Chapter Secrets – Chapter 967 analysis (my most ambitious analysis yet!)

It is here! After literal days of grueling work, researching and rereading several older arcs, god knows how many hours of writing and twenty plus pages, here it is, quite possibly my most ambitious analysis yet! An analysis of the monster that was Chapter 967, what might be one of the biggest chapters in a very long time!! Enjoy it!!!

Disclaimer: Given the messy translations this week, this chapter secrets was made directly from the original Japanese chapter for complete accuracy, which has already officially and legally released in Japan. If you have any confusion regarding any translation check this. If you wish to wait for the delayed Viz translation (it’s some days behind the official Japanese release this week for some reason, which is already out) then go ahead, I’ll see you in a couple days!

One Piece Chapter 967 1One Piece Chapter 967 2One Piece Chapter 967 3

One Piece Chapter 967 4One Piece Chapter 967 5One Piece Chapter 967 6One Piece Chapter 967 7One Piece Chapter 967 8One Piece Chapter 967 9One Piece Chapter 967 10One Piece Chapter 967 11One Piece Chapter 967 12One Piece Chapter 967 13One Piece Chapter 967 14One Piece Chapter 967 15One Piece Chapter 967 16One Piece Chapter 967 17One Piece Chapter 967 18One Piece Chapter 967 19

For this following segment, I’d simply like to ask you to listen to this song as you read along. It’ll be worth it, trust me!

One Piece Chapter 967 20One Piece Chapter 967 21One Piece Chapter 967 22

Patreons thank you so much <3


The stunning coloring of Roger was done by @bearrusse!




  1. Finished reading now. What a touching end! I’m reading One Piece for 10 years and each chapter is the same reaction as Roger finding the One Piece… Really nice work Artur, you trull is carring the will of the D.

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  2. Thanks for this review. In these last few pages, you were able to perfectly summarize what One Piece means to me (and to all fans of the saga). I cried all over again, while reading. Unbelievable how this 967 chapter has this power to tear my tears away every time I read it. Thank you so much for all your dedication and love for this wonderful series.

    WE ARE | X |

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  3. Since the meaning of one piece entails in the final verse of Binks Sake, does this mean that the One Piece is Sake 😂


  4. Man, you are the second person I admire in the world after Oda, the job you do here is the best I ever seen for any series ou media of entertainment, your passion is just infectious, I read this every week but this one man, I cried, never commented in here, but doing today just to say thank you for all you do for this community, just thank you.

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  5. This was overwhelming! Mind blowing!! Everything is falling into place… a 22 years long mystery reaching its conclusion.

    Just like I’ve done with One Piece, while I was going throug this post I cried and I laughed.

    Thank you for explaining that reference to Venezuela. Thank you for sharing that theory. And thank you for all the hard you’ve put into this analysis!

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  6. Great analysis, probably your best one yet. But I disagree with your assumption that Franky has met the rest of the Roger Pirates. We can see that him and Oden are visibly far away from where Roger is after all.


  7. Great analysis as always, thank you man. I’d like to point out some typos I’ve found in your text


    “… that they covered their *eyes*”, I think you meant ears


    First line, ‘javanese’

    Well done once again.



  8. That was incredible, Artur. I’m glad you took the time to write it. And the final piece with the song… Damn, didn’t think I would cry again. Thanks a lot!

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  9. Do you think it’s likely that Elbaf also aligned with the great kingdom? We know the WG had Cipher Pol watching the Giants. If Elbaf had a Rio and/or Road Poneglyph(s) from being allied with the Great Kingdom, that would be a realistic explanation for the WG’s interest in them. Going on that line of thought, that could be where Big Mom’s Road Ponelgyph and one of her blue ones (assuming it’s Rio) came from.


  10. Thank you so much. Yeah, your analysis brought tears to my eyes as well. And man, you always pick out stuff I just totally missed. Pedro’s crew being called the Nox Pirates ties so much into the whole ‘dawning of a new era analogy’ too, and I read your post on reddit about the bad translations (thanks, Artur). One mentioned dawn when Roger was talking to Pedro, but the other was a generic ‘wait for your time’. Was dawn an important part of that translation? I’d imagine it was.

    Due to where I live I can’t actually access the Viz translations, and my Japanese isn’t good enough for the actual manga in the original, so I really appreciate all your input. Thanks again, and happy new year!

