Interview with Oda’s Editor – One Piece could realistically end in 5 years

Oricon recently just interviewed Oda’s media editor, Naito, in regards to the success of Stampede and the future of the series. In this interview, Naito goes over a lot of interesting stuff regarding the series’s future and some canon stuff, so I’ve compiled all the relevant information from the interview here.

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 23.21.48

Be warned that there is a section talking about Stampede spoilers. I’ll section off clearly where it starts and where it ends, so you can skip it if you wish.

Also, I’d like to clarify that I’m not by any means a professional certified translator and I’m simply going over this interview in general. Oda’s editors love to be vague and cryptic and some of the wording might be different based on translation, so take everything you read here with a grain of salt as always.

First the editor expresses his joy at seeing the success of Stampede worldwide and seeing so many fans enjoying it. He fondly talks about the premiere in France organized by @MontCorvo, loving the fact that everyone in the theater started singing ‘We Are’, as well as the big success it has had in China. He feels like Luffy is someone who is becoming recognizable all over the world.


Everyone among the movie staff loved the scope of the movie, claiming it felt almost like watching the end of the series (Naito claims he even cried of excitement and relief when seeing the movie completed). But while Oda did love it as well, he also flexed on the fact that he’s definitely going to one up it by a longshot when it comes to the series’s actual final arc.



If you have seen the movie, then you’ll likely know that Raftel, previously never written in English officially and as such its true romanization unknown (despite most of us assuming it was “Raftel”), was actually revealed to be written as “Laugh Tale”. This sparked some debate over if this romanization was canon and chosen by Oda.

Well, in this interview, the editor confirms that the romanization of “Laugh Tale” as seen in Stampede is indeed confirmed to be 100% canon. The decision was made by Oda himself and it’s something he wanted to reveal in the story at some point. He finally settled and decided to do so in Stampede, thinking it would be exciting to put canon info in a movie so many were excited for. Oda’s decision to introduce the concept of the Laugh Tale eternal pose, as well as its romanization, in Stampede was to go against the conceived notion of big reveals being only in the main story of a manga and finding other ways for fans to engage with the series.

He also briefly mentions that Oda and the staff discussed if it would be technically possible to access Laugh Tale with just an eternal pose, if it’d be that easy to just follow its needle, but Oda stated that it very much is possible. He also talks about how Laugh Tale isn’t just a random place that has the One Piece and nothing else anymore. He hints at a bigger meaning for the island and there being a reason why the One Piece is there of all places, which ties into the name Laugh Tale being a big hint for it and why it was revealed in such a grand fashion in this movie.




The interviewer worries if it’s fine to talk about such things in something so casual like an interview, but the editor claims Oda gave the approval. The series doesn’t have that much left, so he wants people to be hyped and hop on to read the Wano arc while they still can, since a bunch of stuff will be revealed there. He claims that there’s a reason why Oda is placing certain focus on Roger’s past during Wano, what with his bounty reveal and his history with Oden, claiming that, in Oda’s words, “the Wano arc will tie deeply with the final arc in the series”. In the editor’s words, he says this arc will give a major hint on “what the One Piece itself is”.

Interestingly, the beginning of the Wano arc, with Luffy stranded after falling into a whirlpool and meeting Zoro for the first time in a while, is purposefully meant to evoke nostalgia for the beginning of the series and make it feel like Luffy’s embarking on a new journey all over again. It was purposefully made to parallel the start of the series as sort of a fresh start for this arc, kinda acting like a soft reboot to draw fans that might’ve fallen out of touch with the series back in.

Because of this start evoking such parallels with the start of the series, Oda’s editor encourages fans to read the Wano arc starting from Vol. 91 to 94, even to fans that aren’t fully caught up. He encourages those that have fallen out of touch or stopped reading at some point to start reading again, to even skip what happened so far and to just start at volume 91 if necessary. He also briefly pressures fans to read manga chapters as soon as possible, in order to avoid spoilers. He claims that if someone is not caught up to the manga, it’s so easy to get spoiled by social media these days, so he personally recommends to read them as soon as they’re out.


