Return to the Reverie – Chapter 3

We continue the Reverie project with Chapter 3 our of 6! Remember that we release chapters every week, so tune in next Tuesday for Chapter 4!

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The following is a non-profit fan work based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The intent of the project is not to replace the original manga or compete with it. It is simply a work of passion and appreciation for One Piece made for the sole purpose of fun. Enjoy!

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  1. Great work and side story , but one mistake Dragon shouldnt be at reverie, it means these chapters has been made before act 3 Wano.


    • That was an amazing chapter!
      Great work, everyone. Ever since dragon was introduced, his name alone creates havoc. I wasn’t expecting him to be a part of the Pirate King’s crew. Even though his bounty maybe exaggerated, I’m satisfied with all the hype. Finally, we get to see his power!
      Keep up the great work, everyone!


  2. Thank you for the effort. Knowing Oda very little will turn out to be accurate but that takes nothing away from your work.


  3. Beautifully crafted story and art that it looks like the actual story. I couldn’t think of any plot holes. Thanks Artur and Gemini and rest of the crew for this incredible work.
    I’m very excited for the next chapter. When is it coming out?


  4. Even though it was a fan made chapter, I loved how you able to show off the RA, especially Dragon!

    Watching him speak & how he faced the Gorosei could be a way to convince us that it was way better than how Madara Uchiha (before it was revealed to be Obito) declaring the 4th great Ninja War on the 5 great nations of the Kages, and how single handedly faced the allied Shinobi force!

    However, as much as I liked how Dragon also had a strong connection to Roger, I don’t think that his mother being a CD was a good idea. Because how can we be certain that it won’t effect Luffy if any of the friends & allies (specifically those with some bad blood with the CD) has that kind of ties to them. In other words, let’s just say that Hancock might actually be cured of her love sickness & she goes back to her old male hating self, the moment she learns that the man his loves is related to the men she hates?!

    Also, I didn’t find it that impressive to see the Gorosei defeated that easily, even at the hands of Dragon himself, unless you have a way to show that they aren’t dead yet.

    Well I do know about you, but what do you think?!


  5. I can’t wait to see Ryokugyu vs Fujitora! The only observation I can make is about the Gorosei: I have never liked the theory that they were fighters, but since they turned out to be such it seemed to me that they were “beaten” a little too easily.


  6. Maaan this is sooo god damn good really good job guys I’ve got goosebumps all over my body !!! how good this is !!


  7. i’ve been reading manga and comics for quite some time now, and your work here is one of the best, fan art or not.

    are you considering working on your own work maybe?
    i can imagine it being published by dark hores or image or vertigo


  8. Hello Artur, This is viola from China, a big fan of your work, I’ve been reading your analysis for years, especially love this fan make mange, can I get the authority to translate in to Chinese and share with all the Chinese One Piece fans? We will absolutely mark your name and website, hope all the Chinese fans knows that how great work you’ve did on One Piece!


  9. Great as always Arthur, that dragon speech on reverie really gave me a goosebumps omg.
    And the fact luffy grandmother was a CD is a good idea, that really fit with how garp act like that.

    Btw, can I mention this artwork of your teams in my YT account? I’m not going to take all image, maybe 1-2 so they can visit this website as well. Maybe i’ll merge it with my own theories 😀


  10. Love the Green Bull character, Dragon blowing the elders off the red line was funny. Is it logia or paramecia? If logia then he can turn into the wind he could travel very fast and get anywhere with no issue.
    If paramecia and we fallow the main Awakenings, then he can turn buildings and stuff into the air.
    I cannot wait until the next chapter. I wish Oda would see this and just make it cannon.


  11. Love this. I wish Oda would see it and just make it cannon. Funny as hell with Dragon blowing the Elders off the Red Line. If his fruit a Logia or Paramecia? Because turning into the wind he could go anywhere very fast. and if Paramecia he could turn buildings into wind or air? I cannot wait for the next chapter.


  12. I loved the first two chapters but this one is fiiiiiiiire!! Keep up the amazing work, it’s really entertaining in between the chapter breaks!! also sometimes i feel like it really could be like that but oda is gonna find another nice way.. great guys great. also really awesome work from Gemini!


  13. great episode, can’t wait to see more combat… btw i thought the bounty for Dragon was too damn high. I get he’s the world’s most wanted man but that only means he has a higher bounty than Whitebeard’s, so about Roger’s should be enough or even 6 billion… but not 10B, that was way, way too much


  14. Hey can I share this on my site I share Anime and manga theories and would love to cover this.

    I will not be sharing your copyrighted images and such but only news and predictions on what might happen in the upcoming chapter.
    This is my site:


  15. Haha love it, you’re so good at incorporating things that are mostly canon into it like dragon fruit or the best theories like his backstory (it’s either that or ex admiral)

    Hahaha I loved how the Abe Lincoln lookalike king was like yeah I want to abolish slavery

    Love the elders, they’re really badass
    The dinosaur seems a bit redundant since we just had so many with Kaido but you picked a really good one haha


  16. this my favorite chap so far **

    but i think dragon’s bounty is too high — me personally i wouldn’t put him above 5 billions .
    Why ? because NO WAY dragon is as strong as roger or prime WB .

    now don’t get me wrong – i know bounty doesn’t mean strenght , not by any chance , but how much danger and threat a person poses to the government . which comes naturally from sheer power .

    take shanks for example , he’s a pacifist , doesn’t attack the government directly , yet he has a bounty of 4 billions , a good indicator of his strenght .

    what i’m getting at is dragon is as dangerous as either roger or WB yet he isn’t as powerful . in my eyes his bounty should be 4.8 b

    as for his title – the most wanted man – it’s not true at all
    i didn’t find in the manga any evidence of that title , you can search , it must be a translation error that , funnily enough , has been hyped in OP communities for YEARS bruh …

    his correct title , however , is THE WORST CRIMINAL IN THE WORLD .

    thanks for your time .


    • Arguably, I think it depends on how it comes down to how bounties are calculated which is not detailed that much, and to be honest I dont think power levels are the biggest factor when it comes to bounties. The biggest factors would be reputation and achievements imo.
      Like the yonkous are definitely the stronger characters, but I think their bounty is mostly calculated by their renown, the influence/empires they control, and the various feats they are able to pull off. If they didnt have vast empires they controlled, or the yonkou title, I expect that their bounty would probably drop significantly to have their value. This is just my guess, as nothing is really confirmed, but Mihawk might have power level similar to a yonkou, but since he doesnt have anything like an empire, he probably be around 2 billion. Arguably I would say that Gold Roger only had the highest bounty of the pirates since he became Pirate King. Rather than measuring his power level, they probably determined his bounty due to his achievement of conquering the grand line.
      So going by this logic, if your gonna label someone as the worst criminal in the world, who controls the revolutionary army which is a vast network of rebels who would want to fight directly against the government, and their guerrilla tactics have been going on for years freeing oppressed countries globally, I think Dragon pretty much deserves that high bounty.


  17. I loved it but there’s one mistake you’ve made. Dragon is older than Roger. Roger is 51 and Dragon is 55. Later on, we saw Dragon is not in Reverie.


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