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  11. replace “imperial” with crucial or important in your second blue box to make that meaning more clear. Imperial is related to royalty/monarchs and is improperly used in this context – thus, update to crucial or important to give clearer meaning.


  12. Also. I want to tell you something I’ve been thinking since the last chapters in Wano, i noticed that some of most important families in Wano have the Moon word in his name, and now is confirmed. So, i remembered the mini history arc of Enel going to the moon and i read it again looking for clues and i found some interesting things. The robots that Enel finds on the moon were born on an island of the blue sea call karakuri, and if you look at the picture it has a traditional japanese architecture and also his name, even, one of the robots has an armor like the One Luffy has now. Also says that the professor love to look up the moon.

    So, what do you think? Do you think that the professor is from Wano or the people of the is related to Wano?

    Thanks, maybe you can find more interesting things on that.

    Once again thanks for you work man.


  13. Calling them now before Artur stops holding out (so I can also say I beat him) –

    1) One Piece is Binks’ Sake – which is why the song brings up
    2) D. stands for Don. Too many instances of ‘DON’ in onomatopoeia form when Luffy arrives somewhere new to be coincidence. Also, a *lot* of people have ‘DON’ as their title and is even hidden within Doflamingo’s family surname as one word instead of two after we already have confirmation by his own admission he is a ‘D.’ (Don Krieg, Don Chinjao, Don Quixote)
    3) Uranus will be controlled by Nami in the form of her Climatact. She is missing a crucial piece seen with Enel and is the last of the strawhats with no real known background/history as she’s an orphan and cannot account for her place of origin.


  14. I have been secretly reading your articles.
    I give my hats off to your love,dedication and passion to One Piece.
    Here’s to Romance Dawn and the future.

    Happy 2020!

    And thank you, sincerely.


  15. Wait…

    “The true name of this kingdom is the key to everything”

    I’ve got it! The Great Kingdom’s real name is Jar Jar Binks! That’s why the song is called “Binks’ Sake”!


  16. This has been an amazing analysis, I’ve been reading them for a king time now, you’re great.

    Today I would like to share with you my theory about Joy Boy.

    First of all, I think that the Celestial Dragons are now living in the Ancient Kingdom. Think about it, Marijoise, let’s write it in an English way, Mary’s Joy. Who could be Mary’s Joy but Joy Boy. Now let’s give him a name, Jesus. The most important figure of all Christianity, Jesus.
    There is just one and only character with Jesus as his family name, Jesus Burgess. What if that’s how Teach will get to Laugh Tale just at the same time as Luffy, with the corrupted hier of the Old Kingdom.

    And now let’s think, where is Marijoise? On top of the red line. Now, let’s do some simple maths here. We know the One Piece world is round, and we’ve got 4 Road Poneglyphs. Isn’t it obvious there are 2 points where all 4 points match? On opposed sides of the world. What is the only structure that goes all around the world? The Red Line, where we find Marijoise.

    And what if Jesus Burgess is Joy Boy himself, the name Jesus and the same initials JB. I do not believe on casualties like those on Oda’s masterpiece.

    And that’s all, hope you enjoy reading it and share your thoughts.

    PS: Sorry for the bad spelling, just a Spanish boy trying to do my best.


  17. Scrolled down to say thanks for embedding bink’s sake, now I want to say thanks for making this so long! Imma read it now.


  18. its “Raja” Jayabaya not “Ratu”,because Ratu is for women and Jayabaya is a male,its coming from my hometown Kediri in Indonesia.Jayabaya known most of it because of his “Jayabaya Propechy” that almost all of the words were happened nowadays, u should check it out.i dont believe arthur OP theory will comes to Jayabaya,i got goosebump when i read this.
    my theory :
    i think Joyboy and Great Kingdom is just one of the aboriginal people of earth who has advance technology, and at the same time comes some foreigner from moon(just like creature in the enel story and Im-sama in Marie Jois) who comes to earth and make a truce to live together. then the moon’s people maybe interested about the great kingdom technology(the weapon like pluton,poseidon,uranus obviously) and wanted to make in their hands. so they starting a war(void century) by creating an aliance.Moon’s people promote whoever join their alliance will get tenryubito title, and the one who greedy enough to join them maybe the biggest kingdom that can affect other kingdoms to join as well, on the other side GK alliance will get poneglyph because they knew they will defeated just like Jayabaya Propechy.most of GK alliance looks like the one that have great trust and loyalty (such as wano,skypea,fishman island,arabasta) and wanted to deport the foreigner.

    thats it,its impossible to Oda to just add some random moon side story in the enel journey without a purpose.every what is Oda draw always have a certain meaning.

