Chapter Secrets – Chapter 992 in-depth analysis

After a long two-week break, we’re finally back! The big battle against Kaido begins and you know what that means: breaking down a lot of different attack names!

Only 7 chapters to go!!!




    • I don’t think so, his jutsu is just actual ninja techniques, but because they aren’t familiar with devil fruits, they also just refer to DF techniques as jutsu since they appear to be, like robins arms or Kinemons clothing.
      But pretty sure Raizo, the ninja, is going to be the one actually using ninja moves haha


  1. This chapter was breathtaking! Art, action, atmosphere – everything was awesome!
    I didn’t know the meaning behind the colour cover… It’s nice to know.
    You gave an interesting explanation about Black Maria’s song – seems legit. I was wondering about other possible interpretations of her song.
    One of them assumed that it has something to do with connection between Zunisha and Wano (or some people from a void century who wanted to meet with each other but their plans fell through).
    In the second one I considered a song as a story about future meeting of Momo and Hiyori.


  2. Prospero seemed so scared, and about to revolt against his mother. The answer he gave sounded shroud with mystery. Big Mom said “do as you please to Marco… I am so curious what are they up to!

    Where is Law, Hawkins and Kid?


  3. Ah Kaido… He’ll beat the scabbards. But I’m pretty sure he will actually die at the end of this arc!

    The scabbards injure him, but they will fall. However the next round (Which’ll probably at least include Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer and Law (and I hope myself all the SH’s) (Also probably X.Drake and maybe others) will see Kaido going down hard. Luffy does tend to have some epic finishers. And Zoro’ll slash Kaido with Oden’s old blade.

    That and Big Mom’ll backstab him of course, she at this point pretty much stated it indirectly to Perospero.

    After which I think BB, who smelled an opportunity earlier in the arc, and who DOES belief Luffy is blessed by fate, will come to Onigashima and kill a heavily injured Kaido (And destroy Onigashima in the process.) In fact, I suspect Kaido will try to escape when he’s badly wounded and Moriah’s shadows will suddenly ensnare him. After all BB seems to have a hitlist of everyone who might stop him in the future. So Kaido’d naturally be on it.

    I think the Kaido deathclock is ticking! He’s not going to go to Impel Down or something. In universe, this is Kaido’s final day on… whatever the OP planet is called.


  4. Im thinking about that zorro eat a abowl with a drawing blue dragon.there a few cover story related to zorro in this arc
    I just assume that zoro will deal with kaido and luffy with bigmom


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