Return to the Reverie – Chapter 1

Here it finally is! Chapter 1 out of 6 in the Return to the Reverie Project, a series of 6 fanmade One Piece chapters! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Video version:

(Reminder: you can enlarge any image (particularly double page spreads) by clicking on them!)

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  1. Yo Artur, can you tell me the Name of the font that was used in “Its an essential step that was…..” etc.? Looks really good! (Page 3 bottom left) Thanks!


    • Base on how Oda loves his Trinity in the story (Ace, Sabo, Luffy; Luffy, Zoro, Sanji; Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru; Roger, Rayleigh, Gaban etc.), go reread chapter 1 and see how prominent Lucky Roo and Ben Beckman were. They were the only 2 Red Hair Pirates Oda focused on with a lot of speech bubbles and exchanged conversations with Shanks and Luffy.
      Yasopp was also drawn but he was a background character. At least in chapter 1, Oda did not even give him a speech bubble.


  2. Wow this is awesome!! I literally got goosebumps at some point, since the artstyle fits in so many panels! The plot is pure hype and perhaps exactly that was about to happen. Kudos to everyone who worked on this! Another day to be excited for in these strange times!


  3. Really great work Artur, from story to drawing quality, really awesome.
    There are only small minor points regarding the story that I would like to point out:
    – Kaido was an apprentice on that ship, so he could not be considered as one of Rock’s commanders
    – Dragon could not be present in Mary Geoise as he was surprised by the WE news regarding the incident with Sabo. Otherwise he would have known them

    But those are only small remarks by a die-hard fan of One Piece. I really appreciate your ideas and I’m certain that some of them (Shank’s connection to World Nobles, Shakky’s and Miss Bakin’s former membership of Rocks,…) will become canon, as it was hinted this way in the series.

    Don di Age


    • Thank you! But those minor points can all be addressed:

      – The first I was aware about, but I still wanted Kaido to be acknowledged as one of the strongest four members in the crew. I feel even as an apprentice, he’d still have enough power to be recognized among the elite members of the crew, so that was mostly a choice on my end

      – That’s not necessarily the case. We know that Dragon was not at Mary Geoise by the end of the Reverie and that he was surprised about what happened to Sabo. But none of that necessarily contradicts him being here beforehand. Wait and see!


  4. This is Epic!! It is something I’m looking forward too and It comes just in time too. with Oda stating that One Piece Manga will be delayed more due to Covid-19…


  5. I have the perfect IDEA for Luffys awakening. there is a charachter in Dragon Ball Super Tournament, Maji Kayo and he is a liquid life-form. He manipulates his body to fight his opponent by increasing or changing his form. Luffys awakening could be similar (Liquid Rubber Luffy). Cool, Huh?


  6. So, I shared it with a few friends and they’re all super interested in this! But most of them understand just french, and I noticed you don’t usually produce content in French. I’ve taken it upon myself to translate this for them, and definitely other French speakers! Reach out give me a way to share a copy with everyone here too, I’m pretty sure someone will benefit. I’m already working on it. Will appreciate the support :3


  7. Hi,

    Need to translate it to another language, can you send me clean pages and fonts used please ?

    Thank you


  8. Epic!
    I especially liked the part with Koby and Helmeppo. I can’t wait to find out how their plot will evolve.


  9. Ablsolutely amazing work, Artur & everyone!

    I couldn’t help but notice, you are translating Return to the Reverie into all kinds of languages, but with a notable lack of German.

    If you’re interested in a German translation, I can help you with that!
    I would be happy to be able to give back something to you, who has done so much for the community!


    • I could provide Dutch translations if there is any need, though i am complete trash when it comes to editing it into blank pages 😛


  10. I adore this and it is one of those rare amazingly good artworks that also make alot of sense. I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter.


  11. OMG THIS IS INSANELY GOOD!!!! I’m utterly blown away by the quality and effort out into this. Looking forward to the next few chapters!


  12. Wow, I cant’t believe it, I’m really impressed by this profesionnal job. Honestly it looks like it could almost have been made by Oda himself.
    Thank you very much.


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