In general, he encourages any fan to just read from volume 91 even if you aren’t fully caught up, to enjoy every chapter that comes out now wile you still can. He claims that One Piece will end eventually, so he encourages fans to ride the wave now, to enjoy this social phenomenon for as long as it lasts.

This ties into a question by Oricon asking if Oda’s claim in the Fischer’s interview some months ago that One Piece would end in 5 years was true. The editor admits that at first, he was skeptical about such a claim, but seeing at how the pacing of Wano has been proceeding and how we’re already at the Onigashima raid, he believes that the series ending in 5 years is a very realistic estimate.

Of course, he iterates, the precise timeframe isn‘t set in stone. They don‘t have a set deadline they are forced to end the series by, just a general estimate based on what they want to tell left, but he believes 5 years is a realistic estimate. He claims that ultimately it all depends on if Oda wants to introduce more elements or islands to explore than he already has, so it could obviously go on longer. In his words, Oda has the habit to stretch plot points all the time, so it could vary. But he warns not to overestimate this timeframe too much and that 5 years might be a very likely reality.

(I should clarify however, that despite all these statements and some clickbait floating around, 5 years is never defined as an undeniable fact. It is stated to be a highly likely possibility, but not confirmed. Just to set the facts straight and avoid misinformation)

Once again, he encourages to not postpone reading the series or catching up, to read the series now and enjoy the moment, to ride the One Piece wave. There’s only so much longer that we’ll be able to enjoy OP, so we should cherish our memories of these days, reading week by week, for as long as we can. There quite is no phenomenon like reading One Piece, a series that is enjoyed so broadly by so many people across the whole world, so we should make the most out of the moment and enjoy it to its fullest.


That ends the interview.

P.S.: On a separate note, there will be a new vivre card pack with “index cards” coming out on December 28th (alongside Vol. 95), essentially allowing for more customization options to classify the cards. There will also be a few extra card/s thrown in this pack, such as that of child Ace. More proper booster pack cards will be coming in the future


I’d like to end all of this with some personal thoughts of mine:

On one hand, I think it’s incalculable when One Piece will end, that’s hard to argue. In the editor’s words, “Oda has a tendency to stretch things at times”, you never know how much he might add. However, we also shouldn’t overestimate it too much, we should remain realistic. I know many either feel skeptical or outright in denial about it, but I feel it’s important to understand that One Piece will end one day and that day won’t be 10+ years from now in chapter 3789 as some joke. Simply refuting that will make the eventual end all the more painful when it does unavoidably come.

It will come, regardless of if it’s 5 years or 8 years, but it will end someday. And it’s important to accept that it will eventually happen to appreciate and enjoy the current story at its fullest as best as we can. Carpe diem. Carpe One Piece.

Also, this might be a bit of a delicate subject and I know many joke about this, but please don’t say things like you’ll kill yourself when One Piece ends. When the day does come, don’t throw away your life. If Oda has given you a chance to live, then I’m sure he wants you to keep living on, even beyond One Piece. This series might be such a fundamental part of all our lives, but there’s so much more to live for even beyond it. Take this chance to live that Oda has given you and live out your life to the fullest.

In a sense, hearing these news makes me a bit depressed, yet at the same time, I feel so much more motivated to enjoy One Piece and life as a whole. It encourages me to keep working on new things and seeing all that life has to offer, within the scope of One Piece and even beyond it. I hope to keep riding this wave with all of you to its fullest for the next few years till the very end ❤️




  1. It will be good if it ends in 5 years. Because Oda ain’t getting younger and i rather have him being able to finish the story while he is still healthy then the possibility that he won’t be able to finish it (because of sickness or death *let’s hope not*). This is what i thought about when that big fire happened this year where ppl including a famous mangaka was killed..
    Let’s hope he can give it a fitting end and it will be legendary 😀


  2. There are two charachters that I want to see defeated, Akaino and Blackbeard before OP ends.
    Bleackbeard gets defeated by Luffy just like Goku and Frieza In Namek.
    Akainos defeat at the hand of ,Luffy, Garp, Sabo or maybe Dragon. One of them or maybe all together and beat Akainos magma ass to a pulp.


  3. I’m not worried about One Piece ending. I’m worried about it continuing as a sequel series with “Monkey D. Boffy” as the main character.


