Chapter Secrets – Chapter 945 in-depth analysis

Today we talk about ninja, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs! Lots of dinosaurs this week!

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  1. Great job as alway dear Arthur.

    I think Law match with Hawkins is the Best possible scenario. Why? Think about Law’s DF. He should be handle it with cake walk if you ask me.

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    • Well yea, Law will but question is how. I can think of shambles as one method, remove his teammates souls and place it in Hawkin’s crewmember bodies for instance. That’ll be a good way to escape. So even if Hawkins is actually hurting himself, he is hurting his own crew.


      • Well, Hawkin is one step ahead. He did solve that. He confine Bepo in a different place.


    • not related to law vs hawkin, but what ifbattle in this arc is escalated highly that luffy will die and ends up with law sacrifice his life with his df power to revive luffy?


  2. I didn’t notice the number on the back but that would mean the gifters may have a 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2&1 that are much for formittable than foddler. This goes in correlation with King,queen, & jack. but i hope the strongest of the 10 is number ten but that may be confusing for the power order for the rest of the numbers.


  3. Big Mom, the strongest yonkou.
    In my opinion she is the strongest among all of them.
    I think she is one of those rare user of the awkened kings haki. Yes, kings haki has an awekening or at least a next level where the user is basically invincible. the user gains the kind of power that is scary even for an admiral lika Kuzan. Why do I think so?
    Because in Marinford when Luffy used it, everyone was shocked and they werent shocked of what uffy displayed. But of what Luffy had in his possesion or what Luffy could become if he were to awaken it. They said he would become a threat to them, meaning he was not a threat to them with power at that time. but with that power in the future he might.

    When Ace died Luffys attention was drawn away and THAT was INTENTIONALLY. Luffy could have awakened his KINGS HAKI right there and then, but I think Oda did not want it for Luffy to gain that power at that time. For some reason i don´t know.
    Luffy will be in that kind of possesion again, but this he won´t let his loved once to die infront of him. He will see it coming with the future sight and awaken his kings haki in order to save him or her.


  4. Even though the ones that ate smile can not express any emotion except smiling, all of them were shocked by O-Lin (i couldn’t find big mom in ths chapter at all.) can that be the affects of the soul soul fruit??


    • It seems only those who failed to obtain the SMILE’s powers have lost their emotions. All the gifters who have eaten SMILEs seem to be able to be both sad and angry without issue


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