Chapter Secrets – Chapter 961 in-depth analysis

This week was a bit of a short chapter, but unfortunately traveling delayed it by a couple days. Sorry for being late but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

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  1. Hello Artur,
    As usual, thank you for your dedication to share your analysis.

    As a sidenote about Yasuie and how old he is : O-Toko has been shown as his child. She’s still very young, less than 10. So if we assume she’s his biological child, he has been father at 60 or more. To paraphrase you, “his will hasn’t been broken” ?


    • O-Toko indeed his daughter, traits looks, are a good character similar on its father. Same teeth, same mouth shape when smiling. Yeah, I wonder how old he is, if he gave the child life a few years ago?)) About will controversial question. Self-deprecation is present. But his forces will on much facilitated: and survive uprising twenty years ago, live many years in city of Ebisu and shares provisions with citizens, survive torture and nothing not say, be on positive during his punishment, tell people truth about reason his participation in uprising, for which his condemned Orochi. All the more expressed to his former servant all that about him thinks. Although this fact makes the current “shogun” even more unpleasant personality. I want to believe that the Ode will tell a lot of interesting things in this flashback about the past of the country and characters, both famous and new.


  2. Orochi being a low-born retainer who rises to power through clever manipulation, while serving the country’s most influential clan, feels to me like a pretty explicit mirror of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s own political ascent following the fall of the Oda clan at the climax of the Sengoku period.


  3. I wonder how the other feats of Oroshi were missinterpreted or how he took somebody else’s fault. It seens that after he got out of his forced labor penalty, he started doing good deeds.


  4. Great article as usual! Just wanted to point out Orochi’s teeth indicate that he may have already eaten his devil fruit! Thought that was interesting


  5. I see someone has already beaten me to it, but, I will still say I’m impressed that Yasui was still able to not only get laid, but also get someone to have his child at such a late stage in his life! Strong will indeed!


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