OP News Round-up (new characters introduced!)

Hey everyone, there’s a few news and new information that have come out over the past couple weeks, so I thought I’d gather them all together in one post here at the Library!

1. New characters introduced in the anime!

First of all, a bunch of new characters have been introduced in the anime! A total of nine kings and queens from the Reverie have been given their names, giving us a proper look at some of the many fascinating designs for royalty at the Reverie. These names come to us from the credits and captions of the anime, and since the anime never uses actual names to credit characters unless said names have been provided by Oda (if not provided by Oda, they just use placeholders or generic descriptions, which is not the case here), it means these character names are supposedly canon!

So here you go! Please note that “king” and “queen” only refers to their title and isn’t part of their actual names:

proxy-19 copy

2. New color schemes and Vol. 93 info!

Here are some extra tidbits of info from this past week: first, we got the official reveal of Volume 93’s cover:


This shows us the color designs of Yasuie “the hedgehog”, Hyougorou and Queen for the first time! Queen’s blonde just like Jack! A recent anime preview also gave us color schemes for Tenguyama Hitetsu, Komachiyo and Hihimaru:

The Wano arc will debut on the anime on July 7th, with a brand new intro and a new art direction!

As for Volume 93, it’s coming out on July 4th and with it will come a new SBS! If you want to get volume 93 yourself, you can pre-order it from these retailers:

  • Amazon Japan, ships worldwide, available in English (click the EN button)
  • CDJapan, ships worldwide, fully available in English

3. New World Seeker information!

Very briefly, but World Seeker will soon get a free update where players will get Luffy’s outfit from Stampede as well as extra sidequests and equipment, all for free at no charge!


Furthermore, the first episode of the DLC will feature a fully playable Zoro, coming out this summer. Check some screenshots of him and his gameplay:

Episodes with fully playable Sabo and Law will also be available over the coming months:


4. More Stampede information!

And finally, some new info on Stampede! The One Piece Magazine Vol. 7 will release on August 9th, on the release date of Stampede, including a big collection of information about the movie! To learn more, look here!

In addition, Oda has gotten the chance to see the rough version of the full movie and he gave his absolute approval! Check his message translated here: (thanks to EtenBoby for most of the translation, as Oda’s handwriting is painful for me to read)

de5efac9c00e40f79545759cd7d978eb copy 2

And on top of that, an official render of Buggy for Stampede was revealed, in which he’s… blonde??? BLONDE?????


See you soon for more coverage on all of this information and more to come!




  1. don’t tell me buggy is the Kaidou’s fourth all-star lol ! i never doubted Buggy-sama lol ! good day to you Artur, awesome work as always !


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