Chapter Secrets – Chapter 967 analysis (my most ambitious analysis yet!)

It is here! After literal days of grueling work, researching and rereading several older arcs, god knows how many hours of writing and twenty plus pages, here it is, quite possibly my most ambitious analysis yet! An analysis of the monster that was Chapter 967, what might be one of the biggest chapters in a very long time!! Enjoy it!!!

Disclaimer: Given the messy translations this week, this chapter secrets was made directly from the original Japanese chapter for complete accuracy, which has already officially and legally released in Japan. If you have any confusion regarding any translation check this. If you wish to wait for the delayed Viz translation (it’s some days behind the official Japanese release this week for some reason, which is already out) then go ahead, I’ll see you in a couple days!

One Piece Chapter 967 1One Piece Chapter 967 2One Piece Chapter 967 3

One Piece Chapter 967 4One Piece Chapter 967 5One Piece Chapter 967 6One Piece Chapter 967 7One Piece Chapter 967 8One Piece Chapter 967 9One Piece Chapter 967 10One Piece Chapter 967 11One Piece Chapter 967 12One Piece Chapter 967 13One Piece Chapter 967 14One Piece Chapter 967 15One Piece Chapter 967 16One Piece Chapter 967 17One Piece Chapter 967 18One Piece Chapter 967 19

For this following segment, I’d simply like to ask you to listen to this song as you read along. It’ll be worth it, trust me!

One Piece Chapter 967 20One Piece Chapter 967 21One Piece Chapter 967 22

Patreons thank you so much <3


The stunning coloring of Roger was done by @bearrusse!




  1. Hey Arthur,

    I am just stating my assumption here with the photo. Could you please verify it for me. I am really excited about my assumption coming true.

    In the Bathing scene, the right side of Rayleigh we see a man having pointed hair with a headphone like a diagram in black. Could be the person is Douglas Bullet from the movie Stampede.

    Please Verify it for me.

    Name- Sainik Adhikari
    Country – India

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  2. i didnt get a chance to read the whole thing yet… i will definetely get to it… but on the voice of all things, i dont think its an advanced version of observation haki. Its an advanced version of conqueror’s haki….

    think about it. If its an advanced version of observation, then it can be even achieved through training. We also know that conqueror’s haki is likely to be bloodline related. So the fact that Momo can hear it means its just inherited from oden.


  3. Well, Arthur, you can correct me if it is a anime thing, but in the chapter zero, Shanks says Buggy can’t be cut, so, if Edd War’s Battle happenned before this chapter, this was another fight btw them.


  4. Damn im from indonesia and the fact i never even think about joyboy and raden jayabaya connection is kinda stupid lmao i think the possibility about that theory is high since island jaya is based on java island, and one piece has been taking inspiration from indonesia too before so yeah really caught me off guard great insight as usual arthur!


  5. Thanks Artur! Your effort is super appreciated and helps me understand the manga to a much deeper level. Keep up the amazing work and looking forward for the projects you have coming up! 🙂

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  6. If you go back to the chapter where Buggy and Shanks have their arguments over the North and South poles, it also explains the story of how Buggy gets his devil fruit and falls into the ocean. This might be the reason Buggy comes down with a fever shortly before they reach Laugh Tale!


  7. I keep thinking about what you’ve written here ever since I read it. So well written and a perfect encapsulation of what it means to be a lifelong One Piece fan reading this chapter. Thank you so much.


  8. Thank you for all you do Arthur, reading this was quite an emotional experience. I’m very grateful to experience the final arcs of one piece with you. You’ve become such an integral part of the OP community, we love you very much ❤

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  9. Thank you Arthur, reading this helped me throughout this months to understand and feel One Piece on a much deeper level, (more than it already is) I cant believe how you are so talented and hardworking to make this posts, but i very much appreciate them. Thank you for everything, i will continue reading you until we all see the final One Piece 🙂

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  10. I would like to appreciate this masterpiece of yours, Sir.
    I still don’t get about these ‘D’ and One Piece things. What is it exactly? As you mentioned in the end smth like Dawn and for One Piece is like the all of the journey itself. And also about correlation between treasure that left by Joy Boy and discovered by Roger.
    Thanks in advance


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