One Piece Magazine Vol 10 (new information!)

Volume 10 of the One Piece Magazine just recently came out, so here is all of the relevant information and cool things I could find from it!

For starters, the Magazine features this tagline on its cover: “We recommend you reread One Piece in preparation for its climax!!”, the first time (that I recall) official One Piece media referring to the ending of the series being in the near future. The reason for this tagline is because this Magazine has a special feature on some older hints and teases Oda did across the story, encouraging a re-readthrough so these things pay off in the climax, but it’s still interesting to see the ending publicly advertised. Combined with Oda’s recent interview about how much the series has left ( and his recent statement in the SBS about the impending ending (, it seems like Oda is quite serious about it (whether he actually will complete in that time is to be seen though).

What if scenario request: “What if Vivi was a Japanese warlord during the Sengoku Era”

Oda’s reply:
Vivi during the Sengoku Era you say…?
Interesting! I want to draw that!!
I will also add Karoo!!
For Vivi’s sake, this samurai too is willing to give his life!!

Every Magazine features Oda’s drawings of the fruit forms of devil fruits. This time we have the fruit versions of Alvida’s Sube Sube no Mi (Smooth Smooth Fruit) and Smoker’s Moku Moku no Mi (Smoke Smoke Fruit)

Similarly, every magazine features a cross-section on the biology of a large creature. This time it’s Surume, the Kraken! The info provides his length, being 300m when his tentacles are fully extended, and its weight, being 4000 tons.

Some interesting information about early One Piece:

Here is an early version of the Straw Hat crew that Oda drew a couple years before serialization which includes a fishman who would serve as the helmsman of the crew, being Oda’s inspiration for Jinbe many years later down the line. This picture was once shown in an older databook, but this fishman was edited out to avoid spoilers it seems. That said, keep in mind Jinbe was originally meant to be a villain, so this was likely a different character all together, but Oda still ended incorporating Jinbe as the fishman helmsman of the crew many years later.

There’s also this sketch in that old databook which was drawn closer to serialization that features all Straw Hats, this time with Robin and Franky (but no Jinbe). Though this was most likely edited too in order to remove Jinbe, as evidenced by what looks to be traces of erasing.

This fact isn’t new but somehow very unknown, but Nami was originally meant to be the first Straw Hat to join, similar to Silk/Ann in the Romance Dawn pilots. Chapter 1 centered around meeting Nami and fighting Morgan, but Oda instead made Luffy’s flashback the whole chapter. This Magazine does however elaborate on some details, such as that Morgan originally had cannon that could destroy several houses (later repurposed into the Buggy Ball) and that Luffy’s ambition was much simpler, simply wanting to become a pirate he was proud of, not the king.

Early sketch of the core trio shows that Oda migth’ve intended Zoro to have sunglasses as part of his design:

Here’s also some sketches from some early volume and Jump covers

Early volume 4 cover sketches:

Early volume 5 cover sketch:

Early volume 9 cover sketch:

Early Jump cover sketches:

Furthermore, I’d like to address these since they’ve been floating around:

One of the Magazine feature articles does talk about Luffy’s remark about wanting 10 crewmembers and that Jinbe makes the 9th member to join the crew. It wonders “Are we getting close to Luffy’s ideal…?!”. However do keep in mind this article was not written by Oda, so do take it with a grain of salt.

Similarly, the Fight Analysis article was also not written by Oda and is purely written from a fan’s perspective. So don’t take any of this as something Oda said, this is just a fan’s analysis. The translation that is floating around shown in this tweet is also very poor and riddled with errors, so please be wary of that.

Finally, to close off, this Magazine features the first chapter of the canon Ace manga, drawn by Boichi! Here is the color spread cover:

I won’t post the rest since it is a full manga chapter, but if you want to read it you can buy the One Piece Magazine in the link below, which includes worldwide shipping:尾田-栄一郎/dp/4081024065/

And that’s it for all the relevant information! Nothing too massive, but the stuff in here was still quite interesting. See you in the next Magazine!

P.S.: In case you missed it, here is Oda’s latest SBS:



  1. Hello Arthur,
    I read the manga spin off and it is completely different to the light novel. Do you think, we should consider canon the manga instead of the light novel?


  2. Hey Arthur, great article as usual.
    I was wondering if this could be a cool souvenir for a One Piece fan who can’t read Japanese.
    basically, does it have enough illustrations and cool stuff whose meaning one could gather from context?
    I saw it in a store and it’s pretty thick, and only 1000円, so I’m hopeful. too bad there was no sample copy nor scans online, so I might just have to try, though it’s not that expensive so nbd. take care, keep up the great work


    • It is a magazine, so most of the things in it are articles in full advanced Japanese. However, it does have a bunch of cool images and drawings in it, so I’d say it’s not bad as a collector’s item!


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