Chapter Secrets – Chapter 994 in-depth analysis

This week it’s a fairly short analysis, since this was a mostly set up chapter and there isn’t much to speak of when it comes to details and hidden references. But there are still things worth talking about, so let’s get on to them!

Only 5 chapters left!!!




  1. Aaah Yamato…

    I don’t have a PROBLEM with her. Buuuut…

    I think people overestimate her. (Knocking a Gifter Mutant around isn’t that much of a feat, and Ulti recovered quite readily from her attack. So I think honestly? Sasaki’s going to take her down pretty easily.) And I also think some people want her to join the crew, when for me she hasn’t DONE enough interesting stuff yet to warrant it.

    If she does something more then Oden cosplay, who knows. But as it is, I don’t see why some people want her to join so bad. (At least CURRENTLY. Who knows if it’ll change or not. That’ll depend on Yamato.)

    As I said, I don’t have a problem with her, but I also don’t have any super strong feelings about her just YET, and I don’t see why some people are so on the ‘Yamato for the crew’ bandwagon.

    I do like that everyone is heading towards Kaido!

    All SH’s (plus allies) vs. Kaido plz. (Bonus points if Carrot gets to join and if Law remembers he has things like his Gamma Knife technique (Which should work quite well on Kaido since it bypasses his thick hide.)

    It’s not that they even all need to be able to hurt him. It’s just that any of the SH’s still has useful techniques that might knock Kaido around immobilize him, freeze him etc. And I think Kaido is THE perfect opportunity for everyone on the crew to take a serious crack at one of the Emperors.

    I mean think about… BB is gonna be just him and Luffy. Shanks… probably gonna fall under ‘mentor figure occupational hazard’ and Big Mom is going to be defeated by being given the memory of what happened to Mother Carmel I think. So Kaido is THE guy where all the SH’s can team up against him (like back in the day with Oars.)

    As for Apoo, uh… shouldn’t Robin have been able to deal with that problem? But I guess Zoro then? I’d suggest he’d take Brook with him. Brook is faster, doesn’t get lost as easily and might well be able to counter Apoo’s abilities even. (I think it’s a possibility!)

    I hope next issue we get to see how Usopp and Nami are doing with the Dino Twins, or how The Chad Franky is doing.


    • I feel like robin is intentionally nerfed a bit other than some key moments, since she could instantly grab the antidote here no problem, also if she knew haki or shigan she’d be insanely strong haha

      But yeah, I’d be down for the tag team against Kaido. We kind of got it with the supernovas and Zoro was a boss, but not the rest of the ‘hats. Maybe at the rematch.

      Idk, Yamato is a total badass, he’s one shotting dudes, and zoans are notoriously resilient.. page one hopped right up after luffys elephant gun too, doesn’t mean luffys weak and the same applies to Yamato with ulti.

      He’s the child of an we saw with katakuri, that can mean a hell of a lot. Plus carrying the will of Oden is really awesome too


  2. i love how G-Oda created a variety of oddities among Gifters, which is much better than giving them animal-headed humanoid beast form. Can’t wait for the worst gifter possible. Like, Holdem (My lion keep hitting my crotch), Dobon (My hippo ate me), and Fourtricks (My chicken poop on me). Hahahahaha


  3. You can mark my words: Yamato will be a SH member after Wano.

    She has a dream (fulfilling Oden’s wish), she has a unique backstory and she will be the third female in the crew.

    Oda even draws her like a bombshell woman (ton of sideboob shots included), which is just another hint.


  4. Hey Artur,

    First of I truly appreciate all the work you’ve do – I look forward to reading these analysis every week almost as much as the manga!

    I did want to make note of the point you made on Yamato taking out a gifter and comparing it to how Sanji and Jinbe took out headliners.

    Headliners are a cut above gifters so I really don’t think that proves anything about Yamato’s power level in comparison to the top SH members (Jinbe, Sanji, and Zoro).



  5. Kaido is obsessed with death.
    Maybe zoro or scabbards reopen Kaidos wounds, Kaido gets defeated by the alliance but not killed. I think Kaido might take this chance to end himself now that he “can kill himself”. Wano starts with zoro in the middle of SEPPUKU and Kaido ends the act/arc with a SEPPUKU. Kinda symbolic, right?


  6. I think one thing is extremely hilarious to me about this arc.

    In the OP fandom there’s this persistent fanon that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are ‘the monster trio’. Now if this was just a western OP fan nickname for them and acknowledged as such, that’d be entirely fine. It’d be like the refusal to translate the word ‘nakama’, except dramatically less stupid.

    Buuuut a lot of people seem to think it’s some sort of super important core plotpoint. And this arc they seem utterly desperate to have Zoro fight King and Sanji fight Queen (And seem to look at the smallest details as set in stone confirmations that this will happen.)

    Now… it’s possible they get lucky and these matchups do happen. They’re certainly not my favourite possible matchups, but they’re not impossible ones. Likewise it’s also not impossible that say… Marco, Jimbei or Kidd would fight King or Queen. (Or Franky for that matter. I’d personally love him suplexing both Queen all these powerscalers dumbass lists they just made up out nowhere.)

    But what I also find hilarious is that this entire ‘monster trio’ nonsense just derives from Nami at one point saying something that about translated to “How did they capture those three monsters?’ In the Thriller Bark arc. (When referring to Luffy, Zoro and Sanji.) After this it was never mentioned again.