  4. Finally figured out how to leave a comment

    I agree with thePJ. As much as I enjoy the manga, I truly hope Oda sticks to this 5 years statement and finish his master piece so he can go and enjoy his life and his family

    I just hopes he actually manages to exceed our expectations and give the fans the epic finale this series deserves, all while staying true to his story and characters


  5. I just don’t see how it could realistically end in 5 years.

    Oda has done around 38-40 chapters per year for quite a while now and the number is getting lower. So 5 years actually equals around 190 chapters.

    We’re now at the beginning of act 3 in the Wano arc, the flashback has just started and there is a TON of content left in Wano.
    Act 3, act 4 and act 5 will together take at least 90 chapters, given just how much fighting and story is still on the table and how long the first two acts took.

    That means there would only be 100 chapters left after Wano.

    Zero chance.

    No way on earth the rest of the story (possibly Elbaf, final fight against Blackbeard & Co., finding Raftel and the One Piece, final war against Imu and the Celestial Dragons, conclusion of the whole story) will be done in a mere 100 chapters (that’s how long Dressrosa took for crying out loud).


  6. Wow just this moment i heard this…You know i’ve been into one peice since the begining.Not like “begining” begining but i remember we’re just a handful of people and people not even knowing what’s Japan is. Everyone used to know each other in this. Then i started learn English to reach a wider area of people. I realize there is still not that many of people out there. Sure i can’t possibly know all those people who like one piece page on facebook but still i could reconize the actives ones which wasn’t a lot.

    Now i hear this. I always heard these kind things like power levels in dragonball “One piece using %50 of its power just now and will end when the other half is done!” But just now, something clicks on me. I remember waiting for the new anime chapter like crazy. I remember i certainly drop anime and become a manga-only, I remember i even stop reading pre-spoiler for the episode. Lately i don’t even read the episode when it came out. It becomes so mundane i can focus on other things and “it’s gonna aired on friday…I’ll just read at saturday.” And sometimes i skip a whole week. Where was the kid in me that couldn’t wait for new episode on thursday night? None. But now, after reading this. I feel like we really comes to an end.

    I already notices how the pacing shifts. I’m not focusing on and catch the important detail like i used to. I remember i was pretty close to figure it out what does 3D2Y means. But now all i’m just being lazy and says “huh, pacing got faster. Is it the new editor? They just exposition dumb. Whatever some analysis on the internet would explain anyway” But now i really feel like it could be end in next 5-6 years. But i’m confident it won’t reach 2026 or so.

    How many has it been Arthur? Am i reading your post here since episode 930? I guess so. I may not comment due to time-management/life but know this i read every single one. You’re still young, no need to depressed, as i like to say but i know how hard it could be on someone. I don’t like Naruto that much. Sure there were hype moments here and there but i mostly wish it could end already. Yet when it happened it hits harder than i expected. I didn’t cry like death of going merry but still…Case in point.

    Don’t depressed about something that still has more than 5 years to happen. Instead be happy about it could go on about 5 years. Be happy that it happen. Be happy that it makes you laugh, sometimes cringe or straight up makes you mad. Be happy for positives emotions. In the end that’s what this journey about…


  7. to end One Piece in about 5 years is actually realistic. SH pirates already have 2 Red Poneglyph. and soon 1 more from Kaido’s possession. so, after Wano Arc, it won’t be surprising if Oda will jump directly into the final arc, One Piece Arc or Pirate King Saga.

    and keep in mind that “5 years” of what Oda said is not actually 5 years = 60 months = will be end in late 2024. but I guess that he’s planning to end OP in one or two more Arcs after Wano. so, my guess are :
    1 year : final Wano Arc (Onigashima Battle. defeating Kaido and Big Mom. learning about One Piece)
    1-2 years : build up for the search of One Piece (the final red poneglyph, possibly in Elbaf?)
    3 years or more : Final Arc. Journey to Raftel, meeting with Vegapunk, learning about Devil Fruit, battle with Teach (Strawhat Grand Fleet vs Black Beard Fleet), reach Raftel, reunion with Shanks, found One Piece-including Rio Poneglyph, learning about True History-including the Will of D-the true purpose of Ancient Weapons, confront with Im/CD/WG, Luffy become Pirate King, and the rest of SH Crews will achieve their respective goals… and so on… (I can’t remember all :D)

    that’s quite packed contents for 3 years of One Piece chapters… but that’s depend on Oda’s pacing for the future chapters. if it more on narrative driven story, just like recent chapters, then it could be realistic.

    well.. time will tell..

    from now on, we just enjoy the current arc 🙂

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  8. @All-Blue: Your supposed timeframe isn’t realistic though.

