Chapter Secrets – Chapter 973 in-depth analysis

Whew! Just when you think you’re going to have an easy time analyzing this week, you begin to realize just how massive of a chapter this is! Yes, this is another one of those monster analysis, as the amount of things Oda foreshadowed and foreshadows is utterly insane. The theme of this chapter will be “parallels” and trust me, you’re going to see a lot of them! I’ve been analyzing ever since the chapter legally released without much sleep, but at last it’s complete! Let’s start!

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One Piece Chapter 971 analysis copy 12

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  1. I’m assuming he made her a courtesan because
    A) better opportunity to go around collecting information from higher-ups and rich guys with connections to important groups in Wano
    B) the man runs the whorehouse how else is he gonna go hiding the girl


  2. First to comment!!! The details That you are paying attention to are absolutely insane! Thank you for your hard work!!! U
    You made the chapter every week so much more amazing even though it already is I. The first place. 🙂 cheers

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  3. You forget to mention though, that there is actually someone else (granny) listening to Denjirou and Hiyori (kid) conversation.

    Further proving that maybe not only Hiyori who knows about the plan but certain group or people.

    This is actually very important to the present. All the people under Denjirou family might know and actually prepare to overthrow Orochi. Now that the Flower Capital is under Denjirou observation, he can prepare all the manpower needed.


    • I think the context of that is that that is a montage of Hiyori growing up. First we see her as a kamuro, then practicing with the shamisen and then as Komurasaki through the streets of the capital. So I don’t think there was anyone who saw the conversation between the two, I’d imagine Kyoushirou held it in complete secrecy


  4. The reason kyoushiro trained her to be courtesan was to Use her to manipulate men for money and information all around wano shown in earlier chapters to help his cause as the witching hr boy


  5. I liked this chapter in a lot of ways, so many pieces of the puzzle coming together. Even Kyoshirou being Denjirou adds to the story very nicely. But the explanation of Denjirou having his facial features altered by anger and regret (even the shape of his nose!!!) was utterly unsatisfying.
    I have never thought this of One Piece before but, Oda, I call BS.


  6. I’ve been waiting for your analysis and daaaamnnn… It’s supeeeerrr

    Parallels everywhere
    And denjiro=kyoshiro theory being true (although the facial feature change seems to be too dramatic to be real)
    The hype is steadily increasing. The best flashback ever


      • It’s about the “turn the world upside down”
        Both Whiteboard and Oden talked about the moment which will turn the world upside down.
        Toki talks about the down to come (as Arthur said, since she’s talking to the moon, when the down comes, the world will be upside down).

        The parallel is that this is the invitation Roger made to Rayleigh: to turn the world upside down together.


    • Marie Antoinette syndrome is caused by high levels of emotional stress, which, in turn, causes less pigmentation of the hair.

      You are absolutely right tomsober..


  7. Great chapter as ever Arthur.

    One thing I can figure out is when momonosuke would have been able to eat the SMILE fruit? I just can’t see how that fits into his time line in the past and so is there any chance he found it on punk hazard?


      • I completely forgot about this thank you! I just realised they wouldn’t have even existed 20 years ago anyway.

        Also interesting that he describes pirates as giant men weighing over 400kg, obviously a reference to kaido but then doesn’t make much sense since we travelled with roger and his crew


  8. This chapter also have reference to The Lion King. Especially iconic scene and story of Simba (Momonosuke) vs. Scar (Kaido)


  9. Kiku or Carrot is the traitor. Carrot for all the reasons listed in your video. Kiku because she’s the only scabbard that’s been called into suspicion by the strawhats (on two occasions). Zoro claims she’s been hiding something and Chopper reacts with genuine disbelief (as opposed to gag disbelief) when Kiku reveals herself to be a male.


  10. Hate to be the one to bring it up; but if Kyoushiro truly is Denjiro and Komurasaki is truly is Hiyori, why the heck would they bone? I’m pretty sure Kyoushi has access to other oirans, so why the very child that he raised?


  11. turning the world upside down… hmmmm… does this mean, fishman island will be on top rather on the bottom of the ocean. the tenryuubito/mariejoa at the top of red line will go down/ get buried in the ocean?

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  12. Is Raleigh from Wano? Having his house burned from the fire created by Kaido’s men in Oden’s castle he stole the ship from the ones Orochi was constructing in tokage(?) port and flew from Wano?


  13. In parallel 12 you say that the reason the panel was a close up on Kaido’s face is because we’re first seeing it from Momonosuke perspective, but you also jokingly say that there’s an inconsistency on the exclamation marks multiple times, making it look like it was a mistake of the manga, but one that doesn’t matter, ignoring the fact that it can be that way because on Momonosuke’s perspective, things seemed more intense than they were, he’s a child, he got traumatized, things get exaggerated when they traumatize you.
    The exclamation marks probably are intentionally that way.


  14. With the exclamation mark inconsistency, it’s probably just that Momo’s memory of the event has more emotion retroactively tied to it than the man saying those words had at the time.

    No problems here…


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