THE ONE PIECE SWORD ENCYCLOPEDIA – A Complete Collection of Every Sword in the Series!

It is finally done! After two months of work, I’ve finally completed it! Yes, a full encyclopedia of every named sword (and non-named that are important enough) in the whole series! With over 40 pages and over 100 swords, this guide will let you know everything you need about the blades of the world of One Piece!

The One Piece Sword EncyclopediaSword Encyclopedia 2Sword Encyclopedia 3Sword Encyclopedia 4Sword Encyclopedia 5One Piece Yoru MihawkGryphon One PieceShodai Kitetsu One PieceWado Ichimonji One PieceSandai Kitetsu One PieceYubashiri One PieceShusui One PieceShigure One PieceNeko no Te One PieceKiribachi One PieceTerry Sword One PieceEsien Whip One PieceFunkfreed One PieceSoul Solid One PieceOto, Kogarashi One PieceWarabide One PieceRaiu One PieceKaken One PieceKikoku One PieceDurandal One PieceSame-kiri One PiecePretzel One PieceShirauo One Piecenapoleon One Piecenidai kitetsu One PieceSword Encyclopedia 31Sword Encyclopedia 32Sword Encyclopedia 33Sword Encyclopedia 34Sword Encyclopedia 35Sword Encyclopedia 36Sword Encyclopedia 37Sword Encyclopedia 38Sword Encyclopedia 39Sword Encyclopedia 40Sword Encyclopedia 41Sword Encyclopedia 42

And that is all! This was a grueling amount of work, so if you can spare, I’d appreciate if you could help support the Library of Ohara. Eitherway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide!

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  1. Great job Artur, it’s an amazing source of info. Let’s hope it requires an update after the wano arc is done!


  2. Hi from Spain, It was a fantastic article so thank you for your work.
    I’ve been talking with a friend about the swords of the monkeys from kuraigana (where Mihawk lives) he says that the monkeys forge their own swords but I think that they just found it on the island so I wanna know Your opinion about that and if the sword from the monkey that copies Mihawk is a Meito or has any classification.
    Thank you for your time!!


    • Whitebeards weapon wasn’t a sword, so I doubt it would get a swordrank.

      It is without a doubt a powerfull weapon and maybe a named bisento, but not a sword.


      • A spear and bisento were shown among the swords when the grades were recently brought up in Wano.
        A blade doesn’t have to be a sword to qualify as a meito.


      • Actually It’s a sword and it’s ranked as supreme grade sword. Look at SBS 93. I guess the info came after Arthur’s article that’s why it’s not there.


  3. I have been lurking through your blog for the longest time. Trying to promote you on forum. And it is very nice to see big youtubers acknowledge your works lately 🙂 I think it was your detail timeline that what get me to this blog in the first place. I hope you and small youtuber like Mr. Morj keep doing your thing 🙂


  4. That’s just an assumption/theory that the Shodai Kitetsu is the sword with the Gorosei. Just because the handle and cross guard is the same as the other Kitetsus doesn’t mean it’s the Shodai. Although it’s probably true, I wouldn’t put information like that until it’s confirmed.


  5. What was the sword that Zorro broke then laid to rest at grave for the Rumbar pirates at the end of Thriller Bark?


  6. Hello. First I got to say that you are doing amazing work. I only have one thing, and I’m not sure if it’s a mistake you made or if you just translated it. But I thought, for those interested in swords, I might correct it.

    Griphon does not have a rapier hilt. The sword all around looks like a 1896 heavy cavalry sword.
    Also Kaken aren’t rapiers. A rapier has a straight blade meant for piercing thrusts. These swords are backswords, most probably cutlasses.
    At last, while Durendale is most similar to a rapier of the three, the guard is still missing the crossguard that is found on most, if not all, rapiers. And even then, it is not an elaborate design.

    Hope I cleared some things up and thanks for all your good work.


  7. Really great list! I was hoping you would consider adding some of the names from this list, sorry if repeated any of the ones you already mentioned:

    Fujitora (Cane sword)
    Whitey Bay
    Ricky (King Riku)
    Fake Zoro

    Inazuma (DF)
    Giant Preying Mantis (DF)
    Mr 1 (DF)
    Mr 3 (DF)
    Doflamingo (DF – not sure is he any blade attacks but most of his attacks are cutting attacks)

    Duval (Not sure if he ever used a blade)
    Doc Q (May have a bladed weapon)
    Laffitte (May have a blade in his cane)


  8. Amazing work, Arthur. After Wano Arc this Encyclopedia will probably have to be updated… I was struggling to find a sword that was not mentioned in this article, but I gave up… Good job !!!


  9. Very good article, nice to read and thank you for your works.
    Can you send me in pdf version of this to my email please? Me from Bali.


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