Chapter Secrets – Chapter 995 in-depth analysis

What an incredible chapter this week! A lot of fantastic moments, jaw-dropping action and art, and even some very emotional scenes! One Piece is on fire this week!




  1. Hello Artur, I have a question about something in this chapter. It’s about the exchange between Big Mom and Marco when she is leaving her battle with him. She goes on to say something along the lines of – “I don’t have the souls to deal with you right now. ”
    Can you explain what this means?

    Secondly, you said Marco’s flame melts ice but Oda has stated that Marco’s flames do not burn but they help in regeneration. So I am assuming the blue flames don’t heat up the air around them and so do not melt ice either.


    • I think Big Mom just means she doesn’t have the right homies at hand to quickly deal with Marco, since both Prometheus and Zeus are out of action. She could still likely beat Marco without much trouble, but it would take time and she just wants to get back in on the action.

      That is true, but what Marco is facing is not normal ice, but a virus, so his regenerative powers should still work.

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    • She usually is on her island, surrounded by potential souls to use in her attacks, but here she’s pretty limited unless she uses her soul burning fear attack on all of Kaidos troops and harvests a new set

      But yeah, obviously we already know now in the current chapters but his flames aren’t always incendiary, they have healing properties


  2. Thanks, Arthur. I was a little disappointed on how Usop and Nami were beaten so easily (I’m steel am, I mean… They could at least do some damage… Just a little bit), but you showed me how meaningful this sceen was.


    • I liked how it played. I think that this is the first main opponents of Usopp and Nami that know haki, and especially busoshoku. Usopp and Nami are tactical fighters, they can’t win that just with raw strength. With some power ups i believe they can win.


  3. I’d been wondering at which point the other characters in the arc would make their entrance, Tama of course, but also Hitetsu, Otoko and Hiyori, who I refuse to believe will not be involved. In fact, none of them were shown celebrating the festival in Wano. Now, I’m sure Tama brought Hihimaru, too, but the interesting question is, has
    she also brought Speed or Babanuki? And, by the way, could she have used her powers also on Daifugo and Solitaire? And, by the way, will we see anything else from Onimaru?


  4. With marco questioning what happen inside the dome, no need antidotes, marco in the battlefield too marco healing flame can do AOE I think


  5. I’ve been brainstorming ways O-Tama and Komachiyo could’ve arrived onto Onigashima, but sneaking onto the boats wasn’t one of the contenders. There are three things wrong with that hypothesis: the first is Komachiyo could never enter the boats’ cabins due to his large size; the second problem, again, plays into Komachiyo’s size since he would’ve stood out if he was on the outside of the ships; the third and most crucial problem stems from how loud Komachiyo is because he simply isn’t a stealthy animal.

    Even swimming from land to the island isn’t worth considering. The sea is still stormy, so even if O-Tama tried riding on Komachiyo’s back while the latter swam, the waves would inevitably drench her (paralyzing poor Tama since she ate a devil-fruit) and knock her over. Even if Komachiyo detected her falling over and rescued her, either by diving under Tama or scooping her with his mouth, he wouldn’t be able to administer breathing to save poor Tama.

    My best guess is the Revolutionaries arrived from the Levely and brought Tama and Komachiyo to Onigashima. How Karasu managed to carry the two of them, let alone Komachiyo, and why they would involve an eight-year-old in the war, especially Sabo who had a near-death experience at a young age, is another story.


    • Haha well as I’m sure you know now, she got Speed to give her a ride on her boat. I didn’t think of that either at the time


  6. Nice work Arthur as usual. I have juste one idea about BigMom. Perhaps it’s just me, but if Sanji made something special with his cake? Like find a way to nutralise Big Mom for slaying someone with her power ? That would explain how Jimbe and other escape and the fact she ask Perospero to kill Marco instead of herself?


  7. It’s seem Oda gonna make every SH crew say Luffy gonna be Pirate King.
    My best still Zoro said to Kuma. Nami came close number 2. Can’t wait for Chopper, Robin and Brook. (Not sure Sanji already said or not.)


  8. Adding to the injury of that guy’s SMILE. Let’s also remember that panda bears tend to have the runs due to eating so much bamboo (which they can’t digest). That means that the guy throws up what the panda eats, so hopefully the guy starves that panda to death.


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