One Piece Stampede: Spoiler Update!

Stampede has already been out for a few weeks and in those weeks I had the chance to go watch the movie a whooping five times. I’ve taken notes of everything I could find during said watchthroughs, so I’d like to do an update to my original spoiler talk with some new facts I didn’t mention, whether because I missed them my first time around or I forgot due to the overwhelming amount of information. So here you have all the new exciting info from Stampede, including some of the big canon reveals!

DISCLAIMER: This post is obviously riddled with spoilers for One Piece: Stampede. If you have the chance to see this movie, even if it’s sometime from now, then please be patient. It’s worth going in unspoiled! That said, if you’ve already given up on spoiling yourself, then read ahead. Keep in mind this is an update to the previous spoiler talk, so I’ll be glossing over the whole plot to just focus on specific details. I also won’t go over everything in the movie, only what I found interesting. While I’m much more confident about a lot of things this time around, keep in mind I can’t completely verify everything directly without the movie side by side, so do still take some grain of salt

Before we start, I’d like to acknowledge a couple mistakes I made in the original spoiler summary, given all the inflow of info from my first watchthrough:

– While Luffy does enter a new form, he does not name it. It seems I mistook King Man among what Luffy said, so allow me to clarify that he does not name the form. That said, I’d still argue it is a new form as it is drastically different from normal Boundman (massive arms), though some like to think it’s just a variation of Boundman since he doesn’t name it, so it’s kinda up in the air

– The island falls from the sky not because the Knock Up Stream ends, but because Bullet hurls a ship with explosives onto it from below

– At the end Zoro and Sanji stop Crocodile and Lucci from attacking Bullet after he falls from his exoskeleton (claiming “don’t get in the way of our captain’s fight”), not at Luffy after he gets the treasure. They still chase after him afterwards, but halt after Luffy destroys the pose

Those are the major different details, which were updated as soon as I saw the movie a second time. There’s a couple other minor inaccuracies, mostly with the order of each individual scene (the movie changes a lot) but like I said it’s impossible to keep a perfect track of everything without the movie side by side.

Anyways, here’s all the new interesting stuff on top of what I mentioned before:

– After the Toei logo rolls, the first thing you see in the movie is a black screen. And then you hear… “ZEHAHAHAHAHAHA…”. Honestly no better way to start a movie for any OP fan, it put a smile on my face everytime. Blackbeard then greets the audience, as it transitions to the scene in Impel Down where he asks the prisoners to join him (the greeting is for the prisoners, but it doubles as a greeting for the people in the theater)

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.00.28

– Movie then transitions to the narration at the beginning of the first opening (wealth, fame, power, etc.) as the same scroll of Roger rolls onto the screen. In reality it’s just Festa narrating over the scroll, but it serves as a nice callback


– Bullet stares at Roger’s bounty poster… shown for the first time ever!!! We already knew he had a bounty from his vivre card, but this is the first time we see the actual poster. The bottom left corner with the first digits is, of course, torn, but the amount of digits seems to show Roger had a bounty in the billions (though seemingly under 10B, as it’s 10 digits in total = ?,000,000,000). The pic on the poster is just Roger smiling with his eyes shadowed


– Festa has a tendency to exclaim “Marvelous!”, not sure what it means. He’s not exactly sane in the head, as he likes to leap around excitedly

– During the flashback of Roger that Moderate narrates at the expo, you can see Rayleigh and even Seagull in the background! We don’t see is Scopper, though what might be his silhouette could be among those seen in the secret ending, it’s hard to tell


– There’s a lot (and I mean a lot) of easter eggs and hidden characters in the movie’s opening. For example, someone is seen with a volume of the 7th Magazine, Nami participates in a miss pirate contest where she wins against Carina, Carmen and Tibany among others, several shirts from cameos across the series (some which only the most dedicated will recognize, such a the kid with the Kuma shirt in Dressrosa) are on display at the expo, etc.

