One Piece “What If: Kaido Arrived at Marineford” – A fan manga by Ricky Acong Subroto (Chapter 1)

Hey everyone! Artur here. You may recall the name of Ricky Acong Subroto as one of the artists for one of the covers of Return to the Reverie. Well, this time he’s made an entire fan chapter of his own, a what if scenario of if Shanks had not been able to stop Kaido from going to Marineford! I had no involvement in this chapter aside from helping with translation and proofreading. The concept, story, and art were all done by Ricky Acong Subroto and all credit belongs to him. However, Ricky personally asked if his chapter could be featured on the Library of Ohara so that it could reach a larger audience, hence why you can find it available here. Enjoy!

Hi, this is Murders speaking to you (editor of the chapter). I’m happy to inform you that our project “Ricky Acong x Murders Comic” will be here in The Library of Ohara, thanks to Artur. We want to impress you with our work, without intimidating Oda-sensei’s One Piece original work. We support One Piece, and always will be. Therefore, this is the work of a One Piece fan. A “One Piece What If – Kaido Arrived at Marineford” story. Enjoy.



Video version:

The chapter was drawn entirely by hand! For those interested in a behind the scenes, check this out:

Thank you for reading! Help support Ricky by spreading and sharing this chapter around.

See you next chapter!



  1. Hello, I am Jiro, thank you for this wonderful work. I work in the field of manga. I have an Arabic manga channel. I draw and I also translate my channel called JIRO. I offer content for Japan and the Arab countries. Will you allow me to display this chapter after translating it into two languages in my channel. I also offer translation. If you want I can help you in drawing Your projects Yes, I will publish all your accounts on my channel. Please respond quickly to this email


      • Thank you, my friend Arthur and the Urhara Library family
        … I will put my effort into translating Riki’s chapters into Arabic and Japanese and put his accounts on my channel. Of course, I will mention everyone in the description and video, and also if you like when I translate it, you can download it on your site …
        I am working on the One Piece project. I draw it with my own hands. I also want to share it with you. I will finish it in a month
        I want a Whatsapp number to communicate if you love you because I don’t like Instagram and Twitter


  2. Thank you, my friend Arthur and the Urhara Library family
    … I will put my effort into translating Riki’s chapters into Arabic and Japanese and put his accounts on my channel. Of course, I will mention everyone in the description and video, and also if you like when I translate it, you can download it on your site …
    I am working on the One Piece project. I draw it with my own hands. I also want to share it with you. I will finish it in a month
    I want a Whatsapp number to communicate if you love you because I don’t like Instagram and Twitter


  3. The art is good. The story, I have to say, it’s very unlikely: Kaido seems Saitama. Akainu one-shotted when Teach, one who fled form Akainu, holds his ground, is just fantasy. And in all this Kaido had even already clashed with shanks.
    Also the fact that they repeat more than once that it is Teach who killed Newgate, when in reality we know very well that 90% of the work was done by the Navy, is quite alienating.
    If I can give you some advice, keep it up, but eliminate some of the exaggeration. I understand the love for a character, but that’s a little too much.


    • Kaido One shotting Akainu isn’t too far fetched since Akainu was already half dead far from his peak. He had literally taken massive attack from W.B at point blank range, what else do u expect. Also he was caught off guard. Luffy gear 4th as well as Oden were also one shotted.
      Teach would never run if this Akainu was to come. If Akainu in this state had gone after teach then by all means he would have definitively died.
      Sure Navy had done 90% of damage but it all started and ended due to teach so him going after the guy is understandable especially when he already took out Akainu who was responsible for other most damage.

      So all in all every thing for me is flowing how it should. Half dead Akainu doesn’t have defensive power of Gear 4 Luffy or Haki like Oden so if those two could be taken out in single strike then this is also possible.


