Chapter Secrets – Chapter 954 in-depth analysis

Before we begin today’s Chapter Secrets, I’d like to take a moment to remember OroJackson. If you don’t care skip ahead if you wish, but I’d like to dedicate some time to my memories on this site. As you’re likely aware, OroJackson, the most visited English-speaking One Piece forum in the world, is closing in just a matter of hours from now. After several struggles with several aspects of maintaining the forum running as well as other issues, the team has regrettably decided to close the forum for good.

When I first heard of this, it was a bit hard to swallow. For some reason a part of me took these communities for granted, but it’s true that some of these forums might come to an end so easily without any of us realizing it. And with how important of a tool, platform and opportunity that OroJackson has been to the community, its loss is a big damage not just for those that frequented the site, but for the One Piece fandom as a whole.

OroJackson’s end hurts me in two different ways: in one way, I feel it’s a massive loss for the community. Being a site for both resources and forum discussions, there isn’t quite another place that can quite as much replace the hole left by the absence of this site, especially one that matches its ease of use through its superb UI and one that has as high of a number of users involved on a daily basis. There exist other communities, even some attempting to act as OroJackson’s successor, but it will take a long time to match something on such a high level of quality as OroJackson.

But with that said, even if one day some community emerges to match OroJackson, the end of this community will still cause an irreparable loss for the legacy of the One Piece fandom. While many of its pages have been archived, other thousands of community threads will be lost to the sands of time, burning away many interactions, discussions, talks and moments between fans that have been a part of the history of One Piece’s fandom. As someone who takes preservation of content very seriously (which is one of the reasons why I made my site to begin with, to serve as a big archive for all canon information of One Piece), it really pains me to think that so much of the community’s history will be lost like ash to the wind. But it’s an unavoidable fate that we must bitterly accept.

On the other hand, this hurts me as a personal loss. I share a lot of fond memories for Orojackson, as I’ve been with it for about half of its total runtime. It was one of the very first platforms where I first began to interact with the community and share my content and it was the first where I was truly welcomed with open arms. Everyone was so kind and welcoming despite my youthful lack of experience and really allowed me to set in this community properly after many years of just being an outsider. I’ve had the chance to interact with some incredible people on this platform, make friends here and connect with the One Piece community as an essential part of my history with the fandom. Of course in the big scheme of things this is a much bigger loss for the community than it is for me, but it still is something that I feel affects all of us in a personal way in some form or another.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it and ignore the fact that OroJackson had a lot of toxicity. A lot of it. From power level discussions, to the endless Zoro vs Sanji, to the can x beat x, there was definitely a lot that this forum, like many others, struggled with. But even with all that, there was still a lot of friendly discussion, nice folks and so many conversations that helped share our knowledge and love for the series. For the One Piece community as a whole, OroJackson has played a pivotal role in sharing our experiences of this wonderful journey that is One Piece. Through all the toxicity and issues the platform had, there was still a community for the fans. And while One Piece is far from over, as are many of its other communities, OroJackson will leave a bittersweet hole in the fandom, as all of the times on it will soon become nothing more than fond memories.

I’ve gone to a bit more depth about this on OroJackson to offer my extended thanks to some users on the platform in particular, but I’d just like to offer my thanks in general to the platform and everyone who has helped make it what it became. Its contributions to the One Piece community will certainly never be forgotten anytime soon and it will go down as a massive part of the legacy of our community.

To honor OroJackson, one last time, let’s break down this chapter and all of its secrets! And what a chapter to go off with!

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Just as a note, in case there was any confusion, I’ll still be creating my content like usual on the Library! OroJackson closing simply means I obviously won’t share my content anymore there, but nothing will change in regards of my output on the Library. One last time, I’d just like to say, thank you OroJackson!



  1. Haha i remeber when you new at oro jackson(with your nice hindsight haha)and i remember oj when they filled with many theories


  2. Correction: Brook walked in on Zoro waking up next to Hiyori quite a few chapters back, so it’s not the first time they’ve been shown reunited.


  3. Could that female carpenter mink actually be the bear girl of Bepo’s dreams???

    This was definitely a densely-packed chapter. It’s nice to see the timeline move along a little, even if it’s at the expense of some comedic scenes along the way: it’s especially odd to see Oda pass up a chance for some Sanji shenanigans, particularly when it comes to his reunion with the geisha-ified Robin or his inevitable discovery of O-kiku’s biological gender. Could it be that nobody’s told him yet?

