The Carrot is the Traitor Theory

Through all the jokes and memes, in the end you requested so here it is, the Carrot is the Traitor Theory! I’ve done it in a video format for a 30 minute video, though in case you haven’t checked the previous update, please give it a listen!

Give the video a watch!

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  1. There are two fundamental assumptions I’ve seen in every traitor theory and that’s: 1) There’s only one traitor 2) The “Traitor” is willingly backstabbing the alliance

    Kaido’s been portrait as this power house that loves to break his enemies willpower and to subjugate them. He baby-shaked the living hell out of Hawking to the point where he’s so loyal to him now, probably something similar happened with Apoo. It’s entirely possible that Kaido or one of his subordinates blackmailed or brainwashed carrot into giving them information about zou and the alliance.

    There’s also something incredibly fishy about hiyori too. Oda’s characters are typically very consistent and bullshit personality changes never happen. Hell, Robin went through a whole arc to have her personality set in line with the crew and pudding’s was related to her mental state. I’ve heard all sort of stuff about kumorasaki being lady toki AND hiyoir, hiyori being the shy one and vice versa. I don’t have a good clue of what’s going on with her and Kyoshirou but I think the traitor story, kyoshirou and hiyori are related. The reason could simply be because of kaido forcing everyone to play by his flute.

    Let me know what you think.


  2. After Toki sent Momo and co. to the future, her fate is still unknown. It seems possible that if she died, her devil fruit could be used by someone to send carrot in future/past so that minks don’t suspect her


  3. Awesome video! The way you deduct, analyze and provide us with facts and pictures really set you apart from the others. One issue tho, IMO the background music is too loud sometimes it overlaps your voice. I am sure you’ll do better next time. Cheers!


    • Exactly my thoughts ! Love the new format except from the background music (sometimes too loud and sometimes just not … “right” with what is said) but as you said I’m sure Arthur will get better at it, very good job for a first video honestly !


  4. without any intent of disrespect towards your works
    could you also provide the old style multiple jpegs/pngs version?

    being at least a decade older than you are, grew up to different internet culture and whatnot, etc etc
    i hardly relate to today’s trend of selfies, social medias, youtube channels that make next to no sense to me
    i even still cringe at online readers, reminiscing the good old days of hours of hunting down zipped files scanlation groups releases
    i’m sure i’m not alone


    i’m so old 😦


  5. This is a little outdated since in 955 Orochi knows things that Carrot shouldn’t know.

    That said, I think it’s possible for there to be two traitors, one from Zou and one from Wano, since Orochy doesn’t even know Momo and Co. are alive.

    Then Carrot could be one and the other might be Hiyori or something.


  6. I don’t know, why would Carrot go through all that torture and pain just to sell out the allaiance?
    Someone on YouTube made a convincing Kanjuro is the traitor vid which had some interesting points.

    I still think Shinobu’s the traitor, although lately I’ve started to get suspicious of Tenguyama Hitehstu. His kokeshii doll hobby and the kokeshii dolls Brook found in Orochi’s palace is a bit suspicious, plus I just don’t trust a guy still wearing a mask in front of his supposed allies.


  7. Thanks for this analysis!
    I concur that text is easier to follow than video.

    Oda making his female characters traitors isn’t his best trait in my opinion, but it does make Carrot’s likeliness of being the traitor rather high.

    Also, what if Jack had stolen Raizo’s vivre card? That would explain that he knew Raizo was on Zhou.


  8. Ah jeeze. The vivre card being off-color hurts. AThis will be one crazy redemption if somebody doesn’t straight up kill in a rage.


  9. Oh and I wouldn’t see the age as much of an argument she couldn’t be a successful double agent or badass, not just because she’s insanely strong and minks start young
    But Luffy ransacked half the planet and did everything up til Marineford at 17..hell, chopper her SH counterpart was 16 raiding enies lobby. So that’s not much against the theory


  10. i think that in the beginning carrot was a traitor… but now its a doble agent , because the trip whit the mugiwaras and the dead of pedro marks her so deep that changes his mind


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