Chapter Secrets – Chapter 953 in-depth analysis

What a chapter this week! This was definitely some of the most fun I had analyzing a chapter in quite a while. The amount of references, in terms of mythology, folklore, etymology and so much more are absolutely insane! Hope you enjoy this one!

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  1. I like how in one chapter secrets you go from praising Oda, to spitting fire at him for possibly making a continuity error, to worshiping him like a god again xd
    Man, I gotta say, if Oda is Goda then Artur is Angul… get it, ‘angel’? idk

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  2. Someone on MS pointed out that as well as Shimotsuki being both a name used by Ryuma and Ushimaru, it’s also the name of Zoro’s home village.


  3. Absolutely love the idea of another Chopper like character if he was initially a fox

    There’s also somewhat another mythological inspiration, I posted it on my comment on the subreddit, but being willing to sacrifice his arm to the fox is a lot like Tyr sacrificing his arm to Fenris wolf in Norse mythology

    I had no idea about all the etymological inspirations & connections, that’s so damn cool, this is why i love your content so much haha
    The past few years I look forward to these as much as the chapter itself

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  4. wow, thanks as always Artur 🙂
    I always read your analysis as soon as I read the new chapter. with your knowledge of past chapters and Japanese cultures and histories, this makes me more respect toward Oda. he’s indeed the best mangaka 😀
    this chapter could be my favorite so far. the relationship between Kawamatsu and Onimaru is so touching. especially the way Oda portrays it.
    and I like the idea of Gyukimaru’s real form is a fox who ate another model of hito-hito no mi. since he use his fox form most of the time.
    as for Zoro.. I know it’s sound greedy, but I want him to have more than just 3 swords from this Wano Arc. reclaiming Shusui, Enma, Nidai Kitetsu and perhaps some other Meitos XD


  5. Great analysis!

    Another thought about the cover story: Might Oda use this opportunity to address the mysterious lights in the fog at the and of the arc? That would be an opportunity to tie that loose end without having to go back to it in the main story.


  6. Oden defeated Kaido.
    I think Kaido loses the fight to Oden in the first round. Orochi schemes probably with the help of the mink taitor (Denjirou..I think) and tells Kaido how take over Wano.

    Sometimes there are hints and clues in the anime that spoils even the manga. In Momos flashback (Zou-arc) we get to see Kaido with his scar. If that is cannon then that means Kaido gets injured by Oden, then gets healed and after that he attack Oden castle. He then captures Oden since it is a SURPRISE attack and execute him publically.

    Every red scabbards we´ve met talks about Oden in a manner that gives the reader an assumption of how Orochi and Kaido took Oden by surprise and executed him,Or how Oden was played dirty by Orochi.

    Remember when Kinemon talks abour Oden in ch 920…everyone was laughing then suddenly everone was shocked. There is a SURPRISE we are not aware of.

    I think the mink taitor is the main PLOT-TWIST of Wano.


    • Mah94, how do you call denjirou is a mink, he is a samurai dude. and Oden give Kaido scars doesnt mean he defeated him back then. You just making your own PLOT-TWIST theory.


  7. Dear Artur,

    There is something crucial missed out !!

    Zoro Village in East Blue Called: Shimotsuki Village..
    I think they managed to flee from Kaidu or they are the last remnant from this clan.


  8. I wish Onimaru were just a normal fox with kitsune powers. Onimaru may be from the mystical creature species on which Catherine Devon’s fruit is based. (even without nine tails)


  9. Something deep within me hopes that “Onimaru” and “Ushimaru” are references to Hinomaru Ushio, who’s ring name was Onimaru Kunitsuba. He was the main character of Hinomaru Sumo, a series that ran alongside One Piece in Weekly Shounen Jump from 2015 until last month or so.

    Obviously it is far more likely that these names are just references to other things that us westerners don’t immediately realize, but I’ll still hold out hope that Oda was congratulating Kawata on his series’ completion in a small, subtle way.


  10. Sassuga Artur-dono, I don’t know if this is intentional from Oda, or dumb on my part, but I clearly remember Zoro having Gyuuki (against Tbone on top of puffing Tom), Oni( obviously Onigiri) and ushi (ushibari against : daz bones) as attacks in his arsenal right ? I am somehow inclined to think those names were not random. Of course, you can make a case out of it, were you to tell me that owing to zoro’s beliefs and ideals these names are well justified though I find this rather too err deliberat to be a mere happenstance!


  11. I think a devil fruit is the most likely possibility, but there is some evidence for supernatural abilities not tied to devil fruits, like Ms. Goldenweek, Shyarly and Hawkins with their fortunetelling, it is possible that the Onimaru is just a supernatural being. I’m not 100% on that since we have seen a Kitsune Devil fruit, and that would mean that mythical zoans can have animals which are real within the one piece world,or at the very least there are Devil Fruits classified in one category that don’t fit there, which wouldn’t be too surprising either.


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