– Btw, among all the easter egg characters, we see Gedatsu and Baccarat walking together held by the arm tightly like a couple as they enjoy the epo, implying that they are indeed a couple, at least in this movie. Eh, okay????

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 13.54.25

– As Killer leaps towards Zoro to strike (as well as in a scene later against Bullet), he screams out “FAFA!” in a high pitched tone. A nice detail for manga readers

– Sanji is able to fight Smoker thanks to his use of Armament haki, but it’s visually evident that he does not use hardening. Smoker manages to capture and defeat Chopper and Brook, but Sanji seems to be able to go pretty toe to toe and their fight ends in a stalemate


– As everyone falls from the sky after Bullet’s attack, everyone saves themselves in their own way. Luffy is rescued by Zoro, while Kid is rescued by Killer. Hawkins straight up dies but is saved by a strawman and Bege uses tank tracks to cushion his fall. Bonney instead turns into a loli by reverting her age to that of a complete child, which makes her voice incredibly high-pitched (and honestly adorable if I might add) and is protected by one of her crewmates

– Bullet’s around over twice Usopp’s height, so around 4m. His Conqueror’s haki blast’s radius is mildly larger than Luffy’s, which seems to indicate it’s stronger. Urouge calls him a “shura”, or demon in Buddhist culture

– Bullet absolutely bodies Luffy in Gear Second + Haki mode. Base Luffy is unable to even keep up at all with base Bullet. As soon as their battle begins, Bullet immediately destroys Luffy, and then Kid and Killer with one attack by grabbing their heads and smashing them together. He also easily disposes of Drake and Urouge in split seconds

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 13.45.03

– Everyone leaps back as soon as they can react, as Hawkins enters his Goma no So form. Bullet simply delivers a base punch to his stomach, which is enough to instantly kill Hawkins, though he survives thanks to one of his straw men. Apoo uses his drum attack that was enough to blow Kizaru in half, in fact he uses several of them, but they have 0 effect on Bullet, who shoulder-tackles him. Drake turns into his dino form and bites Bullet, but the jaws do nothing and Bullet simply yeets Drake onto Urouge

– Bonney is seen using her powers in action earlier in the movie, creating some sort of pink plasma around her hands as she touches people (first time we’ve seen the DF in action if I recall correctly). However, before she attacks Bullet, Bonney summons an entire stork of white doves (with some yellow chicks too), which take Bullet by surprise. Where do these doves come from??? Are they related to her powers??? Did she just age a bunch of eggs or something (indicating her powers work on any living being) or is it something more?

– Big Father changes color depending on Bege’s outfit. So in this movie for example, it has white bits due to Bege’s outfit. Bege attacks Bullet in Big Father form, but he swats away his cannonballs (which Bege hypothesized could hurt a weakened Big Mom during WCI) like they’re nothing and injures Bege considerably with one punch (not as bad as Big Mom though, from what I could judge)

– Hawkins summons his straw man (the one he used against Zoro and Luffy at the beginning of Wano, which is cool since this was before it appeared in the anime), but his nails have no effect on Bullet, who slams its body to the ground. Apoo uses his explosions again, which distract Bullet, allowing Killer to strike him with his blades. However, Killer’s blades have no effect on Bullet either, who is shielding his own skin with Armament haki. This however gives Drake enough time to immobilize Bullet with his tail, followed by Urouge who manages to land a considerable hit on Bullet after Urouge activates his devil fruit to beef up (though it doesn’t particularly injure Bullet much). Luffy and Kid follow up with a joint attack to send Bullet flying. Cue in a badass shot of the Supernovas standing side by side that I want as a wallpaper

– Bullet loses his top outfit after that, claiming he’ll get serious. Luffy has to enter Snakeman to even keep up with Bullet in that case, as base Luffy is completely worthless. Bullet swats away Culverin like nothing, but its fast nature takes him by surprise. Luffy unleashes Black Mamba but Bullet fully tanks it, barely falling back a little. Luffy unleashes King Cobra (same snake-like fire effect as in the anime) and Bullet unleashes a mildly strong haki punch, both hit their opponent and push both back, but Bullet still stands

