Chapter Secrets – Chapter 957 in-depth analysis

Finally! After literally 18 hours of continued work (yes) and well over 20 pages of analysis in what might be my longest Chapter Secrets yet, at last, it is complete! I’ve put a gargantuan amount of effort into this one, so enjoy! It’s 5 AM here in Shibuya, so with that, I bid you goodbye!

One Piece Chapter 957 1One Piece Chapter 957 2One Piece Chapter 957 3One Piece Chapter 957 4One Piece Chapter 957 5One Piece Chapter 957 6One Piece Chapter 957 7One Piece Chapter 957 8One Piece Chapter 957 9One Piece Chapter 957 10One Piece Chapter 957 11One Piece Chapter 957 12One Piece Chapter 957 13One Piece Chapter 957 14One Piece Chapter 957 15One Piece Chapter 957 16One Piece Chapter 957 17One Piece Chapter 957 18One Piece Chapter 957 19One Piece Chapter 957 20One Piece Chapter 957 21One Piece Chapter 957 22One Piece Chapter 957 23One Piece Chapter 957 24One Piece Chapter 957 25

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  1. The translation I read had it as “Special Science Group” aka SSG.

    Aldo, no talk about Fujitora talking to the Fleet Admiral anout him never being one of “neccesary sacrifices?”


  2. The translation I read had Brannew saying, “The Special Science Group SSG.” I thought SSG would just mean that then, special science group. Was that a mistranslation? Or just a misleading one? Whats the sentence structure like in Japanese? Thanks!


  3. Astonishing work, Artur, more than ever.
    Please, please take care of your health: (not only) because we need you all through the end of the OP journey !!


  4. If I may add something, daring the God Valley incident 38 years ago, Dragon was 17 (the same age Luffy was when he set out to be a pirate). Could this be what made him create the revolutionary army in the first place, since it heavily involved the celestial dragons?
    As the son of Garp, Dragon could easily find out what was really going on in the world, especially if Garp was preparing him to became a marine (like he did with Luffy and Ace).
    what do you think?

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    • I think dragon was an aprentice on rocks ship, and garp beat the crap out of rocks for ressentment of rocks convincing dragon to follow him. I think thats the other reason garp had,, to protect the tenryubitos, i cant see him protecting them out of own will… maybe he had some friends that were tenryubitos slaves allready?? And was also against the malevolent way of resolving things of the rocks. Garp gave the rocks stampede an end with roger, and maybe with a mutineeded White beard…


  5. Garp and Roger fighting together!? To protect the Celestial Dragons!? They could have been fighting to protect the slaves but a battle of this size surely not. This battle had to have a deeper reason, especially since it was “erased from history” and the presence of insanely strong pirates and marines and the CDs. Maybe this battle connects to something specific that could upset the balance of powers in the One Piece world or “flip the world upside down” like Roger would always say. You can dwell on it for hours on end.
    I swear Oda is brilliant at answering one question then making you ask two more!
    Such a fantastic chapter and another terrific in-depth analysis, thanks Artur!

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    • I agree with you and yet can’t give answers to your open questions. Nevertheless, it’s sure that chapter 957 flipped the role of Rocks upside down from just a bunch of monsters to a relevant role in the “world’s greatest powers – lost history – D clan” part of the OP story


  6. They build a big hype by indirectly saying Luffy is going against the man with the biggest reward in the world and, more than that, against a pair with a reward bigger than Rogers.
    Maybe Luffy won’t defeat both, but he sure will make sonething much better than in WCI (such as kicking Kaido out of Wano). This will give him I big boost

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  7. What do you think of SSG meaning Super Soldier Giants ? Or something like that ?
    We know Ceasar was researching artificial giantification, and we know that Vegapunk is far better than him, so what if he managed it and makes giants for the marine ?


  8. As the Blackbeard needs to be pushed to a position of the main villain, I’m very afraid if Shanks tries to prevent his next move and loses which seems to be possible to happen after that discussion with the Gorosei which I suppose, concerned the BB. In such scenario the bounty would rise to a 4bil tier.


  9. Great article!

    Just one typo I saw was instead of 9 billion you put 9 million on the combined bounties of kaido and big mom.


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