Volume 92 SBS Question Corner

It’s that time again, with a new volume on the horizon it means another SBS! Unfortunately this is another weak one, as there isn’t much in terms of big reveals, but there’s still some stuff worth going through. With that, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go collapse on my bed because I’ve been translating this for hours and it’s 4 AM already.

SBS 92 1SBS 92 2SBS 92 3SBS 92 4SBS 92 5SBS 92 6

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  1. minatomo-san past story is sure connected to zoro i mean he visit in the past the east bleu it mean zoro was born in wano and lived in east bleu
    can’t wait to see zoro past


  2. With Oda saying there’s a character connected to Wano, I’m thinking Zoro, OR Tashigi, with her Dream or duty of collecting all the legendary swords and take them away from criminals and given that the last chapter showed us that the thief of Ryuuma’s sword is trying to put it back on his grave. Idk maybe Tashigi got that kind of ideals from her ancestors from Wano. Also their backstory will not be of high relevance.

    I may be wrong, but it would be interesting seeing Tashigi having some kind of connection.

    If Zoro’s the one, pls Let us have some kind of backstory explaining his lack of Sense of direction.


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