    Now when I got into OP years ago, I started asking where this Monster Trio crapola came from. (Because it always felt pretty dumb to me.) And no one could tell me. I started to say then it was just fanon. And some dishonest scanlator had Caribou refer to them as the Monster Trio. (Who did conveniently give a line that could be twisted into something like that, when he referred to Luffy Zoro and Sanji as three superhuman warriors, but this was mainly in response to them being haki users, whereas he was a logia. (And keep in mind, this is the Caribou that knew so little about the SH’s that he joined the fake ones a moment earlier in the arc. (So even if there WAS a ‘Monster Trio’ Caribou would hardly know about it.)

    And it’s just funny as all hell, how these powerscalers (AKA tierhumpers as I pejoratively call them, because honestly I have very little respect for these people and their UTTER inability to do comprehensive reading of any narrative. (And how obnoxious they are about their imaginary powerlevels.) based this thing on a throwaway line by Nami and they are convinced their imagination is a major canonical plotpoint.

    (Whereas in reality their supposed formula of Zoro always fighting the second strongest and Sanji always fighting the third strongest is extremely often averted. (They might not even always be there.) And Luffy’s fights since the timeskip have generally NOT been solo fights. (Or even fights Luffy even won. (Katakuri could have killed Luffy if he wanted too, he chose not to, because he saw the potential in Luffy to free him and his sibs from their crazy mom one day.) Whereas Zoro and Sanji aren’t even necessarily always both PRESENT.

    Now they are both present now. But honestly? I hope they just like… Have either Franky fight Queen and Sanji fight King (My personal fav matchups) or in fact have Zoro and Sanji NOT fight King and/or Queen and let Marco and Kidd fight them instead. (Or have new recruit Jimbei show off how strong he is and fight one of them.)

    Honestly, it’s the same as the thing with the Calamities and the Flying Six. Tierhumper ‘wisdom’ insists there must be a huge gap of strength between the two. Yet… if Drake is like Luffy or a Luffy-Lite (Which’d make him… I dunno a Zoro maybe? A Sanji?) Is it really that odd to think that Drake (Who was in the Flying Six) could defeat say… Jack? And if Drake could, would it be outside the realm of possibility if one of the other Flying Six could in theory take one of the Calamities? It doesn’t mean they necessarily WOULD, but they hypothetically should be able to if Drake is anywhere near the realm of a peer of Luffy. This the idea of the Flying Six challenging the Calamities is hardly out there. (And thus if there IS a gap in strength it’s probably a small gap, or there isn’t a big cap and a fight between them could go either way… Comprehensive reading, powerscalers should learn it!)

    One Piece doesn’t even HAVE powerlevels anyway, the closest thing to it when douriki came up explicitly mentioned that this douriki did NOT measure devilfruit abilities. OP isn’t DBZ. In DBZ it’s fair enough to have the concept of a powerlevel, since any characters ability to use any of their powers is based on their chi-powers, which might have a level. But OP just doesn’t work that way. It has some rough tiers (So that random Shmo on the street wouldn’t be able to beat Akainu.) But within these tiers, a lot of fights can go a lot of ways, and someone on the low end of a tier might well at times barely squeeze out a victory against someone in the higher end of their own weight class (or perhaps even someone in the lower end of the next weight class.) Especially if they can use their own skills, devil fruit powers, terrain advantages wisely.

    Nami’s beaten opponents in this series that on a pure physical level should have been able to demolish her. Same with Usopp.

    This isn’t DBZ where everyone is helpless and has to wait for Luffy. Which is also why the Scabbards DID do some damage to Kaido. (Luffy’s friends in general tend to actually be USEFUL! Imagine that!)


    • Things also just got even funnier in that regard.

      Now apperently in the spoilers there’s a MYSTERIOUSLY blank page of dialogue and suddenly Queen SUPPOSEDLY calls Zoro and Sanji the ‘third and second strongest’. (Which I will certainly be checking with high quality Japanese raws later.) (Also… how would Queen make such a determination? If it where by bounties then what about Jimbei? (Who in general is clearly on that same level of power anyway. He has a higher bounty then Zoro and Sanji, whereas Sanji has a higher bounty then Zoro. (Also Jimbei is quite famous!)

      Aaaah, the monster trio fanon guys had better PRAY Oda matches Zoro and Sanji up the way they want. But with people like Marco, Jimbei and Kidd also running around, that is HARDLY a garantuee!

      So… if Zoro vs. King and Sanji vs. Queen do not both happen. (Even if one of the two does.) Can this monster trio thing just be accepted as a fanon nickname and can people stop underrating characters because they aren’t char x or y or don’t have some title?

      Can people just… read a story and base their stupid powerlists exclusively on FEATS, and nothing else?

      That’d be nice.

      But knowing of dishonest scanlators with the Caribou nonsense, I will definitely be watching closely. Let’s see if we can stick a fork in it… You’d think Jimbei joining the crew would have done it, but let’s see if Wa no Kuni can reveal some fanon stupidity for what it is… XD

      Come through for me Oda… Queen tried to kill Kidd and Killer, why not let them have revenge? And we all want Franky to suplex Queen at least once (if he can drive his bike into Big Mom’s face, surely he can do that right?) even if it’s not his main fight, or to have Marco skirmish a bit with King, even if it’s not his main fight. Make it happen!


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