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.02.05

– Among the underworld brokers talking to Festa (which I believe he refers to as “sponsors for the pirate expo”), there’s Morgans, Umit, Giberson, Drug. Peclo, Du Feld and more from Punk Hazard. There’s even some others whose faces we’ve never seen before

– Bartolomeo meets Nami for the first time. She’s grossed out by the Going Luffy Senpai, but Zoro reassures he’s an ally. The Beautiful Pirates also assist them. Barto uses Barrier Bulls and Cabbage uses Saint-Exupery among some marines

– Bullet introduces his submarine, Catapult. He mentions his devil fruit, which makes him an “assembly human” (合体人間, gettai ningen). He refers to it as the “strongest devil fruit power”, though this is of course from his perspective. His name for assembling the submarine as a technique is dubbed as “Union Armada” (ユニオンアルマド). He claims Whitebeard was weak because he died to save his crew, stating that having crewmates is only a hindrance that slows you down

– Zoro fights Fujitora. Fujitora uses Gravitora, but Zoro manages to counter it despite being pushed back. Zoro unleashes Urutora Gari, which takes the shape of a blue tiger (however, Fujitora blocks it). Interestingly, Sentomaru and Fujitora seem to at least be mildly acquainted as he leaps ahead from his ship and Sentomaru orders to follow after him

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.03.33

– Fujitora summons a meteor, several times larger than his usual ones (almost as big as the large part of the island, which is shown to be massive). Zoro only cuts it in half with Armament haki, not the whole thing, but Mihawk finishes the job by dicing it into pieces

– Hancock appears, petrifying the Foxy Pirates. Mohji and Cabaji get heart eyes, while Barto blushes at her beauty

– Kid uses Armament black hardening on both of his magnetic arms (he also does this earlier against Bullet). This movie is actually the very first time we see Kid using Armament haki (and hardening by extent), so while it was expected, it’s a nice confirmation! Kid is an armament haki user!

– In his exoskeleton form, Bullet defeats devil fruit-beefed up Urouge, dino Drake and Bege in mid-transformation of Big Father with just one punch (all three of them). Luffy Kid and Hawkins join for a combined attack, but Bullet crushes all three of them with just another punch

– As Bullet reveals the eternal pose for Laugh Tale, Morgans claims something among the lines of “this is the biggest of big news”. Festa addresses Laugh Tale as “the sleeping island” (眠ら島, nemura shima). Huh…

– Bullet awakens his fruit and literally disassembles the Buster Call, destroying it in seconds. Four Vice-Admirals, Onigumo, Dalmatian, Strawberry and Shu, attack him, but the Bullet colossus instantly defeats all four of them with one punch (which he calls “Ultimate Faust”, ウルティメトファスト). By the way, Shu (the one who destroyed Subashiri in Enies Lobby) is addressed as Vice-Admiral, meaning he’s been promoted

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 13.48.51

– Koby shows Geppo and Soru used at the same time, soaring through the air at incredible speeds as he hits his enemies. Almost looks like a DBZ character. He seems to have gotten even stronger

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.04.21
Also he does the naruto run

– According to Garp, it seem that the reason Bullet was called the Demon’s Heir, is because he was seen as a sort of inheritor of Roger’s strength (basically being the strongest in his crew, claimed to currently be even above Rayleigh). Garp questions if Roger really was a devil though

– Bullet claims “Yonko… you’re next!” as he overwhelms the marines. Also, Bullet’s laugh pattern is “KAHAHAHA”

– Luffy tries using Kong Gun and Leo Bazooka, but they don’t work. He claims “at this rate, I can’t win, so I must…” and activates his new form

– Crocodile is revealed as the secret eight fighter, saying to Bullet that it’s been a long time, calling him “Gattai-yaro” (assembling bastard). According to volume expo, the two fought each other at a stalemate years ago for some reason