    Wano will last at least two more years (aka ~75 chapters minimum). Nearly all of act 3, act 4 and act 5 is left, including all the fighting and story resolution.

    Given the length of the previous two acts (one and a half years) the estimation of two years for the final three acts is actually almost assuredly too low.
    No way on earth Wano finishes in one year (aka ~35-40 chapters).

    That means there would be only three years (or roughly 100 chapters) left for:

    – Elbaf
    – finding fourth road ponegliff
    – finding Raftel
    – final fight with Blackbeards crew
    – buildup for the final war
    – the final war against Imu and the WG
    – conclusion of the whole story


    • @JoffreyG Unless of course they merge those into one arc. I’m pretty sure Elbaf and any “build up” can be merged whatever it’s for final war or finding fourth road pone.

      I’ll argue about “final” fights also. Maybe Akainu become ally against WG? Maybe BB become an ally? I even give a chance for both as BB goes against Shanks because turns out he was the big bad all along and Akainu for Gorosei. The chances are pretty slim but it’s still there. So let’s say it’s 100 chapters.
      Go to Elbaf for fourth eoad pone and Fight BB for the race to Raftel=1 arc 50-60 chapters with 20-21 pages. Rest of the 40-50 chapters are final war. You can put a conclusion for the story in 2 or 3 chapters. Maybe with a one long chapter with 50 pages in a month. MF took 30ish chapters to end and most of the chapters are 15-16 pages. Notice how the longer arcs like dressrosa usually take time to show other characters and longer than necessarry fights.

      It’s realistic with this new relatively fast pace. I’ll worry about more by the sheer number of character screen times. Even with exposition dumb he still have to draw every character. Biggest problem since timeskip is this. We simply don’t see crew bounce of each other like we use to. Before the arc was about they themselves but now it’s about everyone else. So of course he have to show their personality, quirks and backgrounds. But because we’re not stick with them after that it’s just a bummer. I don’t see any solution for this tbh. It’s just bound to happen and that will high likely be the downfall of the series. He can’t simply make everyone happy about their favourite character’s screen time or achivements.


  9. NO
    One Piece shouldn’t end…
    Oda just have to write it to a novel instead of manga to save times.Its about the story which oda writes that matter.
    lol jk
    Can we just clone him just for the sake of One Piece..?


  10. Let’s see… Wano’s going to finish up after Oden’s flashback and I’m guessing 6 months for that. I’m going to give 2 years for the combined story of finding Raftel and the backstory of the Void Century. 2 years for the final conflict between the WG and the pirates. 6 months of epilogues… Yep. 5 years checks out, but I’ll add two more because Oda has a lot of dangling plot threads to fulfill.


  11. I think after Fishman Island, Oda realized if he kept going at his current pace, he could realistically die before finishing the series with everything he wants to include. I noticed a sudden speeding up in revealing secrets in Dressrosa and beyond, not in a way that was rushed, but in a way that made every chapter heavy instead of the lighthearted chapters of yore. Tbh, I’d like One Piece to go on until I die (not possible since he’s a lot older than I am), but I trust Oda to do a good job of not rushing the ending, and there’s no way Shueisha will make him rush. However, considering how much Oda enjoys writing One Piece and all the crap he keeps shoving into the story even after the already 5 million mysteries introduced have yet to be revealed, I’m calling the 5 year estimate complete bull. It’s probably more around 10. Oda’s only in his 40s so he can write for 10 more years. He’s already accepted he’s not writing another big manga after OP (going the post-DBZ Toriyama short story route), so I think he should do as much as he can with OP and have a blast.


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