conclusions this site provides, but in this case I can’t.

    On the contrary, I believe that Oda is neither reliable nor particularly consistent in the numbers it provides. He only has the decency to provide estimates that are not clearly contrasting with the previous statements and provides forecasts on future events, which as such cannot be denied by us readers.
    Only the proof of the facts will tell us who is right, but I would be willing to bet that OP will not end until at least its 30th birthday.


    • After the timeskip Oda always said that moment is the half of the serialization, meaning that from timeskip every step of the storyline is part of the end of the series. And has been reliable in that statement not because he said a thing in 2012 and tells differently in 2018, who cares about interviews, what’s important is the main storyline and we know that after Wano Oda will give us the Final War soon enough. All we need to do is understand the story, so I think that 120 volumes could be a very accurate number in terms of story arcs, not in terms of years.


  3. first of all, thanks for covering all his statements regarding this matter. adding with your analysis makes it more valuable information.
    in my opinion, for One Piece will end in 4 years, is GREAT. especially for Oda himself. his health and his family. it’s normal for people who have worked so hard in their youth, want to retire before getting too old. Oda is already 45 this year, 46 in the next January. so, PLANNING to end One Piece before the age of 50 is really reasonable.
    as for the story, I still think that 4-5 years for final arc is plausible. as long as they not make any detour. just focusing on finding the way to Laugh Tale.
    if fans still want more stories about Strawhat’s adventures. Oda can create special chapters in the future. or even a direct sequel of One Piece. something like “Two Piece : One Piece Next Generation” or “One Piece Super”. lol
    joking aside, in the future, he can make either sequel or side story about One Piece as a story writer or even a supervisor.
    in short, the end of One Piece is might not really “the end”.


    • How on earth should he end OP in 4 or 5 years?

      We’re still in the middle of the Wano Arc and there is a shitton left in the story (Elbaf, Laugh Tale, Blackbeard showdown, Final War prelude, Final War against WG/Imu itself etc.).

      Wano alone will easily last 50 chapters more, since the final fights haven’t even started and act three hasn’t even concluded yet.

      That’s already 1 1/2 years.

      Then you would have around 3 years left, which would equal around 100-110 chapters at Oda’s current pace of 35 chapters per year.

      100 chapters for going to Elbaf (4th Road Ponegliff), finding Laugh Tale, defeating BB, starting the final war against Imu/WG and winning the final war is never going to work.


      • I guess we fans are too excited. we should be aware that the one who have authority over One Piece’s story is Oda himself, not us.
        we can assume and predict something. but in the end, Oda is the one who make the decission.
        some of us predict that Wano will be over in 50 chapters or more, but what if Wano will be over in just less than 20 chapters?
        lets say that in chapter 1000, Luffy will make the first strike againts Kaido. so, 10 chapters is enough for just the fighting. the rest will be next act or follow-up chapters. Oda can do that, right?

        people assume that there still more arc to cover. Road Ponegliph, Will of D, Laughtale, One Piece, Elbaf, Vegapunk, Devil Fruit, Black Beard, Ancient Weapons, WG, Im, and so on. but what if Oda skip some of them or make it shorten? he can do that, right?

        the main point of Oda said that “One Piece will end in 4-5 years” is not something that we should argue or deny. we must accept that in the near future, our beloved One Piece will end. the fact that it will be over exactly in 4 years or not, is up to Oda.

        we as fans, should think positively, that One Piece is great, and we are sure that the ending will be even greater. no matter when ^_^


    • Oda is currently putting out roughly 35 chapters per year.

      250 chapters means roughly 7 years left, which is a good estimation btw.


  4. I think the “4-5 years” comment is plausible but who knows with Oda. Either way I’m gonna continue enjoy OP for as long as I can.


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