Chapter Secrets – Chapter 991 in-depth analysis

Hey everyone, I apologize for the analysis being so late this week. I originally delayed it by a day due to being busy with an appointment, but that snowballed into later in the week after a bunch of other things popped out and I didn’t get the time to sit down and work on it. It’s nothing serious, but eitherway I hope this can help satiate the wait until Oda’s next chapter in a couple of weeks from now. Enjoy!



  1. Great job as usual 🙏
    When reading the manga I though of seastone bullets: we’ve learned Wano craftsman are so skilled they are the only ones that can make such projectiles.

    Would explain why Drake (and not Zoro) noticed them.

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    • yeah i mean hes yet to really use them in the main series.. Z had them in the film with his little derringer he shot Luffy with, & Bege bluffed that he had them when he brought Sanji in on Zou, but we haven’t really had them appear in the main story for real, besides the Impel Down guards having the chain shots

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  2. A food analysis das always!
    Im surprised you didnt mention Kaidos comment about Jacks defeat. For me, this was one of the biggest surprises, its time for a Kaido Flashback!

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  3. Thanks for the review!
    About sulong forms, Nekomamushi’s one is great, but Inuarashi is really beautiful!
    I really don’t think that Franky’s main opponents will be the Numbers in any way, since the other straw hats get nice opponents. Since he is going towards outside the dome, and Sasaki is outside too, he could be his opponent.

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  4. It was quite entertaining to watch how fight between Usopp & Nami and Page One & Ulti began xD
    Plus the last page of chapter – it looked gorgeous!

    I hope Oda will get better soon and chapter no. 1000 will be published in this year 🙂

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  5. Franky isn’t going to fight all the Numbers.

    He’s going to create some bedlam with Haccha running around after him and eventually fight… Either Queen or one of the Flying Six.

    Queen I think matches his personality best, and Franky always struck me as MASSIVELY underrated because of that whole Mnostur 3o! fanon crapola.

    And if Franky was bodyslamming elephants pre-timeskip, I’m sure he can suplex a sauropod this time around. Queen even seems to have a bit of a wrestling theme going with his Brachio Bomber, which is Franky’s new thing too.

    Franky v. Queen, Sanji v. King.

    As for Zoro… Well I think given he wields Enma, one of Oden’s blades, that is not to cut some mere minion. That is mean to cut Kaido himself, and no one else if you ask me.

    Besides, the strongest swordfighter on this island sure as hell ain’t King anyway. (Considering Big Mom has a sword and I’m pretty sure she’d completely wreck King when there’s no convenient waterfall to punt her off.) That and even if Kaido’s club isn’t a SWORD, it’s close enough anyway.

    F’course, that said I do think Jimbei could fight Queen. (Show of the beastly new addition to the crew’s power.) and Marco fighting King makes a lot of sense too.

    I also do really like the idea that everyone teams up to fight Kaido-ragon actually. A lot of SH’s people dismiss because of dumbass powerscaling bullshit (In spite of the fact this series really isn’t all that DBZ like.) could be of great help actually.

    We saw for example Momo, who has a copy of Kaido’s powers generate clouds to fly. Well imagine say… Nami blows them all away and Usopp launches giant plants to restrain Kaido. It won’t do him any harm, But it can set him up for the heavier hitters to attack.

    Also if Law doesn’t forget he has that gamma and radio knife attack, then he doesn’t need Luffy’s shockwave punch to do harm to Kaido’s insides!

    Also I do wonder what would happen if Luffy combined Gear 4th with Gear 3rd (Gear 7th?) (A giant rubberman? Really? XD) I guess he’d be.. still smaller then Kaido-ragon, but a bit less so.

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