Stampede – Cinematic Trailer in-depth analysis

A new trailer for One Piece Stampede just came out! In case you haven’t seen it yet (or just want to marvel at it again), here it is!

And with that, there’s only one thing to do: to make an in-depth analysis! Forgive me if it’s a little rough around the edges, but this trailer dropped in the middle of the night and had to stay up for hours to get it done. But enough of that, let’s do this!

901 1901 2901 3901 4901 590 6

I’m also happy to confirm that I will be in Japan when this movie comes out, so expect many impressions, experiences and reviews to come out of this!

But wait, there’s one more thing! One Piece Volume Expo will be given to the first 3 million attendees of the movie, so if you happen to be there when it launches in Japan be sure to pick it up! Volume 7 of the Magazine also releases on the same day, with more info on Stampede! And if you’re worried about missing any of these, don’t worry, these are usually found online at cheap prices even months after they come out, so there’s no need to panic!


Stay tuned for even more on Stampede and other things about One Piece in the coming future!





  1. When the announcement was made I hoped to see snake-man in a movie with full power. Well well well…………here it is SNAKE-MAN.


  2. If that is Shiki’s actual bounty, I have to say I’m disappointed, but its just a number so whatever I guess. Also was there not a Sabo bounty poster? I would like to know if his bounty has increased from 602,000,000 after the Reverie. Movie looks like it’ll be amazing though. Thanks as always Artur 🙂


  3. “So we’ll only be counting each poster once:)” Well, there are two Rockstar.
    Thanks Artur, I didn’t realize that there are so many details in such short trailer.


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