    Regarding the connection between Moria and some of the elements disclosed in this chapter, I imagine that it’s merely a case of Oda recycling puns here. The character’s power set was all his shadow-based (kage), so his animal theme was lizard-based (tokage). I doubt there’s much more to it than just a very basic pun coming up twice in two unrelated circumstances.


  4. If Drake let Law escape then why not show him? what is with the silhouette? “Drake” is an obvious answer. But he could be someone else (idk who?).


  5. I’m fairly certain that “The Numbers” are referring to the giant monsters and not Apoo. It seems the translator made a mistake in having the child say “Who is that” rather than “What are they”


      • I think that flying six is just the part of Numbers. Just the name for the strongest six out of them. Apoo is probably not in the flying six, he might have higher number like 7, 8 or 9. And that huge giants, I think it’s just children imagination about members of numbers.


  6. Narutofan and Tazmo (2003). To Stoptazmo (2004), Mangahelpers (2005) and Frankyhouse (2007), Binktopia (2007). Legendary scanlation group like Null (2004). Onepace (2013). One Piece wiki (2006). Of course the youtube community. Orojackson came a bit later than my time. Some of the earliest place for online fans had face scrutinies like Narutofan or even mangahelpers. I first read One Piece back in 1999-2000. Bought my first American shonen jump in 2003. First time I was a part of an online forum was 2006, and I remember those early days of weekly scans of Water 7. Oh the joy of guessing who is the next strawhats then. I could segmented my life base on what arc of One Piece is at the time. Like I was in navy bootcamp during the Zou arc. Catching up some 10 to 12 chapters all at once. Artur, in my mind, you and Ohara library already cemented yourself among these groups in the western fan lore.


  7. I always just figured the mysterious figure from thriller bark was the kraken once we got to Fishman Island, I mean I’ve seen so many theories since thriller bark was current haha.
    It looks like him, the big mounds being his head and tentacles, could be he was nearby before hody captured him
    I know he’s from the northern seas, and there is that line that this creature had let to myths about the area long before thriller bark, but til we got a solid answer it made sense

    I mean of course id prefer some Eldritch monster, idk about it being zunisha, I don’t think it would cross the red line


    • krakaen is way smaller then those shadows, surume is 300m tall, thriller bark is bigger then surume(you can take the sunny on the head of surume and compare it to thrimmer bark when the sunny was docked there) asn those things were waaaaay bigger, the size of zou, if not taller(zou is 35Km high btw o.o)


  8. well, Kaido join with Big Mom is kinda expected, although I didn’t imagine that they could be this friendly.. lol
    in page 10, almost all of the important characters are gathered. but where is Hiyori? I expect of some kind of touching reunion between her and Momo…
    Perhaps she is somewhere to fetch Enma with Chopper? since he is also missing..
    and I forgot about Nekomamushi, is he already in Wano?
    I also wondered about what happend during and after Reverie, I hope Oda can give us recent flashback about what happen in the outside world before the battle of Onigashima.


  9. ‘Like Giving a Dragon Wings’ is not only Kaido get Big Mom alliance. Everything in this chapter is about power-up or alliance.
    – Zoro get new sword Enma might give him stronger. (probably)
    – Hawkins and Drake release Law is forecast to alliance. That means Luffy get more friend.
    – Luffy training to get stronger.
    – Samurai alliance is almost complete.
    – And ‘Number’ come in the right time to give more wings to Kaido.


  10. Is the altered message (Yasuie’s last message) a trap? When Bepo & Penguin gave Nami the new message, they seemed so dishonest (seemingly ignoring Law’s insructions). So… is that message really from Yasuie, or did Bepo change something with it?


  11. What do you think of if I say there will be two big battles like Kaido vs Luffy and Big Mom vs Zoro ? It’s just an idea… But I cant help it. And also I dont see much other options for two emperors ? Do you guys have any other suggestions for the emperors ?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. How do you think Bepo could change the message if he is not local and has no knowledge of the ports of this country, especially the symbols that they are designated? Pirates of the Heart were sad because they are worried about their captain, who told his team not to report Luffy that he was captured. And it was evident that when Bepo spoke with nakama Luffy in the town of Ebisu, he tried not to talk about Law. I think the message is real, and it can correct only resident of this country, as YASU (and after under the pretext that he is “the thief” who stole in the capital, went to jail to convey to the comrades arrested in the capital, instructions about the new meeting place of the Alliance and played a role).


  13. About the numbers, it may be regular guys who consumed ancient giant zoan, insted of ancient giant that consumed zoan. It woldn’t be as nice, though.


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