Chapter Secrets – Return to the Reverie Chapter 2 in-depth analysis

Oh yes. We’re doing this.

This is an analysis of Chapter 2 of our fan project Return to the Reverie. Yes, I know this is ridiculously meta and might even sound hilariously absurd, but we hid so many details in this chapter that I thought it would be a big shame if we didn’t point them out, as most people likely won’t be spotting these on their own. This is going to be a bit more of a casual and lighter analysis, so don’t expect the same degree of depth and professionalism as my usual ones. We’ll mainly focus on visual details and some thematic hints rather than delving deep into the plot elements established here, because… well, duh, spoilers, I already know how everything goes. But I hope you enjoy all the details we hid in this chapter anyways!

I may or may not do this for future chapters, depending on the amount of stuff we hid in them. With Chapter 1 there isn’t quite the same level of detail, so it wasn’t really that necessary to break that one down. Anyways, let’s begin!

Return to the Reverie analysis 2-1Return to the Reverie analysis 2-2Return to the Reverie analysis 2-3Return to the Reverie analysis 2-4Return to the Reverie analysis 2-5Return to the Reverie analysis 2-6

That’s all for the major details! See you next week when chapter 3 drops!



  1. Wow , why does it seem like reading spoilers for future chapters.. I hope ODA will give us some twists but somewhere these explanations seems more plausible from whatever we have seen so far in one piece…


  2. Just Wow,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and these amazing Chapters and Analysis.
    This is definetly Canon in my head. And I am not even able to imagine how Oda would want to top this. If he even goes back to reverie atcall after Wano to tell us what happened. Until then this is Canon.
    So have great day and stay save everybody.


  3. Ch 352 pg 14 CP9 state the blueprint is for the Ancient Weapon Pluton.
    Ch 399 pg pg 10-11 Franky explains the Weapon Architect made those blueprints so if the original ever fell into the wrong hands a second could be made to counter the first.

    So unless Artur is stating the official translation is incorrect, I honestly am confused where he’s getting the idea Pluton isn’t confirmed to be a ship.


    • That’s precisely what Franky says in 399 though. Going off the Japanase raw, he says the blueprint is in fact not a blueprint on how to make the weapon (awkwardly translated in the English volumes as “it isn’t just the blueprint to make a weapon”), but a blueprint to make a counterweapon, made to oppose the real Pluton if that was ever awakened.

      In other words, the blueprints they refer to as “Pluton”, this formidable ship, are actually a counterweapon made to destroy the real Pluton if that was ever awakened. It’s possible the real Pluton could’ve also been a ship, but it’s never really stated directly, only the counterweapon is addressed as such.

      Franky makes a wager by destroying the blueprints in the counterweapon, since he has faith the Straw Hats can rescue Robin, who Spanda wanted since she has knowledge on the details of the real weapon (since she read about it on the poneglyph at Alabasta).

      It’ll make more sense when it’s fully explained, but it is consistent with what it’s been stated so far. All we know about the weapons is that Poseidon is Shirahoshi, Uranus is unknown, Pluton is unknown (though Crocodile hinted at where it was located) and a counterweapon ship was made to stop Pluton if needed.


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