Chapter Secrets – Chapter 968 in-depth analysis

Hello everyone! As I’ve announced, I’ve been working on a switch to the official release over these weeks, hence why from now onward, please wait for Chapter Secrets after the official release. I know not everyone is content with me taking this stance, but I hope that you can respect my choice in the same way I will respect anyone else’s. I’ve long since wanted to support One Piece officially, in spite of all the issues i find with the official release, so I wish to make this change out of my own volition. There are some details I’d like to go through, so expect that in its own individual post in the coming days to clarify things.

This Chapter Secrets was made on the original Japanese version of the chapter, though I’ve checked all available translations as well. The panels used here on the other hand are taken from the official Spanish release, as it has some of the highest quality panels and little blurriness, unlike the English release. As such, I felt they were the best fit for my Chapter Secrets, so that the details are as visually noticeable as possible. Enjoy!

One Piece Chapter 968 1One Piece Chapter 968 2One Piece Chapter 968 3One Piece Chapter 968 4One Piece Chapter 968 5One Piece Chapter 968 6One Piece Chapter 968 7One Piece Chapter 968 8One Piece Chapter 968 9One Piece Chapter 968 10

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  1. Amazing, as always!

    You write fascinating articles!

    I was thinking. Would it be possible for you to write comentaries just like chapter secrets about the first 800 chapters? I would love to read that. It could be in a very slow rhitym, like one for a month.




  2. Great analysis!
    I have been thinking and I really think that the will of D. is that the D. people never dies and their will is reincarnated once in a while (just like Poseidon).
    So Roger’s will was from ages ago, the same as Ace’s will… and the same as Luffy’s will. Since Roger mentioned that he would’ve liked to meet Joy Boy… it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Luffy is Joy Boy and that he will fulfill his promise with the help of Wano, Poseidon an whichever other nice details Oda has put there for us unnoticed until now.
    Btw, really great work, highly appreciated since the japanese wording is not lost thanks to you, and all those connections you make, really makes me like One Piece even more!

    Thanks a lot, I will follow this website until the day One Piece ends and even more probably.


    • Also Har D. Roger and Wil D.Roger (giggity), Bal D. Roger, Ner D. Roger, Aci D. Roger, Dea D. Roger, Lew D. Roger, and Tar D. Roger. LOL


  3. Theory:

    If Roger->Luffy

    Is Oden surprisingly alive? will sabo join Luffy “for one last trip”?


  4. Hy im from indonesia. I love ur website so much. Iam ur biggest fans. Thnks for ur hardwork. I have subscribe u on youtube. U really did a great work.


  5. Great analysis as always. I was intrigued by Rayleigh’s reactions, you mentioned that he is the only one not seen crying during Roger’s departure, but it’s also the case when Oden leaves. He’s even smiling cheerfully there, while everyone else cries…


  6. I have a question for you Artur:
    In the page 14 (by mangapanda), Kinemon and Toki tell us that Kaido attacked Kuri exactly when they left to invade the flower capital. Can we imply that, in the past, even then there was a traitor leaking their plans to Orochi?


  7. I believe the reason why Roger got sick is because of Shanks. That’s the reason why he is so affected by his death. Same with Shanks willing to sacrifice his life in saving Luffy before. I believe the One Piece is the weapon itself URANUS. But roger called it One Piece because he really never had the chance to use it or get it. He called it One Piece because it’s the only piece missing. Just a theory. Luffy would be the first to use all the weapons to attack marijoies and destroy the grandline that divides the seas. They would face a ‘God’ and Enel who learned everything on the Moon.


  8. My OnePiece manga experience has been different since Jaimini stopped releasing their own translations. I tried reading other translations even the official one but the excitement, the thrills, the goosebumps, the aww’s and ahh’s and the fun while reading is not there anymore. The onomatopoeia, the gag, ahhh! i miss them.

    Thankfully, you sir Artur, are there to fill that space. Your work is really fun to read and to look at, I enjoy it every time and always looking forward for your analysis every week. You are very keen at observing things. I usually read the Jamini’s translation first, then read your analysis after. Now, I read your work first, then the release. xD

    I have been reading your analysis for over a year now and even back-read all your work from Chapter Secrets 800. THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything. I hope that you will never get tired of it and your passion will continue to grow.

    KEEP SAFE and always be healthy. 😀

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  9. So, I don’t know if anyone asked this before, buuuut. Dou you think about doing anime-analysis for the episodes current airing, or at least from the begging of Wanno Arc? It would be a great content for a video or at least an extent text like this one.


  10. Great work, congrats!

    Did Rayleight ever bring out the reaseon why he choose to live in Sabaody?

    Could it be a away for him to keep an eye in the Fish-Man Island, or even kind of guard poseidon, keeping watch over the path to the one piece? If it was so, could this be a way of him showing compromise to his old crew and respect to his former chaptain?


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