Chapter Secrets – Chapter 952 in-depth analysis

Given the late release this chapter secrets was unavoidably pushed back, but here it is! Let’s hope act two wraps up soon!

One Piece Chapter 952 1One Piece Chapter 952 2One Piece Chapter 952 3One Piece Chapter 952 4

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  1. One Piece has become a slice of life (act 2). We need the good stuff…you know the action and the adventure.

    When is coming act 3?


  2. Thanks Artur for your website. I enjoy reading it weekly. I need to comment here because the fifth Yakuza leader of Kuri was spelled out in previous chapters and I’m not sure whether you missed it or whether or not. The fifth is none other than Grandpa Hyougorou. Also, I thought you would comment more about how Kawamatsu threw his sword at Zoro and got it deflated back.


  3. Tsunagoro and Hakuba has the same mouth shape, could there be something related?
    Plus he controls Hakumai district.. Atleast that was my first reaction when i saw him =)


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