    Im-sama and vegapunk looks like a moon people as well,idk just a thought
    sry if my english is bad


    • oh yeah i just realize if Joyboy maybe come from Jayabaya,the pronounce was perfect and same too omg(more goosebumps)
      in Javanese,Jayabaya was read similar as u read Joyoboyo in english.
      and its about drive off foreigner out of his homeland.


  19. Hey Artur, i’m really surprised that you took this Joyoboyo theory seriously. I’ve heard about this theory a long time ago but just considered it as a lame jokes LOL. But, some pieces of your writing had me thinking of interesting similarities.

    Joyoboyo is a name merged from 2 words:
    – “Joyo” means glorious, victorious, or prosperous.
    – “Boyo” means danger or threat.

    You stated Joy Boy left behind a treasure that would change the World, bringing it to its “Dawn” or “Dusk”. This two pair of words both have a same meaning, the good or bad outcome.

    Another oddly interesting stuff i found is the pronouncation of those 2 names. The way we javanese prounounce Joyoboyo is just the same as the pronouncation of Joy Boy in english (you can check it on google translate by setting the language to javanese).

    That’s all i wanted to say, keep up the good work man. 🙂


  20. I think Red Poneglyph in Big Mom possession is from FH. since FH is under Big Mom after Whitebeard death and before Luffy came. so, while she have complete authority of FH, she moved that Red Poneglyph to Totto Island.
    in this case, the first Red Poneglyph that Roger acquired is still mystery. which I think is great. mirroring what Luffy will do in the future. the first Roger’s Red Poneglyph will be Luffys last.
    (sorry for my bad English)


  21. Amazing work Arthur!

    Ir the ponegleyph was stolen Indeed, Fishmen would have known. I smell something fishy around there isnt it?

    In second place I find very lookalike the final island before laugh t to
    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

    Keep going!


  22. Obviously you’re a lot more knowledgeable about the in-story lore than I am, but I think there may be some misconception about the way the “Voice of All Things” ability/power works.

    Had Roger simply been able to “hear” a Poneglyph’s contents, he wouldn’t have needed Oden to accompany him in order to decipher the stones. I believe Roger’s ability to “hear” the Poneglyphs allowed him to find them in their various hiding places around the globe (such as when he followed the “voice” of Golden Belfry Poneglyph all the way to Skypiea), but this sort of radar-like sense for the stones’ location doesn’t translate to the ability to actually understand a Poneglyph’s contents.

    If this is correct, then Roger “heard” Big Mom’s Poneglyph’s “voice” and followed it to its location, but he would still indeed have needed to take a rubbing of the Poneglyph itself so that Oden could then translate its contents. I seriously doubt that Roger simply nabbed the contents of Linlin’s Road Poneglyph by way of psychic transfer.


  23. Ahh! I couldn’t read two pages straight without feeling the urge to leave my seat, to ingest and fathom what I had just read (obviously I didn’t stop when The OST was playing, how could I? lol ) ; I really want to thank you Artur -dono for the tasty, hearty meals of chapters that you’ve been so diligently and consistently provinding us with; I truly felt your passion kneaded through the lines; It is a passion we all possess but fail to express in plain words; Indeed you are talented Please keep keep it up ! my friendo !

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  24. U give me a Goosebumps
    And then joyoboyo?
    Iam from near Java iam in sulawesi I didn’t know that story
    Google it boom found it…
    2 thumbs with standing applause to u


  25. Amazing review! Did you know? Joyoboyo is not actually his real sirname. His real sirname is “Jayabhaya” which is a Sanskrit word translating to “one who conquered his fears”. He is actually the descendent of Indian Emperor Arjuna Pandava.

    So, Joy Boy might not be based on Ratu (considering Oda also knows this fact), or, he might be taking inspiration from Dutch or Indian history for the Ancient Kingdom. I would say Indian history because the land India is the culmination of the Truth-seeking efforts.



  26. Small thing but the Egg that was on the boat wasn’t shown at a random Port but was at Wano, this is interesting since it makes you wonder where it came from.


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