Chapter Secrets – Chapter 979 in-depth analysis

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  1. Is it possible that Kaido wants his son to marry one of Big Mom’s children for the alliance!?
    ‘cuz that’s how Big Mom goes about alliances?!


  2. The easiest thing would be for Kaido’s announcement to concern an engagement between Yamato and one of the Charlotte family’s daughters. I think it would be pretty interesting if, after the failed acquisition of the Germa 66, Big Mom had decided to “recycle” Pudding for this alliance.


  3. All I have to say concerning the Pound situation: Utterly disgusting.

    Oda can’t get out of his own way. Feeling of danger or consequences is non-existant at this point.

    Really love OP, but this is one of the main reasons I always chuckle when people claim that OP is the best written (shonen) manga of all time. From a pure writing perspective there are simply several better ones out there (HxH, Jojo, Berserk etc.).


    • I very much agree with your wick criticism.. still, this series just carries the magic into Readers doesn’t it? So, i’m (a bit reluctanctly, sometimes) accepting narrative inconsistencies like that.. and trying to think of a “fiabesque” storytellin’ ;-))


      • It does, absolutely.

        It’s a great work for sure and the world building is magnificent.

        However, it could be so much better, if Oda didn’t just get into his own way with those fake death/tension moments.

        Those just downgrade the overall experience and completely kill any sense of danger or consequences.

        Just imagine how great it would’ve been if Pell stayed dead and how big of a meaning his sacrifice would carry. Now it’s just utterly meaningless.

        Or how Bon Clay dying by Magellan’s hand would’ve elevated the story by making it clear how much they had to sacrifice. Now him staying back is utterly meaningless, too, since he’s well and fine in Okama land.

        Those things severely drag down the overall story.

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    • Pound not being dead is good writing for me because Oven is like Katakuri right? He cares for his family so because of his character he should not kill the father of his half siblings.


      • I mean, that doesn’t make much sense, the big mom family only care about their siblings (not all of them) and big mom, the “fathers” are just strangers for them, they don’t really care about them.
        Oven was ready to kill chiffon if that was necessary.
        He didn’t care about Pound, killing him, a “stranger” that messed up and let someone that help sabotage the tea party and betrayed big mom is punished by death.
        thats how their pirate crew works, leaving pound alive becouse he didn’t want to kill him doesn’t make much sense for me.


      • It is horrible writing.

        If you don’t want a character to die (or another one to actually attempt to kill), then just don’t dedicate a whole chapter to Oven intentionally trying to murder Pound.

        It was an entire chapter that is now basically meaningless, since Pound is alive. You could literally scratch it entirely and nothing would change.

        That is bad writing per definition.


  4. Good analysis Artur, let me add some things though.

    1. The relationship of Jinbe and Robin is more like the mature ones, the “parents” of the straw hats

    2. More interesting is the dynamics between her and Franky. Franky wants her to board his bike, which she happily (!) accepts. Brook as the third wheel intercepts this. As you, Artur, and the people here may remember, Franky’s likening of Robin is implied since the first post-time skip meeting of the two at Sabaody, so I wonder where all of this is going.

    3. Who’s Who’s vicious smile at the declaration of the All-Star- vs Flying Six member makes me really wondering how close he might be to the strength of Jack. Drake, a fellow Flying Six, had a higher pre-time skip bounty than Urouge, who mamaged post-time skip to defeat Snack, a former Sweet commander with a bounty of 600.000 berry…just saying.

    4. The shadow looking at Robin and Jinbe…as you said, I also think it is Yamato…a second character which comes in my mind would be Caribou…as he has to be somehow involved in all of that…though the question would remain, how and why he made it to Onigashima


  5. At this point just bring I am waiting for pedro to return Pound should have be dead no reason to bring him back


  6. Could Yamato be connected with Yamata no Orochi by any chance? I really don’t know if it could mean anything in Japanese.


  7. Fake-out deaths are the weakest points of One Piece. All the meaningful deaths burnt to ashes. Especially Bon-Clay one.


  8. Thank you for the analysis.
    Side comment, prefer the translation of Chobro over Bropper so much. I’m glad that’s what ended up official. It’s cute without being as silly


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