    • ?? The fact the Navy whittled him down is irrelevant, in the manga Blackbeard is most definitely credited with the kill..its partly why he was made a Yonko, and Marco literally says he killed pops. May be stolen kill on a dying enemy and cheap, but still him. If Ace had been hit by Aokiji before, Akainu still finished him off.
      If Abraham Lincoln got beat up by theater guests and then shot by John Wilkes booth, he’s still the assassin haha.

      Also..of course the Marines will point to him, what, would they say it was them that did most of the work and get steamrolled by Kaido? What do you mean alienating haha?? Of course they’ll send him after Teach.

      Also, Akainu was pretty tired by that point, and he didn’t get one shot, just got nuked by the club, which is exactly what happened after he killed Ace don’t you remember hahaha?
      Whitebeard quake punched him in the ribs with the biggest hit we’d seen him use yet, got curbstomped, and Akainu plummeted below super messed up. He got some hits in, and wasn’t taken out but definitely got owned.
      He’s definitely susceptible to hits from a Yonko. Obviously he didn’t get KO’d here, but could come damn close after taking two solid hits from the both of them.

      I wouldn’t say any of it is a stretch from the canon whatsoever, Kaido and the beasts are fresh, everyone else is worn out, it’s totally accurate.


    • I could actually totally believe that might happen for this reason.

      Kaido is powerful sure… But he’s actually overrated currently. Why so? Well it’s as simple as Enel!

      Enel for the longest time was massively overrated, when people thought Haki would be way rarer then it actually turned out to be (Which was always kind of a foolish assumption to think Haki would be rare.), and when people thought a lot of characters couldn’t deal with his speed.

      Fact is Enel compared to the heavy hitters is a glass cannon, and people realize this now. He doesn’t suck, the fact he’d attain a bounty similar to Ace’s shows he’s far from weak. He’s got a great fruit, excellent mastery of it, and even has haki which synches with his fruit. And his fruit gives him a ton of firepower. Enel’d be a serious opponent for even many strong characters. Buuuut…

      He’s not the unstoppable god he fancies himself to be. Some people would wreck Enel.

      And Kaido is like Enel on steroids, and the reason he is is this; Kaido is NOT the final villain!

      Kaido is a guy with a very powerful ability, and maxed out durability and strength stats. But Kaido only has basic haki use. People wonder why he didn’t use Ryuou, and it’s quite likely that Kaido doesn’t HAVE that ability.

      And post Kaido there will be opponents that DO have that ability. Which means that sure… Akainu and Shanks are not actually as durable or physically strong as Kaido. But, they have more advanced and well developped use of Haki, so they are actually stronger.

      Not massively, gigantically stronger. Kaido COULD win a fight with either of them. But they are more likely to win that fight if it did happen. And both of them CAN hurt Kaido just fine.

      Let’s face it. Oden is pretty expllicitly shown to not be quite as strong as Whitebeard & Roger (strong enough that he’d probably put up a fight in a prolonged match, btu they were stronger.), but Oden was also heavily implied to have been able ot beat Kaido had he not been distracted by the shapeshifting hag.

      Therefor Kaido (And his rough equal Big Mom) are in fact the weakest of the emperors, they just both have the best physical stats.

      As for Kaido’s rep… Well rep in the OP world isn’t the golden unvarnished truth. Katakuri’s back was said never to touch the ground, yet this was bullshit. Why was this rep important? Because Kata can protect his family with it. If people think he cannot be beaten, they will not attack him. Thus this protects both him, and more importantly, his siblings (whom he loves), from attack.

      Kaido’s rep, that he’d win any one on one fight, as such is just that… it’s just a folk tale. Oden could have beaten him one on one. Roger or Whitebeard WOULD have beaten him more likely then not in a one on one had they wanted. And so could Shanks or Akainu (And probably Im for that matter.) Kaido could put up a real fight, but he’s weaker then them. Because… he’s not the final villain. What comes after will be tougher then he is.

      Of course Kaido won’t fall in a one on one. He’s going to fall to a gauntlet of enemies working together against him.