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.04.16

– As Buggy is about to get crushed by Bullet’s arm as it falls off, he does a long speech, saying his great legend isn’t over, that he can’t die here, to “oh well, at least it was a fun life. Mom, thanks for taking care of me all that time”, to “wait, what am I saying”. Also, his Muggy Dama in this case is green colored, unlike the usual red color

– Bullet coats the entirety of his colossus arm in Armament haki hardening. In fact, he even increases its size while still coating it, showing us the biggest case of Armament coating in the series by a long mile

– King King King Kong Gun is about 10 times bigger than the normal Kong Gun, I honestly misjudged it the first time around. It’s MASSIVE. So big that Luffy is barely a tiny spec compared to it, you can barely see him. What’s really big here however is that Luffy seems to be using Ryuuou in this form!! The aura effect is the same depicted in the manga and in the new opening, which seems to be exactly the flow that “destroys enemies from the inside”. In fact, as it clashes against the Bullet colossus, it breaks it from the inside, confirming that it likely is Ryuuou

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 14.24.59

– Bullet’s right ear is shown to be half-destroyed (from a wound in the past), which is why he covers it with his headphones. However, the headphones break after Usopp’s attack, as any attack on Bullet’s extensions via his devil fruit hurts him as well. By the way, Usopp names his attack “Hissatsu, Midoriboshi: Hebi Hanabi” (Surefire Attack, Green Star: Snake Fireworks, with Hebi being a pun between snake and “heavy”, as in heavy fireworks)

– Bullet coats both his arms in haki and strikes the same pose as G4 Luffy, trying to imitate him. He fights him in the air by using Geppo, matching Luffy for a while

– Crocodile and Lucci try to go after Bullet, but they are stopped by Zoro and Sanji respectively, telling them to not get in their captain’s way

– Bullet powers up one last time by coating his whole body in haki. An aura comes out of his body incredibly similar to Luffy’s ryuuou (indicating Bullet might be able to use it too), though its pattern is mildly different. He unleashes a gatling-style attack called “Ultimate Strike” (ウルティメトストライク)

– To illustrate all of Bullet’s forms there’s: Base Bullet -> “I’ll get serious” shirtless Bullet -> Bullet in his exoskeleton -> Bullet in his awakened colossus -> Bullet making the colossus bigger -> Bullet coating the colossus in haki -> Gear Fourth-like dual coated arms form -> Full-body haki form. Wew, that’s a lot of forms

– Brief flashback of Bullet and Roger. Despite Bullet being one of the strongest characters in the series, we still see him getting defeated by Roger like it’s nothing. This should really give an idea of just how insanely powerful Roger was, possibly even far above the Yonko

– Luffy overwhelms Bullet to the tune of We Are, with the final shot being stylized like Luffy’s punch on St. Charloss. Crocodile and Lucci smirk at Luffy as he takes down Bullet (btw, Lucci had to enter his thinner kami-e form to fight Sanji)


– After Sabo defeats Festa, Festa delivers a final speech , claiming that in the future, whether it be for Luffy’s enemies or even his allies, a dark storm approaches. Sabo asks why he should worry, “after all it’s not like Luffy is a devil”. Festa laughs to himself at that remark

– Koala appears with a new outfit, being a combination of her usual pink dress with red overalls. It has an armband with “K” on it

– Sabo captures Festa at the end and takes him prisoner in the name of the Revolutionaries. Bullet is implicitly captured by the Marines after Luffy knocks him unconscious

– The ghost of Ace at the end is almost certainly made by Ann. Sabo shows her a picture beforehand and, in a special promotion for Stampede, a keychain of Ann and Ace was given as a secret prize (I managed to get one!), so it’s certainly thanks to her Bijyo Bijyo no Mi powers

– In the credits, Sakazuki gets angry at T-Bone for the failure of the Marines. Sengoku smirks from the background with a smug face

– In the post-credits secret ending (which was written by Oda), Roger berates one of his crewmembers for having made an eternal pose for Laugh Tale. He grabs it and tosses it into the ocean. After that, he claims “We were too early…”, referring to finding the One Piece. This kinda lines up with what I always thought, that Roger was too early and instead decided to pass the torch. The following conversation ensues:
Rayleigh: “I wonder who will find the One Piece…”
Roger: “Maybe it will be my son!”
Rayleigh: “Ehm, you don’t have one though…”
Roger: “Then I’ll just have to make one!”


