Chapter Secrets – Chapter 993 in-depth analysis

Lots of Japanese references hidden in this chapter, especially with that festival at the beginning, so let’s analyze this chapter together!

Only 6 chapters left standing in our way to the milestone!!



  1. In the image of the big Oden Statue, you can see a resemble of Chapter 833 Colour Spread, for example, the girl on the right with the hand fan has the same pose and similar details as Robin, or the girl on the left with both hand raised looks very similar to Nami on that Colour Spread, same for Luffy and Usopp!


  2. Izou also looked super upset about his sister getting her arm taken off! I love their relationship, and I hope she makes it out of this fight okay. . (I hope I’m using the right pronouns, with Izou being a cross dresser but still referred to with masculine pronouns and Kiku being a trans woman and using feminine pronouns)


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