      • I personally have no idea as to who’s stronger between an emperor or admiral but from how the story is written it’s probably emperor who’s stronger. Also who said Kaido doesn’t have advanced haki or what u call ryou. It’s just your assumption nothing else.
        Also yes Enel is a glass canon but that’s because he was never hit before and since he was never hit before, How could he possibly develop resistance to pain without experiencing it. That and he was over confident in his ability and that was all there was to him. D.F. The very reason his observation was so strong was also because of his D.F. Take away his D.F then what. What can he do without that D.F. Nothing. His physical abilities are almost non existent. So even trying to compare both is in simple words meaningless. There’s no competition there at all.

        That and Haki is far from being the most important thing.
        Your Sentence:”Akainu and Shanks are not actually as durable or physically strong as Kaido. But, they have more advanced and well developed use of Haki, so they are actually stronger.”
        If we take this to face value then Luffy should never have had won against amazon sisters becuz both of them had Haki while he didn’t yet he beat them in two on one battle with physical strength. This alone proves that Haki alone is far from being enough. Also B.M has access to advanced haki or ryou then she should also be stronger if we go by your hypothesis.

        Also neither B.M nor Kaido went all out. Kaido has yet to go in his hybrid form and B.M could become even stronger if she absorbed all the soul energy of her homies.

        Now lets talk about Oden. Yes Oden was strong but not to the point u showed him to be. Roger literally blitz him in single strike and he wasn’t even able to respond. He used his advanced haki or ryou in his first clash with W.B and yet W.B was able to stop him without even using his Haki or D.F. Yes Oden gave Kaido massive scar but do u really think Kaido hasn’t grown any stronger over the past 20 years. Come on man Kaido had 20 years to grow. Current Kaido can never be compared to past Kaido. Oden was strong but far from being at Emperors lvl. At most he was at King’s lvl or may be somewhat stronger but that’s it. Yes if he was still alive and had 20 years to grow then he could stand along with the emperors but he perished.

        In short everything u said is more or less faulty including all of your evidence.

        Also if everything u said is dependent upon W.B’s showing in war then that’s also far from being his peak display. We saw during flash back of how tremendously powerful his strength and haki was. If u want to take him as an example then take peak him since that’s his true power and I simply can’t see any present admiral able to do much against peak him. He half killed Akainu in his extremely weakened form then what could he not do in his peak form.

        Yes admirals are strong, probably strongest in One piece’s universe after Emperors but that’s it.

        Now let’s measure Kaido.

        Extreme Speed(Neither Luffy nor Oden were able to react to his thunder baguya)
        Extreme Strength(One shotted both Gear 4th Luffy and Oden)
        Extreme Endurance(Jumping from sky island with no damage what so ever)

        HAKI(on premise that it grows stronger with battle and he more or less has fought many)
        Advanced armament(B.M had access to it as well)
        Advanced Observation
        Emperors(Split sky when clashing with B.M)

        POWER(D.F yet not confirmed)
        Dragon Transformation
        Massive attack power and range(wiping out a hill with single strike)
        Fire Blast
        Thunder control
        Wind Control
        HYBRID(Basically multiply his physicality several times)

        Tell me any one admiral who have this. Yes they might be able to face his dragon and human form without any clear winner but add in his advanced haki and Hybrid.
        Ans: He can’t be defeated one on one by either admiral or an emperor.


  4. Amazing Manga, I mean it. You can barely even tell this wasn’t made by Oda himself, the art aswel as the story are just perfect.
    One slight critique, I think there’s a slight error here with X-drake having a reaction shot.
    During the battle Drake was present at Sabaody and watched the fight from one of the screens. He only joined up with Kaido during the 2 year timeskip.
    Maybe that was meant to show his reaction to the events he sees on screen but it seems like he’s present at the battle.
    But besides that small possible “mistake” it’s a real masterpiece.


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