TL;DR: The most important new information:

– Roger’s bounty poster shown for the first time, seems to be 10 digits

– Gedatsu banged Baccarat, apparently

– Killer screams “FAFA!” before some of his attacks

– Bonney has the power to summon white doves (is it her devil fruit?)

– Kid is revealed to have Armament haki, with hardening

– Laugh Tale is called “the sleeping island”

– Luffy uses the “wave ryuuou” that Hyougorou taught him in his unnamed king form. Bullet seemingly uses it later too

– Bullet knows Geppo. Bullet also knows haki coating, applying it to his colossal arm in colossus form in the biggest display in the series yet

– Bullet is downright broken and one of the most powerful characters in the series. Yet, even then, Roger was far, far stronger than him

– Roger claims “we were too early” to find the One Piece. Rayleigh wonders who will find the One Piece, with Roger joking about his yet-to-be-born child, Ace

Stampede will be hitting foreign theaters this month and in the following ones, so go watch it if you have the chance!



  1. About the Sleeping Island thing, I checked and Festa said something like “One Piece no nemuru shima”. Could that mean something like “the island where One Piece lies” or something (I do not know Japanese so sorry if I sound stupid).


  2. Arthur, there is a cam released stampede. After watching it i can point out some things also :

    1.Killer has a SMILE df pattern on his left hand in the shot of supernovas when bullet got his cloth destroyed. (Explains his Laugh)

    2. After base bullet wrecking supernovas the second time he claims that he will become Pirate king which triggers Luffy to enter Snake Man. In fact Luffy didnt match base bullet even in Snake Man since bullet just ate all attacks without even dodging them (Pretty much as Kaido). Also Bullet used his armament punch vs King Kobra which implies that its as strong?

    3. When Luffy Hawkings and Kidd clash against Mecha Bullet luffy bites his arm which looks like he was trying to enter Gear 4 again, rathen than do an elephant gun.

    4. If i were to say that yonko strenght is 50/50 and YC1 30/50 then i’d say bullet is around 42/50. His feats are incredible and only goda knows what would happen if he kept going. He would easily knockout Luffy again if his armor wasn’t broken by Usopp’s seeds. He 1shotted 4 vice admirals with Ultimate Faust, toyed with 10 supernovas in base form, whistood combo attacks easily.


    • Hi Artur, after watching the secret ending, I think that the voice that claims the one who will find one piece is my son does not belong to Roger, but the other character. What do you think?
      Roger: one piece, i wonder who will find it?
      Other character/different voice: thats definitely my son


  3. Hey, thanks for both sets of spoilers. I just saw the film, and as my Japanese is not so good, your summaries and spoilers really helped me. I’d like to add for the Law fans out there (as I am one of them) the scene in the credits of Law on the Polar Tang with Bepo giving him a big hug and surrounded by the Hearts was great too. As I wondered if Law was at the Festa with his crew or not, I thought it was a detail worth noting. Plus, the flag, that couldn’t be seen fully (the big black one), was cool—the Polar Tang travelling above water. Of course, we don’t find out what the Hearts were doing while Law was fighting, but that’s a familiar storyline too. Thank you again!


  4. maybe you can add an island atlas page here.. if you went to tokyo tower you will see the islands strawhats went through their journey painted on the wall, also in the shop at the ground floor of the tower..


  5. Thank you Artur, impressive as always. One Piece will be presumably recorded in history as a masterpiece of “good” things humans were capable to do, together with your work. A&v


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