Chapter Secrets – Chapter 938 in-depth analysis

Apologies for the wait, but some issues ended up delaying this to Sunday. Anyways, this was a rather short chapter, so the analysis was rather short as well, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

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  1. I read a crazy comment about Crocodile being in the cover page and the title of the chapter being “Her Secret”. This could be a hint on what everyone is suspecting from him, to have got his sex changed by Ivankov.


  2. Do you think Toko could be Hiyori’s daughter? What is she, 7? Hiyori is very protective of her and if she’s 7 or younger she could have been conceived after Hiyori and Kawamatsu parted ways.


  3. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this but I think Tonoyasu oddly looks like Orochi.
    Maybe it’s a bit far-fetched but their eyebrows, mustache and beard kind of look the same (beside the fact that Tonoyasu lives in the slums and can’t shave as properly as Orochi). This is whitout speaking of their eyelashes and cheekbones who are litteraly the sames.
    I mean, they have many things in common except for their personnality.


  4. I’m glad Oda didn’t hide the real identity of Komurasaki for too long. at first, I expected that she would be revealed in the later part of this arc. although there’s still much mysteries regarding her. as why she still survived from Kyoushirou’s attack. her relationship with him, are they both conspired to fake Komurasaki’s death?
    what she’s been doing in the last 20 years. can she still be trusted?…
    and your theory regarding Tonoyasu, interesting. I thought he just a minor character.


  5. I have unpopular opinion. Komurasaki and Toko seems very close. I wonder if Toko is actually her child? or perhaps :
    Komurasaki = Lady Toki
    Toko = real Hiyori
    just like you said Artur, about Komurasaki being Hiyori is so predictable. so I won’t be surprised if there will be a twist something like that.
    we have been (or some of us) duped by the fact that Momo is not Kinemon’s son. so, another twist for Hiyori will be considered as “normal” XD


  6. Three things have been revealed in this chapter.
    Kamazou is weak as we expected.. He inst Denjirou at all.
    Tonoyasu is very strange little man, could be the witching boy.
    Komurasaki finally said she is a lady Hiyori all this time.

    And on top of that you just forget to analysis the chaos map of wano.. which is irritating me little bit.


  7. What about the two marks on Toko’s forehead, seen already in the flashback with Toki holding them. I think it would be weird if toko isnt hiyori, bet shes laughing because she expects all that is about to happen to orochi etc


  8. Gyukimaru took one of Kamazou’s scythe, right?

    Hi Sir Artur. Thank you for yKUDOS, Sir Artur! Thank you for your hardwork and also for sharing your best insight and interpretations with us. We really love reading your work. It makes us (especially me) say “Oooh” and “Ahhh”s every time. Can’t wait to read your next work.. Keep it up!

    Btw, Gyukimaru took one of Kamazou’s scythe, right? Gyukimaru was holding a lance/spear at first. But now holding a scythe while walking away.


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