Chapter Secrets – Chapter 963 in-depth analysis

What a fun chapter this was, packed to the brim with details! I’m getting more and more intrigued by Oden’s story, can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  1. My main takeaway from these flashback chapters is that, by One Piece logic (shōnen manga logic in general, really) Momonosuke’s growth potential must be ludicrous since he’s the child of such an absurdly strong person. We’ve already seen how powerful his Observation Haki is, so it’s likely that he’ll grow up to be a truly unbeatable ruler for his country if given enough time.


  2. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that Oda is toying with us by giving Denjiro sunglasses. By that point, a single look at his eyes would be enough to tell weither he’s Kyoushiro or not,

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    • @moipadilla haha I had the same thought
      I mean obviously the Luffy comparisons
      But his uniting of the disparate rough gangsters under one banner is a lot like Franky, not to mention his outfits haha
      Knows about the poneglyphs/void century like Robin, he is kind of a blend of all the awesome traits

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  3. The comment on Epoida’s DF being worthless is kind of dumb considering Oda made a giraffe Zoan potent, among other dumb sounding powers. No offense.


  4. Well, it’s weird to see the Ice Witch as one OG nakama of Newgate, since his crew was thought to be, him with his “sons”… Not “daughters”…

    It’s true he got a lot of nurses, but besides them, all his (2 years) crew members were all bois. (Izo have…, so…)

    A improvised theory. Maybe she was Whitebeard’s one and true love, so they travel together for a short period, maybe due to her been pregnant, but {1} they never had the (boy) child due to unknown circumstances, and that apart them, leaving a broke Newgate with his need of forming a family with his “sons”. Or {2} Whitey had the child and didn’t tell him, only Bakkin somehow learned the secret, and after Whitebeard dead, started to chase all his allies, looking for the boy, to kill him too since she have a plan which we don’t now yet.

    My only fact is that Newgate’s epithet is White Beard. And the Ice Witch name’s Whitey Bay. So… BM and BM. Lol. Didn’t get quite far :v

    That’s way too improbably improbable. But I like that story, its kinda romantic :3

    Anyways, Love the WB crew, they are so cool, prime Edward it’s super cool, teenies Jozu and Marco were so cute.

    Thanks a lot for your work, Arthur. Hope u get better and continue to share your pieces with the Fandom :3

    Btw. I’m a Spanish speaker, if the redaction is rusty or weird, sorry :3


  5. The author never ceases to amaze, he wrote about the reference of the author to the male actors of the Kabuki theater playing women. In one of these chapters drew attention to the fact that Kiku is a man biologically and says that he is a ” girl in the shower.” Again this words Sessha, (“I” talked about itself only men). And continues to write about Kiku – she is without the quotes. But the term “samurai” applies only to men. Women of war were called the Onna bushi heroine, and had other weapons and other responsibilities. They were responsible for protecting the family, the home, and the education of the children. And Kiku is Haku from the world of One Piece)). In the rest of the review as always an interesting. As the history of the past of the country, the characters.


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